Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Importance of Press, Attitude, and Perspective for Up and Coming Models...

Do you use social networking sites like Facebook, tumblr/twitter, and Model Wire Network to further your name, brand & career?
Do you feel comfortable walking up to designers or members of press, and sticking out your hand with a smile on your face and saying, "Hi!, I'm ______, nice to meet you!"?
Are you comfortable speaking on camera, posing on a red carpet, or being interviewed?
Do you actively befriend/introduce yourself to other models in a kind and outgoing manner?

If you said no to any of these questions, we got some work to do :)

      Getting your name out there is extremely important in this industry, the trick is, to go about it the right way. People smell desperation from a mile away, and trust me kids, it doesn't look cute on anyone :) . Carrying yourself with confidence, grace, poise and humility in public is essential for a long lasting and successful career. This industry does NOT have time for the socially awkward, shy, or pretentious. That brings me to my next point- there is a HUGE difference between confidence, and cockiness. Being cocky or pretentious is a sure fire way to never get asked back to work with someone. Like my sweet Nana always said, "You catch more flies with honey", meaning, you attract more people with a kind, sweet, and HUMBLE disposition. Always be extremely thankful, down to earth, and kind to those who employ you, but also to your peers in the industry. I hate it when I walk in shows, and the first question out of the other models mouths is "who have you worked with/shot for?", instead of "Hi! I'm ______, nice to meet you." Its disgusting... yes, this industry is competitive, but is not always a COMPETITION! Be very careful of what you say and how you are being perceived by the others around you. Some of the biggest jobs I booked as a model or television host wasn't cause I was the best looking guy in the bunch, but because of how I treated others around me. People unfairly EXPECT models to be cold, arrogant, or pretentious, well, DON'T BE A WALKING TALKING STEREOTYPE! Break the cycle and flip the script, be sweet, kind, outgoing, and down to earth. It will serve you well on your rise to the top. And, don't ever take yourself or this industry to seriously, learn to laugh at yourself! We are not "models" 24 hours a day, I'm certainly not a "model" when I have macaroni and cheese all over my face in bed watching Golden Girls and singing Duran Duran to my precious dog Rio... Life is fun, everyday an adventure, find the beauty and simple joy in everything... and most importantly, do not lose yourself in your climb to the top, you never want to wake up one day and look in the mirror and see a complete stranger staring you in the face.
I always repeat three words when I go on go-sees or before I walk a press line- "confidence, grace, and humility" over and over again... try it, it works... :)

love you guys, you CAN make it to the top. Treat yourself and others with dignity & respect, and you will achieve everything you want in life, and you'll be able to rest easy when your head hits that comfy pillow at night :) ...

stay beautiful,

John Dye :)

Photo Credits Include : Robert Pytel, Billy Lin-www.BillyL.com, Andre Walker Photography-www.andrewalkerphoto.com, and Holly Van Voast- LENSJOCKEY TM.

Models : me (well duh, hehe), Lea Rannells Comrie, Jason Hurt, Darren Pasha, Andrea Debevc, & Rene Ganuza



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