Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrity Gossip Roundup with John Dye

Justin Bieber NAKED all over the Internet!!!! When is this kid gonna grow the EFF up! Queen Latifah "REFUSES" to come out as a Lesbian :( ??? Julia Roberts makes fun of half sister for being fat- SO much so, that she got Gastric Bypass over it?!?!? Why is Kevin Jonas still famous, and don't even GET me started on that Annoying Wife!!!

Justin Bieber plays NAKED prank on his grandmother over Thanksgiving? Now I'm all for pranks on Nana's... but not a prank where my JUNK might be out!

This freggin kid yall! Either family or entourage members have leaked naked photos of Justin Bieber to the press, showing the singing wearing NOTHING but a guitar over his package. Where do I even begin on this shizz! GROW UP, quit spitting in peoples faces, QUIT trying to fight people/paparazzi, QUIT being such a little DOUCHE bag! Fame is something that SO many people want and try their whole lives for! Some even die for it or because of it! This behavior and downward spiral of his is getting OUT OF CONTROL! Make music, be kind, cover up, get some effing HUMBLE pie, and perform music, cause that is your job title- singer..... I cant even imagine pulling a prank like this on my grandmother Nana... I would be MORTIFIED for my sweet southern Nanny Poo to see my goodies!!!! The mere thought of it makes me want to go get RE baptized at church! do they even do that? Cause now this mental image of me flashing my Nana has me in a shame spiral from H E double hockey sticks! Grow up kid! Get it together!

Queen Latifah flat REFUSES to publicly come out... ummm COWARD?!?!?!

Homophobia is rampant in the black community, it contributes to the phenomenon of black men being on the "down low" and still having wives and kids :( which isn't fair to anyone involved... Queen Latifah is refusing to discuss her personal trainer girlfriend on her new talk show. Even though there have been multiple pictures confirming the relationship.... She has SUCH a great opportunity to break down barriers in both the black community and the gay community! It makes me sad to think that because she believes she will lose fans, she refuses to admit something that NO ONE CHOOSES TO BE! Think of the people she could inspire to truly be themselves, but... she won't.... and it makes me sad... so sad that I have no witty or silly comments to even write about this story.. :(

Julia Roberts is a BITCH, duh, I've heard this many times from people in the biz, but making fun of your sister so much about her being "fat" that she has gastric bypass? MEGA BIOTCH!

A story has come out from Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts's half sister, that Julia is a MAJOR bully and total biotch. She said that because of Julia's taunting and fat jokes, she underwent gastric bypass because she felt so terrible about her appearance! I have known actors that have been extras on her movies and they were directed NOT to talk to Julia, look at Julia in the eyes, or interact with her in anyway, or they would be quickly escorted off set! WOWZERS, I mean I like "My Best Friends Wedding" as much as the next gay, but its not like I'd be knocking people over to rush up and go introduce myself to her botch ass... But ... how great is "Steel Magnolia's", I'd probably get escorted off set for yelling "Shelby! you betta drink that juice girl!" Get off your high horse skinny minnie, family is family!!!!!!!!! And sometimes it comes back to BITE you in the butt- I made fun of my sisters for having zits mercilessly, then, guess who had acne like a biotch in high school, this queer.... As queen Beyonce would say, "what goes around comes back around" :)

Oldest Jonas and manish wife, why do these people have their own show??? Why are these people "famous" ? and what is happening on his head, is that even called a "hair-style"? or just called a mistake?!?!

Why..... WHY!!!!! Why do the most random and annoying people get shows now?!?! The only thing the Jonas brothers have ever contributed to this world is a minor role in "Camp Rock" which is arguably one of the best pieces of cinematic gold of all time, but- the middle Jonas did most of the work! Camp Rocks soundtrack is AMAZING too, that Demi and Joe duet- "This is Me"?!?!?! Do you know how many times I've listened to that driving around in the rain- crying with taco bell all over my face and lap.... Talk about a life affirming GEM of a song..... but this Jonas? Kevin and his bobo wife, and her Jersey nosejob need to disappear into obscurity sooner than later.... and that nose job.... yikes... makes me wonder what her BEFORE pic looks like if that was the finished product on the way out of the surgeons office! E! I'm begging you, from a mother to a mother, please cancel their show... and I have an idea.... bring back E! True Hollwood Story instead, cause, I truly will never "make it" until I have one of those- an Oscar, Tony, People's Choice all PALE in comparison to the true Hollywood story treatment, but wait a minute..Snooki had one... damn it MTV, why you gotta go and eff everything up by making that botch famous!oh well...

John Dye <3



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