Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Time Break the Secrecy of Botox & Filler! Ps. (I've gotten it since 26!)

So many people do it, but few will openly admit too it..... WHY?!?

Me at 26, after I starting seeing Michelle :)
Its one of the biggest industries in medical aesthetics today, a true revolution on the way aging can be reversed and almost stopped in its tracks... But, its seems that few women are willing to openly discuss injectable use.... And to tell you the damn truth... I don't see why?!?!? Right before I moved to New York to walk in my first runway show of my career at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, I met a lady that changed my LIFE! I knew about makeup, but I wasn't well versed on the world of medical aesthetics (peels,IPL, injectables, etc). I went to go see Michelle Ray at The Medical Aesthetic Institute in Pensacola, FL to see about reducing my acne scarring, and the furrow in my brow. Over the course of relationship, Michelle has melted away my acne scars, helped with broken capillaries around my nose with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and softened wrinkles around my forehead, brow area, and around my eyes..... and lets just say.... IT HAS MADE ME LOVE THE SKIN I'M IN! Here's a word from Michelle herself :)

Michelle Ray from The Medical Aesthetic Institute
Elyssa, Michelle's daughter, who also
works at The Medical Aesthetic Institute. 
"With the advancements in dermal fillers the need for surgical intervention can be eliminated or significantly prolonged. In the past the majority of filler placement has been used to simply fill a line. This can give a very rounded look to the face. A skilled practitioner not only sees the line but determines the cause. For example: Eyebrows beginning to droop? A small amount of filler placed just superior to The brow can give a lift and open the eyes. Vertical lines between the brow can be filled. Accentuated parenthesis can have a small amount of filler placed in the fold and have volume restored to the cheek area to give a natural appearance. A downward turn to the mouth can be corrected using a fanning technique with filler placement. Sagging jawlines can be corrected. Placing filler just anterior to the ear can give an overall tightening and wrinkle correction to the face. Current FDA approved fillers last approximately eighteen months. Procedures run between $625 and $1250 depending on the extent of correction. Presently there are two new filler awaiting FDA approval which last three to five years." 

I cant speak for anyone else, nor am I instructing anyone to do anything, I can only speak from my experience, but damn y'all... this stuff really made me feel so much better about the quality, texture, and appearance of my skin :) I went to New York feeling like a new guy that first Fashion Week :) There are so many questions people ask me about Botox and filler... Lemme see if I can hit the big ones :)

Does it hurt?

A little, but honestly, I've had paper cuts that are worse... And after I saw my results the first time, it could have been 10 times as painful and I'd still go back for more! Beauty is pain supposedly, but this ain't really that painful... My tattoos hurt worse than Botox and filler...

Why and where did you get Botox and filler in your face John, and why start so young?

Botox I have gotten around my eyes, forehead, and furrow of my brow. Then, I have a tiny bit of dermal filler in between my eyebrows to plump up a deep "11" as they call it. I started young because I wanted to stop the aging process before it happened... its preventative and maintenance, tiny amounts that don't change my face visually, instead, just stop time in its tracks.. Plus... there are actors and actresses getting this stuff as young as 16, not for aging reasons, but for face shaping and corrections.

Are you worried about putting that stuff in your face?

Hell no. If you find a qualified professional like I did, and have them answer all your questions in detail, then there really is nothing to be scared off. Hell, they use Botox for all sorts of things now, migraines and perspiration glands to name two.. Plus, it has now been around for so long, and soooooooooooooooo many people use it, so, I'll take my chances, cause it makes me feel great about myself. :)

Is it expensive?

Compared to waiting til your 45 and needing a full face lift, eyelid surgery, and the whole kitchen sink.. its surprisingly affordable. Plus, I hate to keep saying this, but I love my results so much, I would pay more, cause truly, you can't put a price on self confidence.... Plus, there are many treatment plans for different problems... Select one thats right for you, both financially  and comfort level appropriate...

How do I learn more ?

GO FOR A FREE CONSULT! I know Michelle Ray does free consults, and many others offer them as well... Its a chance to go in, ask all the questions you wanna know, talk about the ins and outs of the procedures, cost etc... 

Bottom Line, Its not scary, it makes me feel good about myself, and thats what I what for all my sweet friends, to feel confident in the skin their in :) <3 The Famous John Dye

Call The Medical Aesthetic Institute today if you would like to set up a free consult in Pensacola! 
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