Joey Hunter was the former president of Ford Models for over 20 years, founder of Karin Models NY (now MC2), and is currently Vice President of ModelWire. He began his career as an actor and model in the 60s, appearing in numerous of magazine editorials, advertisements and catalogs. Best known for helping build and guide the careers of dozens of supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Elle McPherson, Christy Turlington, Rachel Hunter, Kim Basinger, and Vendela, just to name a few.  In conjunction with Jerry Ford, he not only coined the legendary phrase "supermodel" but pioneered the concept of residuals in print, as well as negotiating contracts with fashion & beauty brands during the 80s & 90s, shaping the modeling industry into what it is today. 

Currently Joey is the writer and adviser for the weekly blog column, "Ask Joey" where he answers ModelWire Network members' questions. 


John Dye is a runway and print model, PR/Marketing genius, Makeup Artist, Television Host, Magazine Producer and blogger.  He has been doing makeup since the age of 14 and has worked for major television networks such as ABC and MTV.  John has worked with country superstar Taylor Swift and was a makeup artist for ABC's "Extreme Home Makeover."  He has traveled the world doing makeup in London, Paris and Italy.  He has been featured around the world on MTV, in music videos, commercials and Star Magazine.  Most recently, John walked for multiple designers at New York Fashion Week.


Allen Henson, a Veteran combat Infantryman turned International Editorial Photographer, now finds himself in the forefront of the fashion focused battlefields having occupied some of the most intense corners of the industry. The self-trained photographer has lectured on his chosen trade at Rice University, the Elite Fashion Academy, and the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London and Franz Tamayo in Bolivia.

Allen's studio is based in the East Village in New York City, but often travels between Los Angeles, South America, and London. He is represented by ABTP (

He is agency-approved and has worked with Major, RED, Elite, Muse, Photogenics, Storm, Ford, Select, Wilhelmina and many more.  He has been very successful at helping models sign with major fashion agencies. If you feel you have the look, don't hesitate to contact him.
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Passionate and outrageously beautiful, Jenny Dayco’s line of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces expose a clever mix of sultry femininity with her own witty sense of humor.  From gold 10 commandments necklaces to giant button necklaces—each one of her pieces speaks with its own audacious voice!  

A former graphic designer and former talent agent, Jenny is self-taught in the art of jewelry designing and works instinctively from the gut while her hands brilliantly produce each and every single piece. "I just love making things that are insane and fantastic, pushing my own understanding of beauty and adornment on the body," Dayco gushes. "I love creating pieces that make people feel confident and bring them joy."

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