Thursday, August 8, 2013

Celebrity Gossip Roundup with John Dye

Justin Bieber Spits in Tween Fans Faces! Lady Gaga NAKED PHOTO Scandal! Beyonce Gets ALL her Hair Cut Off! ALERT-A Rare Olsen Twins Citing! Why are Celebs Going OVERBOARD with Facial Fillers!?

Justin Bieber has a nasty problem- Spitting at people!!! 4th time?!!?! Are you shizzing me!?!?

Okay, this is getting ridiculous... Justin Bieber was seen spitting into a crowd off the balcony of his Toronto hotel room while LAUGHING and POINTING with his lame ass entourage?!?! This is his 4th time spitting at people! He spat in his neighbors face after a confrontation over noise complaints, he supposedly spat at a woman in a North Carolina gym while on tour, and he spat in DJ's face named Addison Ulhaq ( haq a loogie that is!) in Columbus Ohio, and it got in his mouth, nose, and eyes!- He has since filed police charges against the singer.... THIS IS INSANE TO ME! Yes, we've all been young and made mistakes, but this behavior is inexcusable and its ASSAULT! Now, I admit at one time, I got downtown-julie-brown to some Bieber music, especially the particularly heartwarming "One Less Lonely Girl".. I had dreams of someone singing that to me while I looked down from some sort of princess balcony.. but NO MORE, Mr. B... I am sorry but I cannot support someone who literally SPITS in people faces, especially young fans! They built your career you little ASS! So I won't be booty popping or twerking to the single "Boyfriend" when it comes on music choice while I'm twerking over coffee in the mornings, I won't be body rolling in the shower to the remix of "As long as you Love me" and I certainly am taking "a guy riding up on a white horse outside my imaginary princess balcony and singing one less lonely girl to me" off my bucket list... and you ALL should do the same.. If this is how he treats his fans, he does not deserve his fame....

Lady Gaga FULLY NUDE video stills floating around the Internet from a "performance" art piece, and since when was dressing like "shredder" from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fashion forward?

Lady Gaga has gone fully nude in a video circulating around the Internet, is she on the edge? "On the Edge of Glory" that is! ? Ha ha, I CRACK myself up... Supposedly its part of a "performance art" piece in support of a performance artist named Marina Abramovic and her art institute. I mean I'm not that shocked and you shouldn't be either... Our baby Gaga has done some kookoo mc-choo things in the past, so at this point, even if she lit her self on fire, rolled down a hill covered in grape jam and landed in a baby pool full of used Alabama State lottery tickets, I wouldn't even bat an eyelash at this point... PS why does she look like Shredder with that kookoo face cover? Reminds me of Micheal Jackson's kids face masks. Gaga when you are painted right, you are GORGEOUS, so don't cover that mug baby girl... But honestly, I'm a huge fan of her music, I am just PRAYING that her new album is more like her FIRST album, filled with club bangers, hip hop beats, glamorous lyrics, and rapper collab's, I wore that album OUT! "Just Dance"?!?! I mean come on, I believe I had my first D.R.I. to that song (dance related injury), but I guess its what I get for dancing in an airplane lavatory, not much room for full heads spins in those, but you live you learn, I just had to learn the hard way....

Beyonce, is that you? Pixie cut with no weave? say it ain't so B?!?!

Beyonce posted a pic today on her Instagram with a new dramatically different short blond pixie cut. Now, I'll admit, she still looks rad, cause that face is GORGE! But part of me wonders if she was jelly of all the press Miley got for her short hair.... But, as Destiny's Child once told me, Beyonce is a Survivor, and even with this new cropped hairdo- she gonna make it, she gon' survive, and keep on survivin'... And don't even GET me started on "Say My Name"... I literally posed in different rooms around my house like they did in the music video for hours when I was in high school... hmm, and I wondered why I didn't have many friends... its all becoming quite clear now.....

NEW Olsen Twins appearance! and they look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

As many of you know, I'm kind of an Olsen twins fan, and by kind of, I mean that one of my other things on my bucket list is to own EVERY movie they every made on DVD before I die... They made an appearance in Oslo, Norway to promote their venture with "Bik Bok", a Scandinavian fashion brand. Finally, they look pretty again! And happy! For a while every appearance they looked kookoo, with crazy eyebrows, baggy/ill fitting clothes, and wearing sunglasses ON the red carpet. They look like stars here and I couldn't be more proud of my baby girls!!!! I haven't been this proud of the Olsen twins since their big screen debut in "New York Minute" which I LITERALLY just watched with my dog Rio the other night.. we both teared up a little during the montage where they get in a fight and lose each other in New York City, if you've seen it, you've wept about it too.......

Since when is looking bloated and fat in the face a "desired" look for Hollywood actresses and singers?????

Okay this is GETTING BONKERS! Why do you want to look bloated?!? Its the reason why I can't enjoy my beloved delights from the ever so elegant and glamorous restaurant they call Taco Bell every day, cause I like most sane people do NOT like looking bloated! Facial fillers are  rad, WHEN USED APPROPRIATELY!!!! Most women I know don't like looking like they are retaining a Texas sized bucket of water in their mug, but then again, I am from the south, and we are all respectable young ladies down here, much like our modern heroine, the ever so glamorous Blanche Devereaux from the "Golden Girls".... Why are doctors letting these girls walk out of their office like this?!?! They ARE going to be photographed, DUH, and it will be traced back to you! Its okay to say no to people, even if they are famous! They will thank you for your honesty, and saving them from looking like Rocky Dennis from "The Mask" or like they had  Momma Junes  beloved "pillow neck" from Honey Boo Boo transplanted directly into their face... stop the insanity, or at least cut down on your units of injectible fillers girls... I cant take much more..

John Dye :)



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