Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poison to a Modeling Career--> S.F.S. (Same Face Syndrome)

Variety is the spice of life they say, well I believe this tends to also hold true to modeling......

    There are times when I am trying to coach or scout models, and as I look through their portfolios, it becomes painfully obviously they suffer from what is known in the industry as S.F.S. or "Same Face Syndrome". This phenomenon occurs when no matter what the photographer, wardrobe, setting, the model is working with---> they produce the same face, or same look, in every photo.

Yes, it is important as models that we find our comfort zone, learn our angles, and even find signature poses....but, making the same expression in every shot can sink a modeling career faster than that damn iceberg sank Jack and Rose on the Titanic.

There are many ways to combat having S.F.S. in your photos..... First and foremost, as Tyra has said on Top Model a million times over, PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR! Learn different expressions, vibes, feelings that you can convey with your face & eyes. ALSO, just because you purse your lips and do "model mouth" DOES NOT mean you are "modeling". I try to each models to be actors who are caught in still framed photography. There needs to be some sort of emotion reading on your face and eyes that GRABS the person looking at images and makes them think, "I wonder what they were thinking/feeling at this moment in time..." Also search through your port, if you are being shot at the same angle with the same facial expression in more than 75% of your images, well my dears, its time to shake things up and try something different... It might bomb at first, you might end up giving crazy eyes, or doing something totally bonkers, but..THATS OK---> exploration into the unknown with our looks is a way to becoming a well rounded and sell-able model. If you want to be angry in a shot, DO IT! If you wanna be exuberantly happy, DO IT! Hell, if you wanna scream, DO IT! (but make it a pretty scream, wink wink).

We are diverse creatures filled with many emotions....try to learn how to convey different emotions with your face and eyes so you can be more marketable to casting agents and managers. Get in that mirror and PRACTICE! Repetition and cookie cutter poses are a sure fire way to have a FLAT portfolio, so get out there and try new things!!! and just remember, that Johnny D loves ya know matter what!!! :)

I love Jordan Walker, she has helped me grow so much in this industry, and I owe her alot.. for her friendship, her coaching, her photos, and just bein a RAD girfriend. :)



Loved this well written piece John. I'm no model but this is a great metaphor to break out of our ruts and experience life outside of our comfort zones. I don't want to suffer from SFS ;p

Good article. Concise & interesting while providing real information & the humor makes it memorable. I enjoyed it. Love you, John!! Best of luck in all you do!

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