Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Look Good in ANY Picture!

Shannon Moffit,  Kayla Larocque, and me, Johnny D :)
You have favorite pictures of yourself... don't lie... we all do... :) But what is it about those pictures that you like so much? Was it your body positioning? The angle of the camera? Your facial expression? Well, it was ALL of those things....

"Learning your angles" is an expression I say alot to people who want to take good pictures. All it means is that you know things like your "good" side, a flattering expression/smile, or a signature pose or stance that makes you look like the best possible version of yourself. You don't have to be a model to want to look cute in pictures, I'm pretty sure it just comes with being a human in general! :)

Through examining our own pictures, no matter if their are professionally taken or not, we can learn how make sure ANY pic ends up being a keeper.  My best friend Holland and I will go through old pictures of ourselves from college and repeat one statement, "wow, we definitely hadn't learned our angles yet". My friends and family use to poke fun at the way I slightly turn my head in every photo, but, its my best angle, so they can shut it :) ...


Having a picture shot slightly above eye level and tilted down slims and shapes the face. This is the oldest trick in the book, I think EVERY "Myspace" picture was shot this way!

Never shoot up from below eye level, this makes even the skinniest person into a double chinned nightmare reallllll quick.

Learn your "good side"... If you are blessed to be photogenic from both sides, I envy and applaud you.

Change up your smile. We all remember how we looked in early pictures when we just learned how to smile- there's a LOT of teeth and "cheesin" goin on...... keep your smile relaxed and natural.

Shun the camera when your a complete mess. Sometimes late at night, around 3am, we think, "Yay lets take pictures with everyone at the bar!" Not a good idea for a few reasons... Your makeup has probably sweated off, you probably look tired and bloated from alcohol consumption, and also, its not a good idea to put those pictures up on Facebook anyway for reasons of job security.

Tilt and twist your body to appear longer and leaner. When someone is photographed straight on, more of them is visible to camera.... does that make sense? Position your body and hips at an angle, this slims the figure and is much more flattering.

"The magics in the makeup"... I have this quote from a "No Doubt" song tattooed on my shoulder, and it is DEF the TRUTH! If you know you are going to an event where pictures will be taken (wedding, party, bachlorette), its time to maybe put on a little more makeup than usual. Try simple things that POP in pictures- a glossy lip, shimmery eyes, full lashes....

Not every picture we take is gonna be a keeper, but that's OK... Its all about learning how to feel your best in front of any camera. Look at old pictures, make faces in the mirror, may sound silly but you only live once, and more importantly, memories fade away, but pictures last forever....

happy posing!


PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Moffit.... I love this girl..... :)



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