Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning how to MARKET YOURSELF!---> its important! :)

"You have to be the most shameless self promoting person I have ever met".....

When an exec told me this at MTV at the ripe old age of 23, I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment, or a low blow.... Now, I wear the term "shameless self-promoter" like a sparkling badge of honor and accomplishment :). You could be the most talented person in the entire world, but without a means for OTHER people to see/know how talented you are, you will be a talented person alone in your room for the rest of your life. Young up and comers always ask me, "how did you get to where you're at in the industry without a manager, an agent, or any financial support"? Well my dears, its simple.... I smartly marketed myself as shrewdly, cunningly, and CHEAPLY as I could. I used things such as Facebook and Myspace in the beginning for people to see my face, my work, and hear "the voice" behind my writing. The best part about Facebook? ----> ITS FREE! Its like having a free website to send people too, to check your portfolio, see video clips, read writing samples. I am a self made man, 100 percent, and I did it all for free. I marketed myself SO well, that I actually have an ENTIRE chapter in an upcoming book on marketing by Author Angela Yukiro Smith, the force behind the successful, "No Money Marketing" book series. The thing is, I never realized I was really marketing myself.... I just liked the attention :).

You ALL can learn how to "work the system" of marketing, and do it, for free or next to free. One important thing to remember, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU DO IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR CAREER! But, that's OK! You need to be able to see the value of things as marketing tools, rather than a paycheck in your hands. I use to work for free ALOT, if I  felt it was in any way shape or form going to further my name, my brand, or my career, I did it, and THAT ITSELF was the paycheck! People shoot themselves in the foot every single day, because they refuse to work for free, or, for trade. Now, I'm not telling ya'll to go out there and be everybody's doormat by any means, but I'm encouraging you to think like a smart business/PR person. My dad told me something when I first got out of rehab to start my modeling, acting, and writing career- "For every 2 hours of paid work, you should work in an hour of unpaid work that results in furthering your brand through marketing". I have never forgotten those sage words of wisdom. Hell, I still walk in shows for free sometimes just for exposure and pretty portfolio pictures, especially if its for charity or a noble cause. When you are offered jobs, they should either be beneficial to you financially  OR, beneficial to getting your name out there and furthering your career. If neither of these things are in the equation, then politely pass on the offer...........

I have been published in the international Star Magazine tabloid, spent time as an on camera personality for MTV, have walked in Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, have received over a million views on Youtube with help from my buddy Taylor Swift, started my own magazine about makeup and photography, and now I'm the blogger for the legendary Model Wire Network, and you know what? -----> I DID IT ALL FOR FREE FROM CLEVER MARKETING AND GETTING MYSELF OUT THERE!!! AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO! If your friends make fun of you for self promoting, who the hell cares, people belittle or make fun of things that they do not understand. You will be the one achieving your dreams while they sit stagnant in their small towns hating on you for being successful. My friend Taylor Swift put it best- "Some day I'll be, liven in a big ole city, and all you're ever gonna be is mean"...... :)

happy self marketing my sweet angels...

love... Johnny



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