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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ask Joey: Make Appointments and Go to Open Calls

Last weekend, I was hoping I could recover from my week at Fashion Week NY, but alas, I had to go to Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia to scout and interview 400 kids for a JMT competition.

JMT is having a big modeling and talent competition in the spring, which takes place in D.C. At this competition, the kids are able to interview with 50 different agencies, some of which are the top agencies in the United States, and many of them are active agencies who use our parent site, ModelWire.

To make sure the agents are meeting with quality models and talent, JMT has to pre-interview all the kids and personally invite the kids that they have selected to the actual competition.

I had the hard job of being the official judge in the Virginia area. My duties were to interview 400 kids, whose age ranged anywhere from 12-21 years old - by MYSELF - and narrow the bunch down to 100.

Talk about hard. I was only given two days, Sat. and Sun., to meet with all 400. I allowed up to 5 minutes per kid and they each had to do a monologue and runway walk. If they had a song to sing, I allowed them a few bars. At the end, I would collect their headshot, book and/or comp cards.

Wish I had more time to give them and I hate deciding who gets to go and who doesn't, but it is a good experience for the kids. I did find one outstanding 16-year old, who had the most amazing voice! I know she is going to go far with her career.

I only hope that I can help out with all of your folks' careers.

This week, I had to keep it short and simple with my answers. My MWN Inbox is getting jam packaged with questions. I wish I had a bunch of time to just sit down and answer them all. Be patient with me as I go through the list - I will answer your questions, but I try to answer them in the order as they come in.


I recently moved to Los Angeles to further pursue my modeling career. I really wanted to move to New York, but many people in the industry told me that my look is commercial and that I should go to Los Angeles because it is more commercial there. I really love high fashion. They also told me that I am too curvy for high fashion. I am currently with a commercial agency in Los Angeles. If I slim down, do you think I would have more of a high fashion appeal or is my look totally commercial?

Maria, you are a very beautiful lady and the camera loves you. However, it is hard for me to answer you without knowing your SIZES AND STATS. I know there was a saving issue there for a while, but the MWN developers have fixed that issue, so you or anyone else shouldn't have any excuse why your stats aren't visible on your profile.

The way it is right now, your book is not commercial at all. If you are 5'9" and/or over, then I would tell you to go for it and pursue a high fashion career. If you aren't, then you do need to take their advice and start taking more commercial photos. You do have a great look.

Bryan McClure

I am an actor and I do some modeling too. I am looking to get more involved in modeling and get more exposure as an artist. I have a good look, but don't really know how to integrate myself into the areas of modeling that my type can be most utilized. Can you help me with this?

I would advise you to set up meetings or go to open calls at model agencies. Find a photographer on ModelWire Network and get some more pics for your portfolio.

You need to Test Test Test!

You have a nice look, but remember you should be at least 6 feet for most agencies.


I just moved out to LA from Sydney, Australia where I was doing a bit of modeling part-time, but have moved out here to pursue acting and modeling more full-time. I just wanted to know if you had a chance if you could look over my photos and give me any advice as to whether or not you think I've got the current look your industry is looking for.

Caellum, you do have a good look, but you need more photos in your book. Show a variety of looks. This will showcase how versatile you are as a male model. Like I told Bryan and many others in my former posts, get out there and make appointments with agents and of course, go to their open calls.

Janice Glaab

I'm new to the industry, I'm 53, and am just getting started. I'd love you to look at my photos and get your feedback. Also, suggestions on how a 'lifestyle' model gets a good agent? The answer, I suspect, is different than for a 20 year old.

I like the pictures of you. They are on the money for lifestyle modeling. However, it's going to be hard for you to find a quality agent. Most models your age have been doing it for years. They grew up in the business. For your age group, the market is very small and difficult to make any money. I suggest you should also follow suit: call and go on open calls to print and commercial agencies.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask Joey: My Experience at NY Fashion Week F/W 2011

What's Happening!

