Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ATTENTION-Success will NOT come banging on your door, its up to YOU to make it happen... :).

Me and Taylor Swift on Vh1's "100 Greatest Women in Music" Countdown 2012
I think alot of us in the entertainment industry, well, any industry for that matter, believe that some how one day lightning will strike, and we will be "discovered", and all our wildest dreams come true.... But sadly, this is NOT reality. The notion of walking down the street and someone spotting you and "discovering" you is a beautiful and exciting dream, but it is also just that, nothing but a dream. If there is something you want out of life, you have to take the initiative and drive to MAKE it happen....

I can remember fantasizing about this same dream as a child and teenager; someone was going to discover me and make me a star... It turns out that really only happens in movies. I had to fight hard, hear no, feel discouraged, and persevere to attain the career highs that I have garnered in my short time in this industry. Sometimes people are so afraid of two little letters- NO. They are scared to strike out and try to make things happen because they are paralyzed by their own fear of failure....but...if you never try, you will never know what are truly capable of... Lets say you go for dreams, but you end up failing miserably, AT LEAST YOU KNOW YOU TRIED and you will never have to look back and say "what if". I always tell people to try to live a life with as little "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" as possible, try it all, go for what you want out of life, we have to make our own destiny...

There will be nay-sayers along the way, TRUST me on that one, but let their doubt fuel you to reach your highest heights. Bitterness and jealousy can cause people to some very bizarre things, but don't let other peoples dissatisfaction with their on life negatively affect your journey, and trust me, they WILL try... You have all the tools to make any of your dreams, goals, or desires a reality... it  all depends on how patient, diligent, and hard working you are willing to be.

I wanted to be on MTV and VH1 soooooo bad as a kid, my whole life, and you know what? I did it :) I wanted to be in a tabloid magazine from the age of 4 when I knew what a "celebrity" was, I did that too, in Star Magazine. I wanted to have a successful YouTube video more than life for a while, Taylor Swift helped make that a reality for me, and now we are at almost 1,000,000 views on our parody video "Taylor and Friends" on YouTube... I am NOT bragging by any means, lord knows I have had many struggles in this life, but, I NEVER LET IT STOP ME PUSHING FORWARD, and you my sweet friends, can do the same. No matter if it be divorce, addiction, depression, money, anxiety.... do not let these things rob you of becoming the person you want to be... I love any and everyone who reads this, we shall all overcome, survive, and thrive my friends. Now get out there, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

LOVE YOU!!!! :)


SET YOUR TIVO'S FOR "100 GREATEST WOMEN IN MUSIC" on VH1, there's a clip of me and Taylor from my old MTV days! :)

 AND-----> check out me and Taylor Swift in "Taylor and Friends" from the set of the "Love Story" music video! "Taylor and Friends" on Youtube



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