Friday, May 25, 2012

Bridal Makeup: Hard and Fast Rules From John Dye...

Girls dream about their perfect wedding day their whole lives-how they will look, what the ceremony will be like, and about their handsome "Prince Charming" that will say the words "I do"....

There are some simple rules to follow when it comes to bridal makeup in my humble opinion...and here they are :)

*Avoid dark or super red lipstick, it is too much of a statement, and it will be all that people can focus on. Plus, if you kiss anyone, its a freggin mess.. :)
*Make sure your eyebrows are in check before the wedding day. Makeup can only do so much to change the shape or size of brows. If you show up with messy brows to your big day, you'll regret it forever.
*Browns and golds are a great "safe" zone for eye colors for weddings, but try mixing in a pop color at the crease for more dimension and impact. Light green or purple can make a huge difference to make your eye color more intense when layered over a dark brown crease color. I also LOVE brides that are willing to do a smokey eye/nude lip for their big day, I mean hell, its YOUR BIG DAY, you might as well look like a freggin superstar! :)
*False eyelashes are a MUST. They provide that extra bit of glamour and WOW factor for a bride, and they photograph BEAUTIFULLY!
*IMPORTANT!- Makeup translates differently from the human eye to the lens of the camera! Meaning, sometimes more makeup is needed for you to truly look "perfect" on your big day, especially in your wedding photos!!! Sometimes brides think they are wearing to much face or eye makeup because its so vastly different from their everyday approach, but trust me, for the pictures, and the whole package, you need a lil extra that day!
* Have your bridesmaids makeup done by the SAME PERSON, or... at least check their makeup to make sure it is somewhat similar. If you allow the bridal party to do their own makeup with no rules or guidelines, you can risk a very non uniform presentation when they walk down the aisles. Some may go WAY overboard, while others may not wear any at all...
*Last but not least... RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR BIG DAY!!! Pat yourself on the back for all the hard work and planning you have done! If their is a problem, let your bridal party deal with it- you should sit back, relax, and be as calm, cool, and collected as possible. The day TRULY is ALL ABOUT YOU, don't forget that, and remember to reapply your lip color before you walk down the aisle, and before the reception.... and HAVE FUN!

Happy Weddings lil angels!

Johnny D

PHOTO CREDIT: Jam Photography by Jessica Martz
Brides Makeup: John Dye



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