Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quit Caring About What Other People Think About You!

Admit it..... You care about what other people think about you.... I mean, a little bit of this is healthy, it keeps us from being total messes to the outside world, but..... YOU CAN'T LET OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS OF YOU RUN YOUR LIFE!

We get so caught up in impressing each other, or "one-uping" our peers that we lose sight of why we wanted things in the first place.... Life is not a competition... Its not about who is "doing better" than anyone else... Sometimes I feel like Facebook should be called "Life as a competition-book"... People want to portray themselves as the happiest, the most successful, and that NOTHING is at all wrong with their perfect lives... News Flash- We all have problems, people who say they have no problems are not living in reality... Problems and struggles are a necessary evil my sweet friends. There are as inevitable as death and taxes. The problems we face force us to grow, mature, and become stronger versions of ourselves...

We get so wrapped up in what other people are saying or thinking about us, but honestly...who the hell cares? People are normally to involved with their own problems and struggles to be concerned with you and yours. So you got in trouble-->who cares... You messed up-->we all do... You got dumped--> happens to everyone... You tried something and you failed-->at least you had the courage to try... Its all about your perspective... ANYONE who has achieved any sort of "greatness" in life had struggles along the way.

Not everyone is going to like you... I know, this is shocking and disheartening to some of you, BUT ITS LIFE! :) You can't please everyone, so quit trying. The only person who need to impress is yourself. As long as the people you love and respect know the real you, that's all that matters. You can't stop people from gossiping, or judging, or their negativity... but you CAN control how it affects you...

Just try your best in this life sweet angels.... :)

Johnny D

Photo Credit: Blake Jones



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