Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MORE John Dye Makeup Artist Cheap Beauty Must Haves!

Some call me cheap, I say smart :) I refuse to pay a boat load of money for "high end" lines for hair and makeup products when I found that cheaper equivalents work just as good, and sometimes, even better.. I have been doing makeup now for 16 years and I have found lots of little gems along the way that I just can't live without :) I have sold makeup for high end lines, and I hated it :( Cause while I was selling $87.00 powder to women at work, I was taking my friends to Target and Walgreens to get 8.00 Maybelliene Powder.. And something about that just didn't seem right to me :( So my sweet little loves, here's the PART 2 of my cheap must-haves list :) Hope you enjoy! (products used on models in these photos)

1. Elf's Studio Eyebrow Kit $3.00 USD- Fav eyebrow kit ever! You get a gel and a powder to create a nice sculpted brow.. The EASIEST way to do this ladies is to take either a eyebrow brush (usually on the other side of an eyelash comb) or a clean disposable mascara wand (you can get them at Sally's) and comb the gel product through YOUR NATURAL brow.. Don't get crazy with the arch or changing the shape.. You just want to darken it up a little..Then simply tap in the brow powder and repeat to lock in place... Eyebrows need just a hint of pigment if you have a full face of makeup on.. or they get lost in the overall view of the face... and I LOVE dark eyebrows, I mean hell, I make mine jet black! It makes the whites and color of your eyes look brighter by contrast....

2. Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray $3.79 USD- This stuff is literally magical for a good blowout or straightening with an iron. It makes any blowout more silky and soft looking, and seems to tame the amount of fly aways and frizz that can happen on extremely curly hair when it's blown out. I even use this on my mannequins at school! It just seems to make everything much softer and more tame when taking curly hair to straight, and it smells wonderful and its cheap! :)

3. Elf's Eyeliner Pencils $1.00 USD- I love Elf's eyeliner, its cheap and effective and even comes with a sharpener built into the cap! People always ask me whether I like pencil or liquid eyeliner, and the answer is, that I like both, BUT pencil is MUCH more user friendly. Pencils go exactly where you want them to go, liquid is a little more messy and can turn into an explosion if you are not careful... It's good to have both a brown and a black liner in your makeup bag, brown is softer and great for day time, and black can ready amp up a night look. Also, brown eye liner can be great for punching up eyebrows a little more, BUT.. use sparingly, I don't want y'all walking around with crazy drunk drag queen eyebrows...

4. Elf's Mist and Set Makeup Spray $3.00 USD- Sometimes, if we really beat ourselves down with makeup ladies, we can look a little dry and "dusty" especially around the eyes. This moisturizing and setting spray from Elf calms down the look of being to "powdery" and also sets makeup to last longer. It instantly "sets" the makeup to keep wear, tear, and smudging down to a shout, and actually feels quite refreshing too :)

5. Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray $4.79 USD- I use this stuff by the BOATLOAD ! I LOVE this hairspray because the hold is very soft and flexible AND it provides instant shine without looking greasy. Some hairspray goes on like concrete and won't allow for movement or brushing, this provides a light hold yet it still allows for movement and flow. This spray also allows me to achieve volume without the hair getting to hard or "crunchy" looking like with some other hairsprays.. Plus, like with all Garnier products.. This stuff smells AMAZING!!!!

6. Eyelash Kits and trays at Ross $2.99-7.99- Ross is known for their cheap clothes and shoes, but they also get LOTS of fun cosmetics and hair tools also! I buy trays of eyelashes at Ross all the time... They are really cheap and come with multiple sets of eyelashes in a variety of styles and cuts. They even get great fantasy lashes sometimes for Halloween or costume parties....

7. Elf Shimmering Facial whip $1.00 USD- This wet paste highlight is SUPER shiny and is great for an inner eye, brow bone, or cheekbone highlight. You can tap it along the cheek for a nice highlight to structure your face, or apply with a brush over eyeshadow for a bright POP anywhere you want it. But, use sparingly, cause this stuff is shiny, and I don't want you to look like a disco ball girls!

8. L.A. Colors Lip Gloss $1.00 USD- L.A. makes the most rad shades of lip color in a gloss I have ever seen, and its super cheap and smells great ! They have lots and lots and lots of colors and shades, and whats cool about them, is that they look like a lipstick because they are super pigmented, but they feel soft like a gloss..... You can get any L.A. Color product at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar....

9. Elf Zit Zapper $1.00 USD- Now, only a dermatologist can really attack acne on a cellular level, but this stuff really seems to work out drying zits out and shrinking them up. I use this both on small surface zits and the deep ones, and it seems to speed up the recovery process for both. It is extremely drying though, so only apply to blemishes and not the whole face...AND- Its a freggin dollar! and it really does seem to work for me....

Thanks for ready my sweet lil faces!
John Dye


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