Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my FAVORITE beauty products/tips of the moment..

okay, anyone who knows me, knows that I despise UBER expensive makeup. Its not the PRICE of the product that makes someone anymore beautiful, its the technique behind the APPLICATION that can turn you into a star. I recently have found some cheaply priced GEMS on the shelves of your local Rite Aid, Walgreen's, target, or anywhere cosmetics are sold.... so here they are!

Garnier BB Cream- Miracle Skin Perfector...

y'all, this stuff is AMAZING! You apply it like a base or a moisturizer, but it covers like foundation, and practically airbrushes your skin out before you even have makeup on your face! It also has anti aging and pore refiner properties that we all love. This is my first step in doing my own makeup now for events and shows, it truly is a miracle base that makes you look like a shining star all day.

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller 

There are two things in this world that i truly hate, homophobia, and bags under my eyes in pictures :) . They make a clear and a tinted one.... the tinted one is the money maker. I roll it a few times under each eye and allow a few minutes to go by, and simply pat and blend the excess into my skin. It really does lighten the darkness under my eyes, and also has anti-aging properties. ***WARNING*** No topical product can significantly reduce under eye puffiness, ALOT of them claim to be able to, but the puffiness under our eyes as we age is actually a fluid filled membrane below our eye socket. Do not waste your money with topical products if the puffiness is severe, that requires a trip to a plastic surgeon or medical aesthetics professional. I am an open book in life, with my struggles with addiction, my sorted past, and my plastic surgery. I have had botox and chemical peels over the last year and it has changed my confidence level. I love my results. BUT, I am not a paid spokesperson, nor am I by ANY means telling you to rush out and get it, I am just saying that it improved my confidence level about my skin. People spend so much money on skin creams, but, if they are not satisfied with their results, its time to see someone who can give you the results you want. I use Michelle Ray of the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze Florida, she keeps me ultra confident in my own skin, and she's as sweet as pie :).

Maybelliene Mineral Power Mineral Foundation

I SWEAR by this stuff! This product is cost effective, covers beautifully, and although I have sensitive/acne prone skin, I can layer this product on without irritation! It works better than those other more expensive mineral makeup lines (you know the one I'm talking about :). Also, this product provides a very matte finish to the skin, other mineral products leave the skin too dewy or glowy looking-aka GREASY over time. The Maybelliene "Fit Me" concealer works very well in conjunction with this mineral foundation. For my clients and brides, I would always use the concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and then apply the mineral foundation over it---> its a one two PUNCH to getting amazing coverage that last throughout the day.

Wet -N- Wild Mega Length Mascara

My favorite mascara on the market, and its 2 freggin dollars! People always ask me about my eye lashes, in pictures or in person, and this product is the secret behind my lushes long lashes! It was also an Allure Beauty Award winner in 2010! The formula, paired with the type of bristles, provides high impact length and definition. Also, wet-n-wild makes some amazing lipstick colors, all for 99 cents, its a great way to take risks on new bold colors without breaking the bank!

Sage Words of Wisdom from JD

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF MAKEUP! We love the way celebrities and models look on the red carpet, but do you know HOW MUCH MAKEUP they are wearing!?? Lots more than you would think... so, don't be afraid to try and wear a little extra, or more than usual sometimes.

Easy ways to try something new with makeup...

1. Colored eye liner. - This is a simple and easy way to play with color in your makeup ladies. Purple, blue, yellow all can look amazing and bring out the color in your own eyes. Its cheap and easy- try pairing a simple shimmery eye shadow with a bold liner, then add mascara and some lip gloss and you look fun and flirty and ready to HIT THE TOWN!
2. A fun lip color.- Lipstick from wet -n- wild is 99 cents, so don't be afraid to be bold and try something new! But always remember, when wearing a bold lip, its a good idea to keep the eyes neutral, shimmery, and understated. I love a bright coral, or even HOT pink, its a simple way to look hip and adventurous with your look without too much effort.
3. Bold eye shadows.- This is by far the easiest way to add some WOW factor to your face girls. Try using a color you NEVER thought you could wear-bright green, pink, orange, the sky is the limit! The goal here is to make the bright/fun color an accent, or a "pop color" as I call it, meaning it should not be applied over the whole lid up to the brow bone. I mean HELLO we all watched the Drew Carey Show, and we remember how miss Mimi did her makeup! Stay in the crease with fun colors, or, try sweeping a little in the inner corner of your eye for an unexpected pop of color....

MAKEUP IS FUN, so have fun with it my sweet angels :)


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OMG I met u at Fashion Week NOLA and you were absolutely awesome!!! Im going to be glued to this blog for all your tips.

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