Monday, March 12, 2012

John Dye's Top Makeup Tips of all Time!

JOHN DYE'S BEST MAKEUP SECRETS... learn um, live um, LOVE um!

1.Don't be afraid of going a little over board with under eye concealer, right below your bottom lash line is where you have the most color variation on your face, whether it be reddish or darker than the rest of your face. Also Don't forget to put concealer on your eye lids, corners, and below the brow bone, it helps make up stick and gives a fresher canvas to paint on. ALSO! if you are having a REALLY hard time with dark circles, or you're lookin REALLY rough under the eyes from a crazy night out on the town, try mixing a little yellow eye shadow into your concealer, it sounds crazy BUT IT WORKS! it kills the darkish colors...
2.Use blush that has a highlighter in it, this can create the illusion of high, modelesque cheek bones than can contour and slim your face, apply blush to your CHEEKBONES and dust up a little, never in the middle of your face or towards your hairline, this is not 1987. Try to avoid the area right below your eyes and next to your nose...blush should be a device that contours your CHEEKBONES!
3.Truly, like Donna Mills once said, THE EYES HAVE IT, your eyes are where you can go from plain Jane to instant stunner. Do not be afraid to use eye liner on the inner rim and bottom lash line, BUT**** DO NOT line your inner eye line with dark colors IF YOU HAVE SMALLER EYES, it will make them appear even smaller. If you have small eyes and want to make them appear LARGER, line your inner eye with WHITE eyeliner, it creates the appearance of a larger eye. My number one tip for eyes, and anyone who knows me knows this-SHIMMER IN THE CORNERS and right below the bottom lash line. Use shadows or highlighters with a shimmer in corners or your eye to soften eye liner and open up and increase the appearance of size and brightness to your eyes, it gives a refreshed and wide awake effect.
4. Apply a darker color in your crease of your eye, then apply a highlighter over it and take the highlighter up to your brow bone. This softens eyes and decreases the look of hard lines, you never want hard lines in your makeup..BLEND BLEND BLEND.
5. Do not be afraid of a cat eye or kicking your eye liner up a little at the edges, this effect can literally change the look of your face and eyes (ala Angelina Jolie, the Kardashians), you may not get it right the first few times, but getting better at makeup requires taking risks.
6.You can apply mascara TIL IT CLUMPS! Sometimes you can put on three to four coats and it still doesn't look spidery, also your lashes are TWO sided ladies, top and bottom, so BLINK your eyes around your wands to ensure coating both sides for a full even look and length on the top. And don't be afraid of fake lashes, everyone who you see on TV, red carpet, movies, is wearing them, the trick is to wear them right. Try cutting lash bands into "half lashes" and applying them from the middle of the eye lid to the edge, this provides impact, but also appears more natural.
7.NEVER DO A SMOKY EYE AND DARK RED LIP, say it with me girls, dark eyes-pale glossy lips, neutral shimmery eyes can take a red lip, but in my opinion its one or the other, or you become a trampy clown.
8.***IT IS NOT THE BRAND OF MAKEUP YOU USE! Its how you APPLY it, drug store makeup and the expensive makeup from boutiques or Saks IS JUST PIGMENT. Yes there are some products that work better than others, but you DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND ALOT OF MONEY ON MAKEUP TO LOOK AMAZING. Its all about the application and the technique.
9. I am always open to answering questions or guiding people in the right direction so never be afraid to ask,there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS.
10.don't be afraid of trying new things, its how you obtain skill and create your own personalized looks that work to enhance your face and natural beauty. Also try doing your friends makeup, it helps in acquiring new skills by looking at makeup application from a different perspective. MOST IMPORTANT HAVE FUN WITH IT!
11. LET FALSE EYELASH GLUE DRY ON THE BAND FOR 15-20 SECONDS BEFORE APPLICATION! it has to become sticky, not wet to properly adhere to your eyelid!!!!!

happy makeup-ing!!!! go out tonight and BEAT that mug with some makeup, in my humble opinion, its not about what god gave you, its about what you can learn to DO with it, with the help of makeup :)

stay beautiful,

JD :)



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