Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning! Your Closet, your Makeup Drawer, and Your Spirit! :)

yeah, my closet is a MESS! :)
Do you ever watch the show "Hoarder's" on A& E and sit terrified as you watch all the horrible and scary things people are buried under in their own house? well, lets NOT be like them :)

IT'S SPRING! It's time to LET GO of some things in the form of..... SPRING CLEANING!..... It is a very cathartic act to let go of items you don't need or use anymore, and to let go of things you may be holding onto in your mind... meaning anger, revenge, bad relationships, hurt feelings, ALL OF THESE THINGS can be part of your spring cleaning effort, a new season...a NEW YOU!

First, go through your closet and drawers, if you see something that you have never worn or worn only once, then.... think about letting it go. There are a million charitable organizations that need clothing donations! Some will even come pick up larger items for you! If a piece of clothing is ill fitting, TOSS IT... There is nothing worse than clothes not fitting you right, it makes us look silly and sloppy.. If a piece of clothing still has tags on it, and its been over 6 months since it was purchased, TOSS IT.. I tend to buy alot of things when they are on sale, thinking, "Oh, well I have to have this, I mean, COME ON, its on sale! Get it John!", but then I look at it for months and months in my closet as it collects dust and clutters my closet. Work on not succumbing to impulse buys y'all, when holding something in your hands at the store, think to yourself, "is this a need or a want", and if it is just a want, how bad do you want it? And will you get the use out of it for the price you are paying?.... Go through your closet with a positive and warm feeling knowing that whatever you give away will help cloth someone less fortunate, its a good feeling :)....

Next, your makeup drawer. Makeup does not last forever, it scares me when I go through peoples makeup drawers sometimes and I see discontinued stuff from the late 1990's...BARF! :) Makeup collects bacteria and can turn rancid...not cute... Keep your makeup fresh and current... Mascara especially, if mascara chunks up more than normal, has a peculiar odor, or is as dry as the Sahara desert, its old, toss it! Powder makeup lasts longer than wet or creme based makeup, but still no makeup lasts forever. ALSO, its a good time to clean out things that might be out of date in terms of trends... Try something new! Search magazines, websites, celebrity looks, or YouTube tutorials for new looks and approaches to makeup! (JohnDyeMakeupArtist, thats my channel, I have some hilarious tutorials/skits :) Spring is about looking fresh and renewed, so, get a fresh new approach to applying makeup to that gorgeous mug of yours.. :)

Finally, your mind and your spirit... Spring can be a time to clean out the clutter in your home/closet, but also in your mind & spirit! Let go of old feelings that might be plaguing you, forgive someone that hurt you, let go of feelings of anger, jealously or revenge, LET IT ALL GO! Toss those feelings in the garbage just like the trash or clutter around your house, cause trust me, YOU DON'T NEED UM! Let spring truly be a season of change for you, forgive, forget, let go, then live FREE of all these old feelings that were holding you back or keeping your mind in chains, you owe it to yourself!!!

Happy Spring Cleaning my ANGELS!

Johnny D



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