Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Models! Avoid being "Over-Shot"!!!

Just because someone offers to photograph you....... DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO LET THEM! I see this ALL THE TIME with up and coming models... yes.. I get it.. you're excited, and yes, its fun to take pretty pictures.. but, and listen up here---> IT IS ABOUT QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY! If you let every tom, dick and harry with a camera shoot you and smatter you everywhere you become used, cheap, tired, "over-shot" and you can "over saturate your market" with images of yourself..... treat your career as a marathon, not a sprint.. slow your roll batman.... When I choose photographers to work with, (like the lovely Sarah Marshall who took all these pics) I TAKE MY TIME AND DO MY RESEARCH! And you all should!!!! 

Pick people to work with by very strict criteria... First, check their portfolio! And I mean, REALLY check their portfolio.. Make sure their editing style, shooting capabilities, integrity level is all up to par. If you see a bunch of naked girls in their port, chances are, they might want YOU to be scantily clad too.. And your your best judgement! Girls! NEVER GO ALONE TO A SHOOT IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Bring a buddy! Check their references! STAY SAFE FIRST AND FOREMOST! And, do not let them talk you into anything beyond your comfort level.. You need to make strict boundaries, and STICK TO YOUR GUNS my loves :) Second, find out more about them... google them, check references, contact agencies about them that they have worked with, do "your homework"... YOUR FACE IS YOUR BRAND IN THIS BUSINESS! And if you let everyone shoot you, your brand value plummets because you are "easily attainable and over-exposed"..... Just because someone wants to work with you to build your port, does not mean you are obligated to do so......

When marketing your self, think about your brand as "high end" as possible..... Would you let a $16,000 gown be shot by a crappy photographer who doesn't have good equipment? or skill set? or shooting and editing knowledge? NO..... so think about yourself as something of great value, because... YOU ARE....

If everyone sees your face in EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHERS portfolio, you begin to look cheesy and desperate...and desperation is NOT a cute look on anyone..... Be selective sweet models, make the right choices about who you allow to shoot you. It is okay to say no sometimes to people... YOU are YOUR BRAND, and your brand is EVERYTHING in this business..... So, learn to do your research, do not be super hungry to shoot with anyone and everyone every single day, learn to say no, and always always always remember---> QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

PHOTO CREDITS: Sarah Marshall of
THIS GIRL IS AMAZING!!!! Go like her page, right now! go do it! :) 

John Dye



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