Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Modeling, A good Attitude trumps a fierce face ANY DAY... :)

"When you guys walked in there at Fashion Week New Orleans, all the girls went freggin nuts saying omg omg omg their models their models guys got it"

Very often, people confuse cockiness and confidence.... Cockiness is acting pretentious, better than everyone else, stuck up, and arrogant.... which is very unappealing. Confidence is strength, humility, charm, and being outgoing and friendly with those around you, no matter where you are.....

The above comment from a fellow male model in the industry truly blew my mind... Me and Darren had been driving all day, were tired, had head colds, the airline lost our luggage, and were not in the best of spirits, but you better damn believe we "turned it on" when we had too. That's what being a good model and a good business person is..... Being able to turn on the confidence and charm even when you might not TRULY be feeling the best :) . Just because we didn't necessarily feel like models at the moment when we walked in to walk the runways of New Orleans Fashion Week, we had to "turn it on" and get into model mode, BECAUSE ITS OUR JOB! :)

Having an outgoing and down to earth persona will take you FAR more places in this industry than having a pretty face or a good walk. Sometimes I feel like models feel the need to put on a front in certain circles, and basically are just playing up to unfortunate stereotypes about what they think a "model" should act like... Being cold, arrogant, and pretentious does not make you a "model", it makes you unappealing.... It's like people flip a switch and turn into something they are not, and something that people do not want to be around.... Smiling, introducing yourself, being easy to work with, being thankful and humble---> THIS is what makes a not only a GOOD model, but also an employable one too.....

Modeling is not real life, we all know this... the makeup, the hair, the photoshopping, the is all very manufactured... try as hard as you can not to play up to the fakeness and vanity of the profession.... Having a good attitude trumps having a fierce face any day.... now get out there and make it happen.. and when you go on go-sees or castings repeat three simple words in your head at all times, "confidence, grace, and humility"... because these are the things that will ensure a long lasting career in this industry... love ya, :)

John Dye




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