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The Most Common Makeup Mistakes, and How to AVOID Them! :)

My BFF and original makeup muse Miss Holland :)
photo credit: Blake Jones....
People often ask me, "what's the most common mistake you see women make with their makeup?" and I say, "well, sister, how much time you got to hear my answer?!".. Now, I'm not being a buttface, but, there are SOOOO many simple mistakes I see women make their everyday approach to makeup that I thought it was time to write a piece on the "most common" mistakes I see in my everyday life.... But, do NOT feel bad girls, I always say to women that makeup is trial and error, I wasn't as AMAZING as I am at painting faces when I first started out, ask my BFF Holland, I had that betch lookin like a CRAZY person sometimes when I would try out new looks on her!! So, don't be too hard on yourselves ladies... and remember this.. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON THIS PLANET IS BEAUTIFUL- its all about figuring out how to paint your face to BRING OUT that beauty :) 

1. Eyeliner- Something that really erks me to no end is when women apply HARSH eyeliner on the lower lash line and do not blend it or highlight it. If your liner appears that it was put on with a fat tipped sharpie marker, something is off.... Harsh lines in makeup immediately age a face... I love lower liner, but it HAS to be softened and blended after application... You can do this by using a blending brush and lightly smudging it, or by applying a light highlight or shimmer over it. Same goes for the top, if its too intense, you look older and trashier, soften harsh lines in makeup with shimmery shadows or loose highlights, its literally a fool proof way to make sure your liner is never too dark.

2. Blush- Wow, where to even begin on this one :) First girlies, blush is AMAZING... and I think it looks CRAY CRAY if a girl has on a crap ton of face makeup and little to no blush.. the look is incomplete and off balanced, so, do NOT be afraid of blush. Next, BLUSH IS MEANT TO BE APPLIED ON THE CHEEK BONE! Yes, I know, some makeup artists and tutorials claim that you should apply it to the "apple of your cheek", well EFF THAT! :) If you apply it on the apples of your cheeks, it can make your face look more round... you want the blush to attract the eye away from the center of your face and go outward, much like a cat eye draws the eye shape outward... Blush is meant to help contour your face to appear to be thinner, leaner and more structured, so... if you have 2 big round circles on your cheeks, you are going to look round faced! Also, blush comes in a VARIETY of shades and colors! So, get it out of your head that blush is only pink! Peach colored blush is AMAZING, so is blush with a lavender undertone... try new things! its the only way to carve out your signature looks!

3. face makeup- hmmm, this one's a doozie! Well, lets start with the basics... mistakes- colors not matching, not blended down the neck or jawline, too much "wet" makeup, too much shine or hightlight in the face powder or bronzer, makeup ends up looking or feeling "like a mask"... well, ALL OF THIS CAN BE AVOIDED! lets go one by one here...1. colors not matching skin tone- you wanna know a little secret? that I never thought I would admit too? I use the SAME concealer and foundation shade on every single one of my clients, mind boggling, I know... but, how I do this is SHADING with a matte bronzer. I apply all the face makeup, start with a fresh clean canvas without all the redness, darkness or bumps a face may have, I call it "taking the face back to 1" meaning, one color.. then through the use of blush and bronzer I tweak the color to match the rest of the clients skin on the chest and shoulders, your face should not look like a completely different shade than the rest of your body. 2. not blending down the neck/jawline- This is a mistake I see ALOT from everyday women and makeup artists alike! You have to blend your face colors down your neck from your jaw, THERE SHOULD BE NO LINE OF COLOR AROUND YOUR JAW BONE, blend blend blend ladies! 3. too much "wet" makeup- I only use wet makeup (aka liquid concealer or foundation) around the eyes, cheeks, and nose, and I am VERY light handed with it. For the rest of the face, I use powder or mineral foundation. Wet makeup can look heavy, waxy, and not realistic.. I have watched some women apply liquid foundation and its terrifying, they pour a gallon into their palms, work it around, then apply it like war paint or Spackle to their entire face.. this is a no no... 4. too much shine or highlight in the face- This is a VERY common mistake, the only place on your face that should shine are your cheekbones, so when people use a shimmery powder or bronzer over their entire face, they look greasy, shiny, and like Robert Pattinson from twilight shining in the sun! Avoid shimmer related products for the entire face, apply them only on the cheekbones to bring out more structure to your face (remember highlights bring things forward, and darkness/contour colors recede). 5. "Mask like" makeup- This goes back to application and placement of wet makeup... if your face or head looks like it could be placed on another body because its a completely different color or tone from the rest of your body, you're not doing it right. Makeup should feel and look effortless and fresh, not caked on.... the culprit most often is too much liquid or wet makeup, be light handed with your liquid concealer or foundation ladies...

4. "Smokey" eyes- Yes, I LIVE for a good smokey eye... but only when done properly!!! It should not look messy, unfinished, like raccoon eyes, or like you got punched in each eye! The biggest culprit? "Falldown" in makeup or eyeshadows, "falldown" refers to excess shadows falling down or spreading under or around the eyes.. and sometimes women just leave it, or smudge fall down into the bags of their eyes, then you just look like a tired old crack whore... if you have falldown shadow, simply SWEEP it away with a large brush, do not use your fingers or a q-tip, because it will press the shadow into your skin, lightly sweep it away with a foundation brush! Also, women either go WAY overboard with shadow and liner, or barely put on any at all, there is a fine medium we can achieve my sweet girls. Remember to highlight and soften and harsh lines, whether that be your dark crease color or your black eyeliner, you want your EYE to standout, not the harsh lines of the makeup, if makeup is softened and blended properly, all the attention goes to your pretty peepers and their shape and color. Also, if you are going to use a lot of shadow and liner, you need a FULL lash to balance it out... Mascara can be applied as many times as you want until it gets clumpy, and if it does, simply get a eyelash comb or clean toothbrush and pick out the clumps. Remember to add shimmer and highlights to a smokey eye, especially in the inner corner and at the browbone, these things make a smokey eye look complete and finished....

5. Lip Color- If you are going to wear alot of eye makeup- KEEP THE LIP SIMPLE! If you want to wear red, or a bright or funky lip color, KEEP THE EYE SIMPLE... the sign of a true prostitute is red lipstick and a blue based smokey eye, and white pumps, but this isn't a fashion piece :) I LOVE interesting lip colors, like bubblegum pink, or bright fuchsia or purple, or even reddish brown lips can look RAD, but remember to keep the eye light and shimmery sweet makeup sisters... 

6. Thinking that expensive makeup will make you "more beautiful" than the cheap shiz- MAKEUP IS JUST COLOR/PIGMENT! Just because it says "Chanel" on it does not mean its going to turn you into a supermodel! I use makeup from Target, Walgreen's, dollar tree, and walmart, and I still look like a damn ken doll when i want too :) Unless you have a KNOWN ALLERGY to a certain ingredient, makeup is makeup, so don't be fooled or swindled into buying unnecessary shiz. My favorite brands are Maybelliene and E.L.F products....

If you have any other questions my lambs, my facebook is ALWAYS there for questions or to make an appointment for a makeup shop, tutorial and one on one instructional :) DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS MY LOVES! its the ONLY way to get better at your makeup approach, like my sweet daddy always said, "practice makes perfect", so get to practicing on that beautiful face of yours ladies! I love you all more than you will EVER know..

your makeup BFF,





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