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Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Re-Cap

Now that NYFW has come to an end, we can look back on all of the amazing shows and dream about the awesome styles we look forward to adding to our Fall wardrobe. The runways showed us lots of knit wear, gorgeous jewel tones (hello oxblood!), fur, and big handbags. Metallics and bold embellishments made a strong showing, and there was also a lot of leather and lace, which is to be expected for cooler weather and holiday party dresses.

There was so much to lust after, but here are some of our favorite looks of the week. You can view the collections in their entirety here. To see more of our faves, follow our Pinterest board!
















What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ASK JOEY: Ask Your Agent For Referrals

If you have an agent and are looking to break into a new market, you've got an excellent resource available to you. Most bigger agencies have branch offices in major markets they can introduce you to. Smaller agencies may not have more than one location, but they might be able to refer you to another agency they've worked with. It's always a good idea to ask your reps first, before trying to make your own contacts in a new location. You never want to ruffle any feathers! Just starting out and don't have an agent? Try to meet with people in your local market (or the nearest major market) to get you going. Once they feel you're ready for a larger market, they can refer you just the same.

If you have time to look over my portfolio, I'd appreciate it. Any advice would be great.
I like your look. You're definitely a TV/Commercial type model. Your profile says you are with Wilhelmina in Philadelphia. Let them make an introduction with their NYC office for you. They will tell you if they think you're right for that market. If so, go for it! You're close enough to make it work.

I know I have a different look, I'm feminine, but I don't want to come off "drag queeny." Can you take a look at some of my photos and give me some feedback?
If you don't, as you say, want to come across like a drag queen, you need to get new pictures. I would suggest getting groomed - check out other male models with long hair if you don't want to cut it - so you'll look more masculine. Look at men's fashion ads that interest you for inspiration in looks you can incorporate into a new shoot. You can reach out to photographers on MWN who may be interested in working with you to get some new images in your portfolio.

I'm an up-and-coming model that is just starting out. I was curious if you have any ideas how to get started and getting exposure.
You need to have more than one picture! Add some more to your portfolio and then make the rounds to see some local agents. Starting locally is the best way for you to get going, considering where you live. Most agencies are not going to want to meet with you if you only submit one photo, so definitely add a bit to your book before reaching out.

I have been acting and modeling for some time, however I am ready to pursue my career full time. I am obtaining my degree in theatre and I have always had a passion for the modeling business as well as the acting business. I am currently in Seattle, WA and I have a theatrical and TV/commercial agent. I would love to venture to LA or NY. If you could please look over my portfolio, I would really appreciate any advice you have to better my craft.
You have a TV/Commercial look and you're an actor. That's a great place to start. You are a model, you're just not a fashion model. Let your agency in Seattle set you up in LA with agents that they work with. This will help you expand your market. If they don't have branches in LA, they should have referrals. I would start with LA first (since it's closer) before branching out to NY. There's a lot of commercial work there, and you already have a great look and training to get you started.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Monday, February 10, 2014

AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Caroline Gleason Management

Caroline Gleason Management is a model agency located in Miami Beach, FL, founded by Caroline Gleason with her husband, Jack Gleason. Caroline has worked as an agent for several of the largest agencies in America, earning her the reputation as one of the top agents in the business. It is from here that she decided to venture out on her own in 2006. CGM has been one of the most successful boutique agencies in Miami since its creation.
CGM was created with the commitment and understanding that all talent be equally represented and that the appropriate rates and fees for services be negotiated and paid to the model in a timely fashion. It is a full-service management company that provides world-class portfolio development and career management to a select few models. They pride themselves on their one-on-one relationships with their models and clients. CGM is not a network.
With its own in-house studio (for castings, images, and video), cutting-edge technology, and video conferencing, CGM can offer its models and clients services that other agencies cannot.
CGM is a licensed, Florida talent agency for adults serving clients worldwide. The agency is proud to be affiliated with placing models & talent with major companies, print, commercials, movies, and campaigns.

Phone: (305) 695-2731

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

Congratulations to all of our talented February Featured Members! If you would like to be considered as a featured member for an upcoming month, please email featured@modelwirenetwork.com with a link to your MWN profile. We are extremely interested in potential wardrobe stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists, so send us your information!


Marina Ponomareva was born in Russia and currently lives in New York. She has been modeling for 9 years and loves her job! Her hobbies include travel, cycling, zumba, yoga, swimming, and rock climbing. Mari leads a very healthy lifestyle - is vegan (fruitarian and low-fat high carb) and loves walking in the park and meditation.

