Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Fashion and Makeup with John & Lea Rannells Comrie from Project Runway!...

Lea on "Project Runway"
Lea Rannells Comrie is a model, author, fashion event producer and all around AMAZINGLY FABULOUS lady :). She was a featured model on season 4 of Bravo's "Project Runway", has walked numerous runway shows for all the top designers, and now she coordinates runway shows and fashion events. I thought I would sit down with her and get some input on whats hot in fashion right now... She is one of the most fashion minded people I know, and, she's a total doll :)

JD:What is happening in spring fashion that is inspiring or exciting to you?

LRC: I'm loving all of the bright colors for spring---> coral, bright greens, neon yellow, the surge of color in fashion lately makes everyone look fresh and renewed. Pairing the neon/day glow colors of the 1980's with today's modern cuts and fabrics is an amazing mix of old and new.

JD: Its getting warmer, what does that make you excited to wear again now that winter is over?

LRC: Sundresses are amazing, they are comfortable yet stylish. Its all about carefully and correctly accessorizing them for the specific look/vibe you are going for. I also love pairing bigger, more attention grabbing accessories with a simple sundress to create a balanced and relaxed look.

JD: What are some things you learned about fashion in general from your season of "Project Runway"?

LRC: The right model can either make or break the designers vision of a specific piece or look. I also learned that fashion is truly an outward expression of people's internal creative visions, and more importantly, it truly is a form of art.

Lea & Designer Christian Siriano, Photo:Brad Walsh

JD: Any advice to the women of America on things to try this Spring?

LRC: BRIGHT COLORS! Not only in terms of clothing choices, but also in terms of makeup and accessories. I think women sometimes get stuck in rut by "playing it safe" with lots of neutral tones and shades in their makeup approach, but, its time to shake things up and try new bold expressions of color... Spring is a time for new beginnings, so, try new and bold things with your makeup and styling, you might just LOVE the new you :)

THANKS LEA! Now, for my 2 cents on Spring Makeup!

1. Pastel Shadows- Spring is a great time to wear bright and pastel colors on your eyes. Pale greens, yellows, purples are all amazing ways to bring out the color and intensity of your peepers. Try pairing a bright yellow shadow with a strong black liner, the contrast POP'S and will have heads turning for ALL the right reasons during this beautiful spring season.
2. Pairing a bold lip with pale colored shadows- I use to be terrified of lipstick of any color or variety, I was a smokey eye/nude lip guy til I die I thought, but the more I started to experiment, the more I began to LOVE fun lip colors. Bright pink, coral, purple lips are fun and fresh way to look fresh and alive this spring. Try pairing a fun bold lip with a pale green or purple eye, its simple, yet makes a statement.
3.Hot Pink or Peach Blush- I LOVE BRIGHT BLUSH! Warm peach or hot pink blush can instantly bring light and radiance to your face. I prefer using blush with a slight highlight or shimmer to bring attention to the cheekbones/structure of the human face. Also remember, blush is meant to be applied to the cheekbones, not the apple of the cheeks, we are not baby dolls with big round circles of blush, remember to apply to the cheekbones, and blend blend blend!!!! :)

Happy Spring Makeup-ing my sweet lambs! and thanks Lea for the interview, you're absolutely AMAZING sweet friend!




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