Monday, March 9, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again! New Orleans Fashion Week!!!!!

Can you feel that? The excitement building, the music rising, and all of the months of hard work finally coming together in a GORGEOUS week long celebration and presentation of the hottest looks from top designers from all across the country?!?!?!

Gorgeous Girls in gowns from Pedram Couture !
YES! Finally! New Orleans Fashion Week is here again! Literally my favorite time of year :) For a guy who is obsessed with all things fashion, hair, makeup, modeling, design, and GIVING FACE and SERVING IT down the runway, I literally am like a giddy ball of excitement the whole damn week! :) Every year I think I've seen it all, or seen "the best its ever been", but this genius organization seems to keep re-inviting itself every year... Different designers, new venues, different hair and makeup people, new models, they always seem to be one step ahead of the game... Many of the models featured in past years of this very show have gone on to be SUPERSTARS in the world of entertainment, and designers featured have gone on to shows like Project Runway and New York Fashion Week to name a few, so in other words ------>its a great place to see and be seen.. :)

Take it from my girl Liz from Fox News :)

"New York is not the only U-S city that can claim credit for a big event dedicated to fashion. Right now New Orleans is getting ready for the annual New Orleans Fashion week which was inspired by Fashion Week New York.
It's a week dedicated to showcasing the talents and collections of established and emerging fashion designers, brand houses, boutiques and retailers in a series of runway shows, fashion events & exhibitions."
Liz Reyes - Fox News

Tracee Dundas
As per usual the INCREDIBLE Tracee Dundas, founder of the NOFW, will be at the helm of this glamorous powerhouse of an event. I have to brag on this lady for a sec... Never in my all my years in the business have I met someone who can so effortlessly balance between being a shrewd business person, but also be a kind, fun, hilarious, cool chick to be around :) I respect people that take their work seriously, and know when its time to buckle down and get to it. This sweet woman has accomplished so much, yet stays so cool and down to earth... He's a quote from the lady of the hour herself ------>

""New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are recognized globally for the authentic cuisine, musical talent, budding film and celebrity presence, and distinctive culture. It is only fitting that the unique talents of fashion designers, boutique owners, make-up artists, hair stylists, models, and fashion enthusiasts are included in the regions repertoire of artistic talent. "
 - Tracee Dundas, Founder and Creative Director of New Orleans Fashion Week. 

As for my role? Well, I get to do what I do best... encourage and coach people to be their best... :) My role as model coach for NOFW has truly been one of the highlights of my career thus far, because its so damn fun, and nothing compares to feeling I get when I get to see my models SERVE IT on the runway after coaching them so much... I always feel so proud, and in awe of their sometimes "new found" confidence... Its so beautiful to watch the transformation from orientation to the moment they are stomping down that catwalk in a couture gown--- its incredible to see behind the scenes of it all. I can't wait to be backstage lining the girls and guys up for their big moment and making um laugh and keepin um confident and upbeat the whole time... its a magical experience... :)

Me walking way back in 2012 for Kano Brannon
Wanna come to the best fashion event in the south in 2015? Then be there! March 21st thru 28th at The New Orleans Board of Trade - 316 Magazine Street in Downtown New Orleans! For ticket information, pictures, articles and all sorts of fun stuff, hit up !

See Yall There!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED! 
The one,
the only, John Dye :)

Tracee and some of our FABULOUS Team this year!



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