New York Fashion Week has worn me out, but it was well worth it, let me tell you. I went to several shows this week with my 25 year-old daughter, who is the associate buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, and really enjoyed being in the midst of all the hustle and bustle that is fashion week. Here is my recap for all of you:

Jason Wu - I am blown away by this young designer, who has dressed some very important people including our First Lady, Michelle Obama. His baroque take on sportswear was very feminine, pretty with beautiful rich colors. I expect that this young man will really make a name for himself in this industry.

Diesel1 Diesel2

Diesel Black Gold - The men's coats were great and the models on the runway all looked like young TV stars. Really, they all looked like they were young Hollywood celebrities! The music was hot, and the clothes were very hip, young and fresh. Lots of leather and knits, a little country and rock n' roll mixed together. I'm sure many of you will be excited to hear that I spotted Chace Crawford and Vanessa Hudgens at the show who both looked fabulous.

Vera1 Vera2

Vera Wang - I loved the slinky, sheer pleated dresses, all very feminine. It was good to see a lot of agents roaming around. Vera always makes gorgeous clothing for women that are body conscious. She really knows how to make a girl look sexy.

Narcisco1 Narcisco2

Narcisco Rodriguez - Unfortunately, this was not my favorite show. All the girls looked alike, a bit too androgynous for my taste. The clothes didn't knock my socks off...it was like he didn't know whether to make short or long dresses...choose a length! It just didn't excite me. There were too many shoulder pads and boxy menslike suits. I like excitement, and femininity!

Kors1 Kors2

Michael Kors - Beautiful clothes, beautiful models...this was great show. Very elegant and modern but timeless. I think I might start dating blondes again, the girls were gorgeous! There was a really great over coat that I have to buy.

Anna1 Anna2

Anna Sui - I really loved Anna's show. Very modern 60's hippie chic but elegant at the same time. Fabulous show, one of my favorites. Subtle, sexy schoolgirl feel, very fun! Lots of patterns, colors on both clothes and tights and the girls all looked like hippie flower children.

Calvin1 Calvin2

Calvin Klein Collection - The girls looked good, clothes were very wearable and true to fall. Minimalistic but still classic and very proper. Calvin is good at making girls look sophisticated but still feminine. It was a great way to end fashion week.

Because of fashion week, I didn't have enough time to answer a ton of questions, but I do want to answer this one question for a photographer, who posed a great question and who will remain anonymous.

How do agents and agencies prefer to hear from photographers who are looking to build relationships with them and test with their talent? E-mail? Cold calling? One followed by the other? Or dropping by an agency in person to show your book?

The second part of the question is, how does a photographer make the transition from doing unpaid tests with models to having agencies ask him/her to do paid tests with their models? Is there a certain etiquette for "I've been working with this agency for 'x' amount of time and they've been happy with my work so it's time to start charging" or is it more like the agencies wait for the photographer to develop a certain amount of tear sheets, etc?

My advice to young photographers, who want to break into the business, is to hook yourself with an agency. Contact your local agencies and setup a meeting with them. Make sure you call them, emails get deleted so easily. In the meeting, bring your portfolio and tell them you would like to do testing for them - for FREE.

The key is getting your foot in the door, donating your time, and most importantly building a relationship with the agent, who is in charge of developing young models.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Be available
  • Establish a great rapport with the young models
  • Produce whatever the agent wants in a shoot. For example: If an agent tells you that a certain model's best feature is her face, then make sure you shoot a great beauty shot and not one that focuses on her ass.

No agent will work with a new photographer, if they don't listen to direction and don't produce exactly what they want. Obviously, stay true to your voice and style. The more pleasant and helpful you are, the more they are going to request you.

Once you've established yourself as a reliable and successful testing photographer for the new models, you will graduate to test shooting the more established models. It is at this level where you can become successful. The goal for volunteering with an agency is not to charge the agency; it is to have your portfolio full of established models that you shoot, at no cost!

