Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrifting your way to AMAZING Fashions & Looking FLY on any Budget!

Sometimes I hear men and women say, "well, if I had more money, I would dress better..." To that, I politely say... BS! Good style is budget neutral my friends. Things such as cut, color, shape, fabric are all things that can make you look "like a million dollars" with your clothing choices, regardless of where they came from or who made them...

We went thrifting at flea markets and antique stores today in my FAVORITE part of NYC--> Chelsea. I was dazzled and delighted by all the amazing vintage dresses, suits, t shirts, hats, sunglasses--> you name it, it was there... To me, thrifting is like an exciting treasure hunt, sometimes you find gold, other times, not so much... But that's the exciting part, you never know WHAT your going to find. Now, I am not a person all about labels, I wear what I think looks cute no matter where it comes from. To me, its not ABOUT the labels, its about how an article of clothing looks on your body, and how it makes you feel. Even though I'm not into labels, you can find amazing vintage designer clothes. I have a few Christian Dior sweaters from the 80's in mint condition, I paid between 3 and 6 dollars for them--> SCORE!!!!

Fashion and style do not have depend on your income level. Its all about taking what you got, and making it into something amazing. Some of my favorite dresses I used for models in my magazine were vintage pieces found at second hand stores, well designed pieces never go out of style. The biggest trend to always follow in my book is, MAKE YOUR OWN TRENDS! Finding your signature style and look can be done on any budget, in any city... Make an adventure out of finding amazing things in unlikely places. Confession time.... I own 7 "members only" jackets... I know.... its dorky, but I LOVE THEM! :) Go out there and hunt up some rad pieces in your neck of the woods, and never let funds keep you from amazing fashion.....

love you all, no matter if your in a designer gown, or a burlap sack... hehe :)




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