Monday, April 30, 2012

Be a Hero! Save a Life! Adopt a Pet TODAY!

I have a confession to make...... Its kind of nerdy but I don't care....... so here it goes....

My dog is without a doubt my best friend in the world... :)

When Rio and I met, she had just been rescued from a locked trailer in the dead of summer, with no food or water, and she was just a puppy. The Junior Humane Society saved this sweet baby girl when a someone called them to report "a faint puppy bark" in what looked like an abandoned trailer.

Supposedly, I "saved" this animals life, but in all actuality... She saved mine... :)

When I was going through some pretty rough times in my life, the only consistent listening ear and friend I had was my sweet dog Rio.

Rio Dye... My little rescue baby :)
You have an opportunity to save a life, be a hero, and gain a new member of your family. If you are looking for a pet, please adopt from a local animal rescue organization in your area. If you are not in a position to adopt an animal right now, there are still ways you can help. Shelters are almost always looking for volunteers and donations. Things such as old blankets, kitty litter, dog and cat food are donation items that can make a difference.

Yes, the Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercials are terribly depressing, but, they are also they truth... Every day, every hour animals are being abused, neglected, or put to sleep... DO your part to help save these precious lives, our four legged friends need us to survive. Gain a new best friend like I did with Rio, and adopt a pet from your local animal shelter today!!!!!!!!

peace, love, and doggie kibble... :)

Johnny D

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