Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HOT Summer Makeup Tips.....

So, its warming up outside, people are hittin the beach, and summer will soon be upon us. Just as clothing and hair color change with the seasons, so should your makeup approach... There are simple ways you can tweak your daily makeup routine for the hot summer months. Here's just a few tips and tricks for my sweet summer baby girls.... :)

Bronzer--> Okay, this a treacherous road to walk in the makeup world..... Bronzer can be AMAZING, but it can also make you like a homeless begger covered in orangey dirt... Bronzer should really only be dusted on the face WHERE THE SUN WOULD NATURALLY HIT YOU---> try dusting it over your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and a little on your chin... Also, bronzer can be matte finish or shimmery, if you put shimmery bronzer all over your face you end up looking shiny or greasy/like your face is a disco ball... Bronzer with a shimmer or a highlight should really only be applied to cheek area, matte bronzer can be applied anywhere on the face. Also remember to blend down the neck/jawline so you don't have a super tan face and a pale neck, this is not a cute look... :)

Blue and Green Liners and Shadows- One of my favorite summer looks in the world is putting a light blue or green pop on the lower and upper lids with fun colored liners. This is so easy and it looks so summery and effortless. I always think of like a blond beach goddess in a white flowy dress, tan skin, with this kind of eye makeup.... If you wanna kick it up a notch, take a strong gold highlight and layer it over the liner and apply into the inner corner of the eye. This will have you looking like a sexy summer beach bunny in no time. :)

Keep the lips light- Summer months are hot, so the last thing you want is dark red lipstick melting down your face. Its a good idea to keep lip color light and shimmery for summer months. Pink or nude shimmery gloss is always a fail-proof way to look sexy and fresh. I love e.l.f.'s "Flirt" they sell at Target stores, its the perfect summer gloss. Also remember to apply a lip product with sunscreen in it if your hitting the beach....

Peach Blush- I love more orangey/peach blush for the summer months. Now, I'm not talkin like HOT orange, I just mean blushes than have a more peach than pink undertone. Peach colored blushes also work very well in conjunction with bronzer. Start with your blush, then sweep a little bronzer over it, and end with a light gold shimmer for a highlight on the cheekbone.

Going to the beach but still want to look Sexy?--->

Waterproof Mascara
Tinted Moisturizer- (looks lighter and less cakey than regular makeup)
Cheek and lip stain
Waterproof liner
Tinted Sunscreen- Bare Minerals makes a powder form that covers like makeup....

Get out there on those beaches and break some hearts ladies!!!

love ya!

Jam Photography by Jessica Martz ---> www.facebook.com/thatsmyJAMphotography
Model: Brittany Hard
Hair: Megan Anderson from 10th Avenue Hair Designs
Makeup: John Dye
Dress: Gibson Girl clothing in Gulf Breeze Florida.



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