Why modeling?
Modeling is the best job for a girl! I love meeting with great designers, wearing beautiful clots - it's the best that you can ask for!
Who is your favorite model of all time?
My favorite models are Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss.
What inspires you?
Fashion magazines, fashion blogs and of course, New York.
What product can you not live without?
RMS organic cosmetics.
What is your personal style?
Since I ride my bicycle to all of my castings, I call my style "cycle chic."
What genre does your work focus on?
I primarily do commercial work.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
My favorite band is Chromatics.

Hadriel Gonzalez is a fashion photographer currently working in NYC and Miami. His work can be seen in various publications including, Idoll Magazine, WHO! Magazine, IMMO Magazine, Vulture Magazine, Institute Magazine, and more.


BTH Artistry is one of the most skilled makeup artists in the business because of her exquisite sense of color and light. She has a flare for achieving a flawless face, lush lashes, and the perfect brow.

A graduate of the Graham Webb Academy and fully certified, her breakthrough creativity has led to assignments for private clients and celebrities, such as Colin Hanks, Kamau Bell, and Oscar Award Winning Margaret Avery, as well as for film, weddings, fashion and beauty editorials, and red carpet events. Her artistry can be seen on BET's 2013 Black Girls Rock, Heart & Soul Magazine, and on various runways and red carpets. Her passion for beauty inspires those around her.

Her one-to-one service, attention to detail, and commitment to building lasting relationships with her clients puts her at the top of her game. BTH Artistry elevates makeup to an entirely new level.


Sine Qua Non was founded in 1993 by owner and lifelong Chicagoan, Laura Boton. Laura's goal was to build her vision of a hair salon Utopia fueled by warmth, style, innovation, and education. She has grown a salon series that provides authentic, artistic service in a warm and creative environment.

Sine Qua Non Salons have won multiple awards and have been featured as the "Best Salon in Chicago" by many major fashion magazines for hair cut, color, curly hair, and brow and skin care services.


Dorothy Dominique is originally from Haiti and is a creative director, event producer, fashion stylist, and image consultant. She began her journey as a stylist as a young girl witnessing the different cultures of back home and America and learning the different styles of people. Dorothy fell in love with fashion when she realized how people were able to communicate through their fashion sense. This grew a passion for her to want to help people communicate their style, their passion, and their talents through this universal language of fashion.

Why wardrobe stylist?
I became a wardrobe stylist because I always had a sense of style and people around me would always tell me to begin a career in fashion. I began sewing shirts, and adding embellishment on garments and shoes. People would always compliment me on my DIY projects so it made me realize that my opinion mattered. I began my first step in Image Consulting and found a love for truly helping people and creating an image renewal that made them feel great. Once I was able to comprehend Image Consulting, I wanted to take a look into fashion styling because I always had creative concepts and wanted a platform that allowed me to be able to express myself in such a way. Being a wardrobe stylist gave me that creative outlet to style and at times, create concepts to express my creative eye.
Who is your favorite wardrobe stylist of all time?
My favorite stylist would have to be Rachael Zoe. I began watching her show and getting an idea of the life of a stylist. I was able to see that there was more than just being this glamorous stylist, there was actually hard work that went into be able to have your clients in the best of the best. I began watching The Rachel Zoe Project before even realizing that this was something I was going to be able to do in my future. It was entertaining to watch  as this woman made things happen regardless of the lack of sleep and other obstacles, she was determined to have her clients in the most beautiful silhouettes. What also makes her my favorite wardrobe stylist is the fact that she still worked, and worked hard without taking breaks, while she was pregnant. That indicated that this was truly her passion. She is not just an inspiration as a stylist, but as a woman, a wife, and a mother.
What inspires you?
Music inspires me. I love listening to a song and being able to have a vision of a photo shoot and a story concept. It's as though the music is creating a short film or slide show of images that just make me want to take out a pen and paper and jot down ideas.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I look for models that are able to convey the message through their body language. I look for models who understand acting because I believe every model should have acting background or study the art of reacting. I look for personality, the ability to act, the look, and of course, [natural] talent.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
 My favorite project I've worked on would have to be the Fantasies to Reality Production event I produced back in May of 2013. The event was a merge of theater, dance, and fashion shows. I was able to be as creative as I wanted - writing the script, creating the narrative parts, selecting the music, the venue, scouting the location, styling the models and dancers for the photo shoot and promo video, scripting the trailer and directing the whole process. This event fulfilled my very creative soul, allowing me to be able to multi-task and feel complete. On top of everything, I was 7 months pregnant, so it felt great to be pregnant bust still have that passion for a creative outlet. You can see the images of the event on my website under the "Fantasies of Reality" tab.