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Photographer Spotlight: Taylor Ford of Taylor Ford Studios

Taylor Ford
I have had the pleasure of meeting many different and interesting photographers over the years... but one that has always stuck out for all the RIGHT reasons is Taylor Ford of Taylor Ford Studios. Taylor has such a beautiful and visually impactful style of post processing, I can see an image of hers and instantly know its a Taylor Ford edit, even without her watermark. Not only is Taylor insanely talented at shooting and editing, she is an amazing person to be on set with... she gives calm, but concise directions, always makes the person shes shooting feel like a star, and she is so gracious and humble about her immense talent.. I thought I would sit down with this gifted girl and ask her some photography questions and just shoot the breeze... :)

How did you get your start in photography?

I actually got started in those cheap, corporate, Walmart type photo studios.. (chuckles) Although they aren't known for their "top quality" photos or editing, they taught me the basics of camera operations, studio setups, and how to properly sell my photos to the masses. From there I started my own business, Taylor Ford Studios. I, like many small business owners, experienced many ups and downs the first year, but eventually I found my own signature style in a market flooded with other "professional photographers".

Why do you think, from your own perspective, that you are so very talented at your photo editing?

Even before learning photography, I was learning about Adobe Photoshop, I actually got my start as a digital artist. My skills in Photoshop easily translated to being confident and knowledgeable when came to post processing my own images. The techniques you use while editing your images can be just as important or even more important than your shooting style. I had to learn when to back off of a photo before it looks "over-edited". 

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I love crazy conceptual photography that only the most artistic minds can envision or comprehend. Although I love my family sessions and weddings, I tend to thrive off sessions that get my creative juices flowing and push boundaries. The more avant garde or high art the image may be, the more it excites and creatively fulfills me.

What do you look for when scouting potential models to be in your portfolio?

Chameleons... People that do not limit themselves to one look or genre. Its okay to pick one thing and excel at it, but never limit yourself to being a "one trick pony". I like models who aren't afraid to try new things, experiment with different or bizarre looks, and can conceptually see the vision I'm trying to portray....

What do you shoot with?

Nikon D 60 and my favorite lens is Nikon 35mm.

What does photography do for you besides a source of income, whats "in it for you"? :)

Its a great creative outlet, and a great source of reliving stress. Additionally, I love the feeling I get when I can produce an image that excites and delights a model or client. It makes me feel so fulfilled and inherently happy to know that I made them look, feel, and "be" beautiful and more confident if just for a moment in time. The smiles, the "thank yous", seeing my images used in advertisements, comp cards, Facebook profiles, around peoples homes, and on business cards makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.... :)

What has been your favorite series or collaboration with me, John Dye Makeup Artist... :)

Wow, there have been so many over the years.... its really hard for me to pick one... this is the hardest question so far! Hmmm... I really had fun with the "Thrifty Shoot" when we went and found outfits at thrift stores and borrowed them for shooting. The one that has given me the best images was one of our shoot outs over the years, not our first where we met, but the second had so many different makeup looks and variety. I felt like got 6 different photo shoots in just a few hours. I love working with you because you always make me feel so comfortable on set, not only me, but the other models, photographers and anyone around you. And as much as you love to shamelessly self promote, you really have never let any of your success go to your head, nor have you ever gotten "to big for your britches".... :)

I am so thankful for the many images, memories, laughs, and great moments spent with this wonderful mother, wife, photographer and friend. Thank you Taylor Ford for all you have done for me... You truly have had such a grand role in my evolution and my rise to success and...... being the guy I always wanted to be... 

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