Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fashion Week New Orleans 2012! A HUGE SUCCESS!


                                                           Ya'll BROUGHT IT this year! :)

Me and my handsome boyfriend model Darren Pasha were asked to be featured runway models in this years New Orleans Fashion Week, and boy we were impressed! The venue, the clothing, the models, the designers, the staff, the photographers.... it was an absolute DREAM TEAM of amazing talent! Me and Darren were honored to walk in such a well produced, elegant, and posh runway event....Darren and I featured three amazing lines- Designer Kano Branon, who I fell IN LOVE WITH! His clothing was beyond exceptional.... the cuts, the fabrics, the colors, the editorial lines, the accessories.... it was all absolutely EPIC, it takes alot to knock me out of my chair in terms of talent, but this mans eye for design is almost other worldly, I was truly honored to feature his beautiful designs on the runway and in the photos. Google him, and find his page on Facebook, this guy is about to BLOW UP around the world.... (PHOTO CREDIT KARL AULT)
We also walked for the clothing store Gentry and I loved mine and Darren's casual, yet preppy ensembles, especially since I'm use to wearing ripped jeans, tank tops, and oodles of makeup--> it was nice to do runway in something a little more commercial and preppy, I felt handsome :) The people from Gentry were so kind to me and Darren, it is always nice to work with such sweet, classy, and down to earth people :)
On Sunday, we were featured in formal wear from John's Tuxedos. Lemme tell y'all a secret, I almost teared up when I looked over at Darren in his tux, I had a moment, he looked like prince charming :) . They fitted our tuxes impeccably well, it was like they were made for us. The Runway was gorgeous, a red carpet, crystal chandeliers, marble staircases, it was something out of a movie, it was so fun, I felt like a groom for the first time in my life.. hehehe ;) that's my goofy self on the left, lookin all groom like... :)

There were others we met on our Fashion Week New Orleans Journey who made an impression on us. First and foremost, the shows coordinator Tracee Dundas... this woman is an absolute ANGEL! She was under an immense amount of stress but treated everyone with such dignity and respect, a true example of a class act! She made the whole experience absolutely wonderful, I am honored and privileged to call this beautiful person a friend. Thank you Tracee for having me and Darren! We Truly had a Ball!

Designer Lawren Michelle- This young entrepreneur blew me away with her talent, drive, positive attitude, and immaculate eye for design and aesthetics. I even got to sit down with her for a quick interview about her life as young female fashion designer.. and it went a little something like this :)

JD: Whats your favorite part about what you do for a living?
LM: I get to travel, meet new people, create beautiful things, and the best part, every single day is different, and everyday is truly an adventure :)
JD: Advice to other aspiring fashion designers..?
LM: JUST DO IT! :) Most people say things like, "I'll pursue my dreams after _______ happens", but time waits for no one. If you have a dream, and the talent to back it up, GO FOR IT, and never let others make you doubt your own abilities, you can do anything you put your mind too.
JD: Whats your biggest career high to date?
LM: I would have to say showing at New York Fashion week, there is nothing else like it in the world.

This girl is a total sweetheart and incredibly talented, check out her website and find her on facebook!

Another amazing new NOLA friend -Photographer Ron Carr from (he took the runway photo above of me and Darren :) - What a class act! He offered to snap pics of me and Darren on the red carpet, the runway, backstage. I was so impressed by his down to earth and friendly attitude. I love meeting new people, the kind of people that 2 minutes into the conversation, you feel like you've known them for years, that was Ron :). Thank you so much sweet boy for the amazing pictures, cant wait to collab again in the future!

extra pics- Backstage with incredibly handsome & up and coming model Daniel Morrison after we strutted it out for my main man Kano Branon's AMAZING COLLECTION... again , check Kano's line out, through facebook, website, google him... cannot even begin to tell you how talented this man is!




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