Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amazing place for Men's clothing in New Orleans - Fraques NOLA Outfitter!

Very rarely do I get BOWLED over by anything anymore... I'm not jaded, I'm well traveled :).

I had the opportunity to meet the owners of an amazing clothing store in the heart of New Orleans, Fraques Nola Outfitter. Owners Jacques Couvillon and Frank D'Amico wanted to create a store that allows for its patrons to create personalized looks through edgy, worldly, and well tailored clothing.

Creating looks, that in turn, create confidence and a stronger sense of self. "We want to help people find themselves and their unique look through fashion, our slogan- "create you", speaks to the creative process that is fostered through finding the individuals signature style and aesthetic." Their style speaks to a "renaissance man" of sorts, a well rounded, well traveled, jack of all trades if you will. There are books about art and culture, periodicals from around the country, and the whole store "reads" of good taste and creative energy. They have a wide variety of designers and enough pieces to create very stylized "complete looks". From bags, to bow ties, to exceptional shirts and blazers, this place reeks of class and high end masculine style. Jacques and Frank helped create custom looks for me, by pairing appropriate and good looking options together that represented my personal style. I have truly never felt so confident and "fashionable" as I did when I left with my new ensembles from Fraques. While I may know a lot about creating flattering and current looks, it was refreshing to have two creative and stylish minds to help guide me in the right direction to produce fashionable, current, and "high end" looks. I highly recommend Fraques to be at the TOP of your "to do" list next time you come through New Orleans. Not only were their clothes amazing, they were two of the kindest and most intelligent business owner's I have met in a while. So, check um out next time you're in NOLA! Tell um John Dye sent ya! :)


Like Them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/fraquesnolaoutfitter?ref=br_rs

AND! Check out their website! http://www.fraques.com



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