Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photographer Spotlight---> Beverly De Jesus...!!!!

Spending quite a few years in front of and behind the camera lens, it takes alot for me to truly be impressed anymore... Now, I'm not sayin that I'm totally jaded.... it just really takes something or someone special to make me take notice......

Model---> hey that's me! Johnny D! :)

I had the honor and privilege of working with superstar photographer Beverly De Jesus recently, and DAMN was I impressed... She had printed out visual story boards, inspiration pictures, looks, moods, and vibes, she had booked AMAZING hair stylist Tiffany Mitchell, rented us out a studio for basically the whole day, she literally had everything planned with amazing precision and attention to detail....

Photographer doesn't really accurately describe or correctly label this woman... She is a visionary, a magician, a visual story teller, a true prodigy in the art of photography. Not only was she expertly skilled in lighting, posing, angles, editing, shooting; she was also so kind, sweet, fun and down to earth... Talent and humility is a rare find in this industry.. She had imagined and concocted all these amazing looks and shots for us, worked all day, and wanted nothing in return, yet she kept thanking me, my boyfriend model Darren Pasha, and the other models Kayla Larocque and Kimber Lee for our time and hard work.... well, this article is the LEAST I could do to repay you for all these amazing pictures...

Model Kayla Larocque
A HUGE SHOUTOUT and thanks also go to hair stylist Tiffany Mitchell and Photography Assistant Natasha Alexander... you helped us make MAGIC that day, and you are both absolutely amazing. ALSO to models Darren Pasha (my boo), Kayla Larocque (my BFF), Kimber Lee (total FOX)... you guys are amazing, and it was an honor to work with all of you.... Now for the INTERVIEW portion of my new series on spotlighting talented photographers in the industry.....

Model Darren Pasha
 When did you feel a true calling for the art of photography?

6 years ago, I was introduced to a group called Military Dimes, which was a group of military spouses and active duty members who have a desire to model. At first, I was interested in modeling for the group, but it quickly turned into having a desire to try to prove that I can photograph images just as good as the photographers in the group. I asked my father to send me his 35mm Minolta film camera, and I asked my good friend, music artist Baltimore S.O.N. (a.k.a. Tavon Dyer) if I could have him model for me to do some basic commercial shots. It was a test to prove to myself that I had an eye for the lens. Tavon, his wife Sherika, and I went to WalMart to develop the images, and I can still remember ‘til this day (6 years later) when Tavon looked at the images with amazement, and told me “Bev, we’re GOLDEN!” Of course, the images weren’t as good as it is now, but I felt deep down inside that this was it! 

Models Kayla Larocque, Kimber Lee, Darren Pasha and John Dye

Model John Dye

Models Kimber Lee and John Dye

2) Where do you draw your inspirations from the most? 

I draw some of my inspirations from past photographers such as Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Patrick Demarchelier, and David LaChapelle to name a few. A lot of my inspiration comes from YEARS of studying the images and editorials from fashion magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, Rolling Stone, and just normal advertisements from various fashion/beauty ads to album covers and athletic advertisements. I’ve admired the gorgeous images and studied them since I was a young girl. A lot of the concepts and stories developed are inspired by what’s going on in today’s society, and just expressing a part of what I’m feeling inside through my images. 

3) You are extremely driven.... where does that innate drive come from my sweet friend?

First and foremost, strength from God, and from only knowing that you live once, and refusing to leave this earth knowing that I “could’ve” or “would’ve”. I spent 13 years in the military, and each year I would start to see life more clearly. I began to observe people (especially at work) and their attitudes, the politics, and just struggling with my own demons and personal life. I told myself that I refuse to sit in a position of “comfort” and risk happiness. It’s up to YOU to live your dream and be happy. You can choose be stuck, comfortable, and unhappy…or you can move, be uncomfortable for a little bit, and be successful and happy doing what you love…it’s your choice. I didn’t want to hold on to this talent and sit on it, wasting it for an additional number of years just because the “economy is bad”, or miss out on a great opportunity just because I was “too scared” to step out and face rejection.I would listen to people say that they don’t have “the guts” to pursue their dreams and goals because they were scared, then I’d listen to them bicker and complain about being unhappy with their current position in life. I said to myself, “Gosh, I don’t want to be like them!” Those people drove me to step out to the unknown to pursue my dreams. Some of those people look at me crazy for being so driven in photography and fashion because they don’t think that it’s a “realistic” career move for me. Well, I’m standing here today to prove to them and myself that you can become successful if you really wanted to…to be amongst the rest of the hard working successful people and prove to the world that you can do anything you set your mind to, even if it means taking risks. Although I’m still far from making it big, I continue to stay fueled up by people who continue to doubt my dreams and goals. They keep my fire burning! 

4) Where can people follow you, look at your port, or keep up with all your exciting photography adventures? is my official website portfolio. I can be followed on Twitter @Beverly_DeJesus, and on Facebook :)



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