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John Dye Makeup Artist's CHEAP Makeup MUST-HAVES! (And tips on how to use them!)

Sarah Marshall Photography
If you know me, or follow my stuff, you know I'm alllllllll about the affordable lines of makeup. I believe women spend oodles of money on makeup at high end stores for one simple yet obvious reason---------> they want to look and feel pretty... Well John Dye is here to tell you, you will look JUST as pretty with makeup at lower price points... Its not about the paint when you paint a picture, its how you apply that paint to the canvas to make a beautiful piece of artwork.. The same is true for cosmetics.... Just because you bought a SUPER expensive designer line, doesn't mean its going to make you "that much more" beautiful than drugstore lines.... In my world conquest of everything makeup, I have stumbled on a cheap few goodies that I just CAN'T live without..... So I thought I'd share them with you my loves :) Here ya go my gorgeous gals! All of the models that you see in this piece are wearing these products so you get an idea of how GREAT they can look.. :)
East Hill Photo

1. Elf's Highlighting Blush and Bronzer compact- $3.00 USD

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Its only 3 freggin bucks, and its magical... You get a great bronzer, which again girls, goes where the sun would naturally hit you... Cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.... And it can be used for cheek contouring, but ALWAYS make sure to BLEND your contour lines out so you don't look like a dirty sailor with a five o clock shadow or a dirty neighborhood child playing in the mud... The blush is AMAZING for highlighting cheekbones.. Gives a soft but natural glow/highlight to cheeks, and remember to always brush up and out on the bone itself, NOT in circular motions on the apples of cheeks (that makes you look ROUND faced). Available at Target and Walmart.
Lovabelle Photography

2. Maybelienne Fit Me concealer. $5.49 USD

By far my favorite concealer on the market.. Blends incredibly well and covers even the DARKEST circles under eyes. I have even used it to cover my tattoo's for a photoshoot! The stuff is cheap, doesn't make me breakout, and looks natural and flawless. Use it with a finger or a brush to paint on and blend into the skin... Available everywhere makeup is sold.

3. Maybellienne Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. $6.49 USD

FAV mascara ever.... LOVE the double ended brushes, you have a large fan brush for top lashes and a lil bitty baby comb brush for the bottom lashes... Its amazing and very user friendly. It also lengthens and fattens lashes like a complete and utter dream! Remember to coat BOTH sides of lases by blinking your eyes around the wand.... Available everywhere makeup is sold.

4. Wet and Wild Lipsticks $.99-1.49 USD

Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

I love wet and wild products, especiallllllly their lipsticks. They wear well, look great and are ONLY A DOLLAR! Its a great way to spend a few bucks and get a few varieties of colors, so can play with different tones and looks on your lips. The reds are super red, the pinks soft and amazing.... Available at Walgreens.

5. L.A. Color loose powder highlights. $1.00 USD

I always talk about "highlights" in makeup... Highlights are anything that shine and sparkle... Loose powder highlights are great for dusting over cheekbones, shining up any shadow, and providing a nice POP in the inner corner of the eye.. They have like ten different colors... They are shiny, bright, long-lasting, and provide such a nice POP over flat looking eyeshadows. Available at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

6. Garnier BB Cream. $11.49 USD

Lovabelle Photography

FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT TO COME OUT IN THE LAST 10 YEARS! BB Cream stands for "beauty balm" and what is does for the skin is absolutely incredible. Its five different things in one- coverage, moisturizer, primer, pore filler, and anti aging IN ONE! and it feels and wears like a tinted moisturizer, I SWEAR by this shiz, it really does a great job of making skin look even and airbrushed. Great for girls who don't like to look or feel like they are wearing a lot of makeup... VERY light feeling.. Available wherever makeup is sold.

7. E.L.F. Eyeshadow palettes. $2.00-6.00 USD

Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

My favorite brand of eyeshadow hands down... The pigments are rich, the highlights bright, and wears well and lasts and lasts... Plus, its cheap as hell and a GREAT product! They have many different palettes, some natural, some bright and funky, but they all blend well together. They are very user friendly, because they give you a LOT of options for different looks! Available at Target or Walmart. They even have new and different palettes every Christmas season, and sometimes new ones for different seasons of the year! :)
Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

8. Elf Cosmetic Brushes $1.00-3.00 USD

Why the hell do people spend like 30 to 40 bucks on one damn brush! Brushes simply take the makeup from the packaging to your face... so it doesn't matter if its a 100 dollar brush or your damn fingers! Its also a great way to be clean and hygienic, the brushes are so cheap, just toss um and get new ones every 2 weeks or so :) Available at Target and Walmart.

9. Maybelliene Mineral Power Powder Foundation $8.49 USD

This is like "bare minerals" but BETTER and CHEAPER! I love this product more than ANY other mineral powder I've ever seen or used. I've used it now since it came out, like 7 yrs, and love it more and more every damn year! I thought they had discontinued it, and I fell to pieces LITERALLY. But, for some reason, its the only Maybelliene product Target doesn't stock, you have to get it at drugstores or Walmart... Its . freggin. AMAZING.

Boudoir Photography by Long Hollow Studio

10. L.A. Colors Blush in "Toast" $1.00 USD

Hands down, favorite blush of all time.... somewhere in the middle of red, pink, and a bronzer... Its magical and works incredibly well with a variety of skin tones. Provides a nice natural coloring to the face and cheeks. I use this on everyone!!!! Available at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.

Once again girls, its not about how much you spend on something...Its about how you APPLY IT! I have YouTube videos if you wanna check um out! Don't be afraid to try new things! Practice in the mirror, practice on your friends! AND DON'T BE AFRAID OF INEXPENSIVE MAKEUP!!!!


"the famous John Dye"

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