Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrity Gossip Roundup with John Dye

Chris Brown has a Seizure and "refuses" Treatment!?! Lohan is "begging" Mother Dina to go to Rehab! Amanda Bynes Meltdown- Everything you Need to Know that Has Happened! Miley Cyrus and Handsome BF Liam are Looking Pissed and Bored on the Red Carpet! Its Whitney Houston's Birthday Today, She would Have Been 50 Years old Today :(

Chris Brown has seizure at recording studio?!? But he "refuses treatment"? p.s. he is terrifying, like my childhood nightmares magnified!

A frantic 911 call placed from a recording studio had the Los Angeles Fire Department RUSHED to Chris Browns side after a seizure! But he reported "refused" treatment and kept saying "he was fine". There are reports coming out that this is not the first time he has suffered from seizures, leading people to speculate that it might be drug or alcohol related... I mean when I was in rehab (PS I'm 30 days sober today :) I would watch crazy people be wheeled in, and they too would refuse immediate medical attention, cause DUH, they are BONKERS on any number of kookoo things! I usually was just trying to get pop tarts and rice crispy treats out of the office while people were brought into intake, and normally it "busted" me from getting my treats out of the locked office.... If i sound bitter, its cause I still am.... I mean, if you are an addict, and they take away your goods, at least give my fat ass some delectable delights to ease my pain and frustration !... But who am I kidding, rehab was like summer camp for impaired adults, we watched a lot of episodes of "Scrubs", played tag outside and marco polo in the pool.. and I would get my guitar out and we would all do sing alongs to Taylor Swift, bible- all of this is true 100%, so if you end up in treatment don't fret, some facilities are actually a blast... Oh i forgot about the slip and slide that we had.. it was magic after a long and painful group session...

Lohan pleads with Kookoo mchoo Mother Dina to "get sober for me mom!" AND for yourself too Dina! I mean did yall SEE that Dr. Phil interview?!?! She was high as a kite and drunk as a SKUNK!

Lindsay Lohan is supposedly "begging" her Mother Dina to seek treatment for substance abuse so they can "be sober together"... Ummm, for once, I TOTALLY AGREE with Lindsay! Dina is NUTS, if you have ever seen her in interviews or on TV, that botch is always 28 sheets to the damn wind! I swear in one episode of the short lived E! reality show "Living Lohan" I could literally smell the booze coming off of Dina through the damn television screen! And as someone who is now sober, I agree with Lindsay, its REALLY hard to keep friends and family who use and drink in your life if you yourself are sober... I will be praying for Dina, and her awful orange year round spray tan... GET IT TOGETHER lady! You are too old for your daughter to be BEGGING you to get clean.. FUN FACT ONLY I would know cause I'm like a ridiculous "early Lohan" fan, Dina ALWAYS made cameos in Lohan's films growing up, it was in Lindsay's contract that she HAD too! What a fame whore stage mother! I can literally pick Dina's crazy ass out from the crowd in "Parent Trap" "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" and "Freaky Friday", how you ask? Cause I know those movies by heart biotches, and I'm not ashamed to say it.. I own all 3 and watch them religiously... to say that I like cheesy teen movies would kind of be the understatement of the YEAR! :)

Amanda Bynes Meltdown- Every major development from her epic and well publicized meltdown! I think I know "What a Girl Wants" and to bust out of the crazy house!

My sweet Amanda.. what happened my love! You were such a STAR! Well, the breaking news is that her parents DID in fact win in court to be formally "in charge of her assets, life, and management" until a Judge deems she is competent enough to take care of herself again. This whole story breaks my heart... It all started 2 years back when she was FIRED from the Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson movie "Hall Pass" for "irrational and irregular behavior", which Amanda denied and cited "scheduling conflicts". Then she announced on Twitter that she had "retired" from acting and was no longer interested in fame.. Then this last year reports starting coming out from increasingly worried friends and family concerned with Amanda's "irrational and paranoid" beliefs and behavior. She allegedly starting taping her windows closed, putting towels over smoke alarms and her car windows because she believed that "people were watching her from secret cameras and microphones placed around her and her friends homes". Then she started her twitter WAR with every celebrity from Rihanna, to The Obamas, to Miley Cyrus, calling them all "ugly", which started a trend in Amanda's OBSESSION with peoples appearance and weight, along with her own... She talked about how she "was getting a whole new face through cosmetic surgery" because she "was so disgustingly ugly"... Cut to a week ago where she tried to light a woman's driveway on fire holding her small Pomeranian dog,who reportedly got drenched in gasoline which is toxic :( , and her signature "crazy and ratted blond wig".. When the cops questioned her, her bizarre answers led them to decide that she needed to be held on a "psychiatric hold" and she was admitted to a mental treatment facility, aka the crazy house... WOW that was alot of typing for me, but here we are today, and we just learned that a California judge has granted her parents control over her life and assets until she is well, and able to make decisions on her own... This whole story is sad and all to familiar- a child actor gets too much fame, too early, and it skews their perceptions of reality :( I LOVE Amanda's movies, and I even remember her on "All That" on Nickelodeon! I own 5 Bynes movies, and although she is not the best actress per say, her movies were cute and comforting.. I'll probably watch "What a Girl Wants" tonight, or "She's the Man", but come on, you KNOW I'm not looking at Bynes in that movie, my gay ass is DROOLING over a young Channing Tatum.... he must have played a parking ticket in that movie, cause that boy had FINE written ALL OVER HIM! boom!

Miley and Liam, GIVE IT UP! Its off its on, you don't even look like you're trying to fool us anymore!

What is happening here.... at least PRETEND to be happy with each other! this is getting ridiculous... I know you aren't the most gifted thespian Miley, but come on sister friend, put a lil more of a show on for us if you want us to believe that "everything is great" with the two of you! Liam looks constipated, drunk, bored, and almost like a angry Alabama trucker husband ready to yell "go get me another beer biotch!" Either poo or get off the potty on this relationship kids, cause these red carpet appearances are NOT helping the cause... figure it out and get back to us okay my loves? love, uncle johnny

Today would have been Whitney Houston's 50th Birthday! Some highlights from her career through the eyes of John Dye's crazy ass!

Oh my sweet Miss Houston, I miss you baby girl... But who am I kidding, I miss that Bravo show "Being Bobby Brown" with you the MOST, cause that's when you were your most, hmmm colorful shall we say? But in all honesty I'm a huge fan of this beautiful woman's music, and her story should not have ended by drowning in bathtub because of an alcohol and sedative mix, its heartbreaking :( Yall my sisters Amy and Jenna were HUGE Houston fans growing up, and subsequently, I was too, cause we WORE THOSE albums OUT in our house in the late 80's and early 90's. I can remember cleaning my house to hits like "Where do Broken Heart Go", "I'm Your Baby tonight" and my favorite "How Will I Know"... I love it when my friend and Drag Superstar Ebony Sinclair performs Whitney's hits at my local gay bar, I swear she looks JUST like her sometimes, LOVE you Eb! WAIT- I just remembered something- there IS a VHS tape of me at 8 in a wig dancing and singing to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" floating around my parents attic right now... damn If i can find that tape I scouts honor will upload it to youtube for us all to laugh at... You are missed sweet girl, you are truly a legend, and your music and spirit will forever live on in your millions and millions of fans :)

John Dye <3



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