Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They're your "EXES" for a Reason...Learning to let go of Past Relationships...

Okay, its time play a little game called, "telling the truth"...do some of you spend time looking at your exes facebook profile? about who they are currently dating, wondering if they ever think about you or miss you? Do you flip through your pictures of the two of you together and softly weep while listening to emo music and emotionally cutting yourself??? well.....

                                                                  CUT THAT CRAP OUT! :)

Sometimes we like to paint false pictures in our minds of "how good things use to be"..... but, in actuality, if you aren't together with that person anymore, things really couldn't have been that good...... Whenever you start to slip into a pity party over your past relationships, remember the reasons things DIDN'T WORK, and remember the things that DROVE YOU CRAZY about your ex partner... we like to remember the good times, and conveniently forget the bad, but in doing that, we are doing ourselves a disservice by NOT LIVING IN REALITY.....

Another thing.... you don't have to be friends with exes, YES, sometimes it works... but, just because you aren't friends with exes in real life or on facebook, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON! Sometimes we feel guilty for "cutting people out", but often its actually better if we do.... Being friends with your ex on facebook can literally drive you insane.... checking up on their statues, pictures, relationships, whereabouts... it can overtake your life and make you a physically and mentally ill crazy person version of yourself, so.... do your self a favor and UNFRIEND them if this is happening to you.

Heartbreak is the worst feeling in the world...trust me, I know.... Loving someone who doesn't feel the same way anymore can be one of the hardest things we as humans have to overcome in our lives. JUST REMEMBER, that it is NOT A FOREVER FEELING.... you will find someone new, move on, and feel whole again... please trust me in that sweet angels......

Also, ITS OK TO FEEL SAD SOMETIMES :) ! We are not robots, we are not unfeeling machines...accept these feelings, label them, and try as hard as you can to move on... yes, breakups suck, and being dumped or cheated on is terrible, but do not let ONE BAD EVENT TURN INTO A MILLION MORE by staying sad and stuck in the past, you may start to neglect your goals, dreams and drive...... try to grieve, accept, and move on.... and i know i know, all the "good advice" in the world sometimes isn't going to mend a broken heart, but time will my sweet friends :), time WILL...

Everything truly happens for a reason, and sitting and feeling sorry for yourself, and dreaming about "the way things use to be" in regards to an ex is pointless, and trust me, YOU are BETTER THAN THAT.... love you all more than you could even begin to know...always always... :)

your permanent bestie,
John Dye

PHOTO CREDIT-------> Lovabelle Photography by Jordan Walker



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