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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld For Fossil

Karl Lagerfeld has designed a collection for Fossil watches that is set to debut today (February 28)!  There are seven total watches and include exposed zippers, stainless steel bracelets, metallic leathers and pyramid chains.  You can purchase them for $150-595 on watchkarl.com.  This is a great opportunity to buy an affordable Karl Lagerfeld piece!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ASK JOEY: Start With a Smaller Market!

A lot of people want to make the big jump so quickly and move to a the big city to become successful.  My best advice would be to take things slow and truly build up your portfolio and work before you make that big move.  Start on a local level - get involved in your town first.  Earn your way up - the key word being EARN.  You need to put in the time, effort and work in order to truly make it.  Make connections and talk to people and build  your network.  Don't assume that just because you live in NYC or LA that everything will just come to you.  Start local.

I am new to this industry and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.  I was wondering how much an agency actually does for you.  How do they promote and how often should I expect work (meaning castings and auditions)?  Also, what is the best way to meet people in the industry?  

If you want to model, then you definitely need an agent.  They will groom you to be what the industry is looking for. I would suggest working on your portfolio more.  Add more looks - you need to make yourself more sellable so you can meet their clients. You can't pinpoint how many jobs you'll get in a week.  Sometimes there is work and sometimes there isn't.  It also just depends on how you fit the role.  The only way to find out is to go out there - networking is really just about meeting people and showing them your personality.  Visit different agencies and once you land an agent, become their best friend so they're inclined to introduce you to more people.  
I am new to the business and am hoping to break in through commercial and commercial print.  I have had some success on my own but am looking to get to the next level through representation.  What is the best way to go about this?

You really need to work on your portfolio.  All of your pictures look the same.  If you play sports, get some athletic shots in there.  You also need some suit shots.  Test with different photographers and build your portfolio.  You have a well rounded portfolio and a good commercial look.  Once you work on your book you can go to agencies and get an agent.  The best way is to present your best work.  You can visit our Fashion Directory and start making connections if you'd like.  Get out there!
I am still trying to get everything uploaded on my profile.  I should have more up soon.  As former president of Ford Models, what can I do to get myself signed with a company like Ford?

You have a great portfolio.  I don't know how close you are to Atlanta but the Atlanta market should definitely be your first step.  Get out there and get an agent.  I don't think you'll have any trouble getting work - you have a great look and the right measurements.  As for Ford, you are not quite ready.  Just get more work under your belt and make your way to NYC when the time is right.  Step by step...it will be worth it!
I was encouraged to try acting, modeling and the entertainment industry.  To my regret, I didn't pursue these opportunities until now.  I would appreciate any help or advice that you may have for a 59-year-old beginner!

The best route to take would be to get into an acting class and start working at a local level.  I don't advise you to move to a bigger market.  Actors your age have been doing this for over 25 years and the competition is just too much.  This should definitely be something you want to pursue for the pure passion.  But realistically it's hard to get into the industry at such an old age. Good luck!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beyonce on the Cover of Vogue

2013 has been good to Beyonce so far - first she starred in the Super Bowl Halftime Show and then soon after announced her new world tour.  Now she's making another mark in 2013 as the cover girl for Vogue!  We are so excited for this - in it, she talks about her HBO documentary, her personal life and of course fashion.  You can get the March issue soon!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just your typical fashion film

Lizzy Caplan (or Janice from Mean Girls) made a riveting fashion film - it's just like every fashion "teaser" you've seen...but this one is extra good...

FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.