Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Makeup Contouring 101: Want better cheekbones? A straighter nose? Learn it here ladies! :)

Me with some HEAVY contouring
at New York Fashion Week....
"Contouring? I thought only drag queens did that?" (read in thick southern accent)

                               This is what one of my darling brides said to me as I was slimming her face with bronzer and loose highlight before her big day... well, she was wrong.... Contouring is for ANYONE who wants to be a pro at doing their makeup!

Think about Kim Kardashian's cheeks, her cheekbones do NOT look like that without a full face of makeup and contouring. The secret is to make it look as natural as possible, and we get that through correctly BLENDING the lines in our makeup. We can basically restructure our face with the use shadows and highlights......


Darkness recedes, and highlights bring forward, repeat that in your head three times.... We want to darken the hollows of our face (eyelid crease, under our cheekbones) and highlight what we want to POP or standout (brow bone, cheekbones, and inner corners of eyes)....

After you apply your face makeup (concealer & foundation), then you can start to contour your clean fresh palette of face using bronzer/darker face makeup, blush, and highlights (highlight can be creme based, loose powder, anything with a SHINE or shimmer that attracts and catches the light). You want to apply a darker shadow/contour under your cheekbones, this makes our face look thinner, sleeker or more structured, BUT, this also can make you look like you have a five a clock shadow! So its important to blend, blend, BLEND! An easy way to do this is to literally suck your cheeks in, then dust the darker face color in hollows of your cheeks, this is how I do it when I want my cheekbones to stand out and my face to look thinner....

After you have applied the darker color, then take a combination of blush and highlight and apply it TO THE CHEEKBONES.... This attracts LIGHT to the BONE STRUCTURE of your face, making it look more structured, and bringing out the height and visibility of the cheek bones themselves.... If the contour color is too dark, meaning you've ended up looking like a dirty sailor with five a clock shadow, BLEND the contour color out with your face powder or foundation... I love Maybelliene's mineral power mineral foundation, its the JAM.... its a hell of a lot cheaper than Bare Minerals and it even covers & looks better...in my HUMBLE opinion :)

Basically the goal of all this is to slim and structure your face... highlighting the cheekbones, and darkening underneath them (the hollow of your face).... Google Kim Kardashian, her makeup artist never misses a BEAT when it comes to contouring the HELL out of that girls face!

You can apply the same principle to your nose.... For straightening or slimming the appearance of a nose start with concealer and apply to edges around the nostrils (think of it as almost white out for edges/shape of your nose...I mean, not like a bratz doll... but you get the picture :) Then apply foundation like normal, and then take the bronzer and apply DOWN THE SIDES of the nose (darkness recedes, highlights bring forward), then VERY lightly, apply a highlight or lighter shade of makeup down the bridge (center) of the nose.... Now, I admit, this is confusing, and you might read this and "damn, John is gonna turn me into Micheal freggin Jackson with this teach", but ...everything in moderation my sweet girls.... Play around with contouring, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! and the other take away message in contouring the face is BLEND BLEND BLEND! Makeup should look more like soft shadows than harsh lines, so get that brush and BLEND my FRIEND!

Makeup is supposed to be fun, and it is... So don't be afraid of it... Be bold, be daring, try something new, you only live once girls..... so, DON"T BE AFRAID TO LIVE IT AS GLAMOROUSLY AS POSSIBLE! and to hell with what other people think, I'll be the first to say, I feel MUCH more confident with a full face of makeup on, and if people have a problem with that, who the hell cares, the only person you should worry about impressing in this life is YOURSELF! :)

happy contouring my little lambs :)

Johnny D



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