Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Runway 101 from your "Aunt John" :)

    There are two very distinct versions of John Dye.......

There's the John Dye who loves video games, comic books, wears no makeup, watches "Anne of Green of Gables" for hours on PBS, loves Sailor Moon, and loves eating cheese grits right out of the pot in bed..----> the is "the real John", a total dork :).

Then, there's John Dye "The Star", a heightened, super confident, rockstar who smizes his face off and can walk down any runway, he shines in front of any camera, and can walk up to high power heads of industry and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF. :) -----> this John is a character I play when I need him to come out....

    When I coach models to walk down the runway, the first question I always ask them is, "Are you a rockstar when you walk down that runway?". They better say yes :), because then I know that they "get it". Being able to "turn it on and turn it off" in terms of star quality is an extremely important facet of our industry. When you walk down that runway, you have to COMMAND the attention of that room, and for those 15 seconds, you my friend, are the biggest celebrity on the planet, or that's what you need to emulate at least. Doing runway is very much "playing a part". Through your eyes, the power of your presence, and the confidence in the gate of your walk, you have to convince everyone in that room that you deserve to be there, and make them want to "buy" what your selling. And trust me, you can "fake it til you make it", that's what I do :). For those few seconds in the span of the universe you have to ooze confidence, power, and charisma.

   There are many ways to try and perfect your runway presentation. First, learn how to "smize", meaning, how to smile and ooze charisma from your eyes. How did I learn? Well, its kind of cheesy, and trust me, you'll feel awkward at first doing it. I use to put on music in my bedroom, music that I felt in some way emotionally connected too, then, I would simply mouth the words and pose in my mirror. I acted like I was singing the song in a music video, and I had to convey the emotions and the feelings behind the lyrics with my eyes and face. This is also how I learned to pose for still photography. Yes, you might feel like a dork, BUT... if this is your passion and your dream, you will have to "embrace the cheese" sometimes in this industry. I can remember my mom and sisters walking in and being like, "John, what the heck are you doing?", but, it payed off :).

Next, the walk. You want your runway walk to flow like water through a forest stream----> loose, fluid, and have have a nice steady "flow". Looking relaxed yet confident is a tricky line to dance upon, but once you master it, the sky is the limit. I've said it before, I'll say it again, people can smell desperation from a mile away, so, if you look like you are "trying to hard", your runway presentation will fall flat to outside observers. To me, Runway walks are almost like a well orchestrated dance... you have to feel the steps, the movement, the music.... and remember, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! ****Important Rule to remember for Runway Prensentations**** When you are showcasing someone else's clothing, you are no longer "the star", the clothing is. You have to convey star quality in your walk, but its not about YOU, its about the designer, and the clothing that they have put so much time and energy into sharing with the world. You always take the designers lead on what kind of walk they want. Its important to be "mold able" with your walk, and be able to switch it up accordingly to the style/vibe of the shows looks.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember, you are a ROCKSTAR version of yourself out there. Be the most confident, charismatic, charming, and star-like version of yourself. AND HAVE FUN OUT THERE! I mean hell people, we are living out our dreams for the world to see when we are stomping it out on those runways! One last thing, advice that our parents ALWAYS told us still rings true today, "practice, practice, practice... cause practice makes perfect!".... Love y'all :)

PS.. I said "Aunt John" to be like "Miss Jay" from top model.. I hope someone got that.... :)

Stay Beautiful,
Johnny D

PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Moffit of Shannon Moffit Photography. Checkout her website for some AMAZING fashion and lifestyle photography, and don't forget to search "Shannon Moffit Photography" and "LIKE" her on Facebook. This girl has always had my back, and I love her dearly, thanks Shan, for all you have done for me :*) we're on our way sistah... <3



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