Thursday, April 3, 2014

Common Makeup Mistakes I Hear and How To Avoid Them... by John Dye Makeup Artist

I hear a lot of crazy things when I am doing makeup tutorials with women... :) Things that they "had heard to do" to enhance their beauty from over the years.. Sometimes I tend to hear patterns of mistakes women make when painting their faces... so I thought I could write a quick do's and don't type blog on what to avoid and the reasons why, also ways on how to FIX things without ruining previous strokes... So sit back and buckle up ladies.... lets do this...

1. Applying wet products after powder. Yikes! A quick way to look like the crustiest, cakey-iest girl at the shindig is to put wet makeup back on top of powder.. and then re-powder it.. Hold up sister friend... After you powder everything back out at the end, avoid wet products.. Go wet to dry, powder SETS wet/liquid/creme makeup... I know some of you are thinking, "duh".. but trust.. I had heard this process a lot from girls in my tutorials.....

2. Going light to dark in terms of contouring/shading. Sometimes girls put shimmer all over there all eyes as their first step, well, its best to start from your dark colors first, that being your crease color.. When you build dark to light, and apply your darker colors first, you shade, blend, and tone down the darkness with highlights/lighter colors... Then, if you get fall down below your eyes, simply brush away with a large fluffy brush, which brings me to my next one :)

3.Smudging mistakes and making them worse. If you have fall-down from your shadows or shimmer, simply flick away with a large fluffy brush.. Usually the bits of makeup are just sitting on top of the rest of your powder, so you can just brush them away rather than getting a q-tip or using your fingers (that will smudge it and make it worse). If you get a mascara boo-boo, try sweeping it with a little bit of eyeshadow, usually it will help cover it and brush it away. This way you don't ruin all the work you have already done on ya pretty face! :)

4. Not wearing blush or bronzer of any kind..ever...- its 2014, girls, learn to put some color back into your face! Also, wearing blush and bronzer can really help shape and define your bone structure through contouring. I literally hear girls say, "I don't really ever wear blush", I'm like, whoa... we gotta fix that :) It can wake you up! Make you look bright, healthy, rosy cheeked and young! Live it, learn it, love it girlies... And remember, do not apply blush to the apple's of your cheek, that can make you appear more round faced, blush should go on the cheekbone and blended out and up. Then highlight right above it for a soft shine on the top of the cheekbone.

5. Crooked False Lashes..- The quickest way to look like the drunkest girl at the gig is to have wonky eyelashes... You go from precious angel to cock eyed drunk party goer REAL quick with crooked false lashes. Make sure you cut and size your lashes before you apply glue. When you apply the glue, make sure you wait at least a full minute or two to let the glue get almost dry/tacky before applying. Then place at lash line, use a small makeup brush or eyeliner to help line them up, then simply tap/press down along the lash line to fully secure. If they look different, try to push back into symmetry with the other lash...

6. Ripping false eyelashes off without warm water..- ouch.- I hate when I watch girls take false eyelashes off dry, it hurts and it can rip your eyelashes out... You always want to use warm water to remove, or you can soak a washcloth in warm/hot water and hold over eyes for 15 to 20 seconds, it helps emulsify the glue so you can gently peel them off.. Much more pleasant than simply ripping them off :)

7. Not doing anything to their eyebrows.... get with it ladies. - If you are going to apply a full face of makeup, you really need to add a little dimension/contrast to your eyebrows too.. They can sort of get "lost" in all the face makeup and powder.. So you just want to shape and darken them just a smidge. The easiest way to do this is with brown eyeshadow and a small brush, or a clean mascara wand and eyebrow gel/tint. It reestablishes the shape of your brow bone and provides a dark contrast to make your eyes POP! Get on your brow game ladies!

8. VISIBLE/OBVIOUS contour lines.. blend it out girllll - Contouring is great.. It can create the illusions of a thinner face, a straighter/smaller nose, bigger eyes, defined jaw... BUT!!!! It has TO BE BLENDED OUT! It can't just look like swatches of brown warpaint on your face! It should not look like stripes or lines, it should be blended out to a SHADOW of the initial application... BLEND BLEND BLEND! Blend face powder down your neck! Blend a dark crease color on your eyes! Blend your bronzer and blush THOROUGHLY! It should all look smooth, flowy, and subtle.. So your mantra is blend, blend, then blend some more.....

9. "If I wear a dark lip, I have to wear a dark eye too right?" um, no girl.....- Usually, I think its best to choose one or the other in terms playing up lips or eyes. Call me old school, but this ole queen will ALWAYS love smokey eyes with nude lips, and red/dark lips with a bright shimmery eye. It gets a little intense and "Lorde" like if you do dark eyes and dark lips.... Its just a good rule of thumb to follow :) ....

10. Not wearing powder... of any kind.. ever.. "I wanna wear powder, but I feel like it makes me look dry"..- Well, yes, powder will make you look dry on initial application, especially around the eyes, but it will "calm down" and "cook" with your skin's natural oils and essentially "set" your makeup. Wet makeup HAS TO BE set with powder of some sort for staying power, if not, it will slide and smudge. If you need to feel immediately "set" you can get a makeup setting spray or calms down powder and set everything instantly.

HEY! Good makeup takes practice, practice, PRACTICE! So, try new things! Be adventurous! Shake up your normal makeup routine every once in a while! Live a little! :) Happy Painting sweet girls!!! LOVE YALL!

Johnny D



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