Obviously if you have expenses with a shoot, then you should ask the agency to pay, but only the expenses.

Once you have worked with the established models, it is at this point where you can start approaching magazines and catalog houses. Your book will show that you have worked with these high caliber models and have great relationships with their agents. One can't make a living shooting exclusively for an agency. The money is always with the advertisers.

So photographers 'get out there and start a relationship with an agency!'

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ask Joey: Use This Site!

I think there are too many users on this site who have no clue how to network or they don't know how to use this site to its full potential. ModelWire Network is a platform for all working professionals in the modeling business (or people who want to break in the business) to commune with one another. I don't understand why people aren't networking. If it is a matter of not understanding how to utilize the site, then email MWN Support at: support@modelwirenetwork.com. They are more than happy to help anyone who needs it.

You are not marketing yourself by just sitting idly on this site and waiting for others to approach you. Be proactive. I challenge you to all message at least 5 people this weekend and start a conversation. Better yet, start working with one another.

Frances O'Hara

Do you by any chance know any photographers in Los Angeles that I can do a test shoot with to update my book? I will relocate to NY in the near future.

The best source to find a photographer in Los Angeles is on ModelWire Network. Use the site - there are tons of photographers on here. Some of our users have been posting projects on our Projects page and stating which professionals they are seeking to work with. That is the simple and faster way of getting in touch with other industry professionals. It is kind of like the laundry mat bulletin board used-to-be. You would find something intriguing; you would pull the flyer and call.

You should also get familiar with the browsing function and search for local photographers. Check out their MWN profiles and see if you like their work. If you do, then message them. Start a dialogue. It is always better to start a connection before you work with anyone.

If you are planning on moving to New York soon, be prepared to test some more when you get to NY.

Jeremy Lane

Do you have any advice for a once retired print, commercial, runway international model that has most recently left the corporate office and is looking to gain a foothold back in the business at 37 years of age? I am now without a legit modeling agency. I was formerly with CESD and LA Talent. Any suggestions for the portfolio, agency representation, etc.?

You seem to know the business, so I don't want to lecture you too much. Get some new pictures of yourself, then I would advise you to go back to your former agents. You should have no problem approaching them. Tell them you are back in the business and you want to know if it is worth your while, if there is a market for your type. If they feel you have a market, they will get you connected.

By looking at your portfolio, it seems like you had a very successful career and must have had a lot of connections with successful industry professionals. So call them up, tell them you are thinking about coming back. You will be surprised how old connections can still be great connections. Also, make sure you are networking on this site.

Danielle McKee

I have been out of the loop for a while on the modeling end. I am back up and running again and looking for TFP/TFCD. Hopefully, I will be able to find a team able to do such, so we can all benefit.

You are in the right place. Build up your connections here on ModelWire Network. Start browsing for professionals in your area. If you do find a good team on this site and you actually do a shoot together, please remember to share with me your success, so I can brag about you!


Yes can you please review my profile? Tell me what I should change about it.

The problem with your photos is you look the same in every picture. Plus, you don't look happy. Not that you have to have a big smile in every photo, but you should have 1 or 2. When I look at your portfolio, I should get a feeling of your personality and you just seem sad to me. Cheer up!

You should also at least have one really good head shot that shows all of your features. Find and connect with a good photographer on the site who has a good collection of beauty shots. See if they will shoot your headshot.

The purpose of this site is to bring people together, so they can build each other up. It is a site for anyone who wants to know about this business, who wants to get in, who is working in the industry and who is or will be professionally successful. We hope that with ModelWire Network we can help jumpstart your career.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ask Joey: We All Need To Know Your Sizes & Stats

Hope you all like the new releases that ModelWire Network just put out last week. Keep in mind that with every release, there will be the occasional issues on the system that occur, but I can assure you that the ModelWire Network team is working hard to smooth everything out.

Some of you have noticed that the sizes and stats are sometimes not showing up. I noticed as well because all of my questionnaires this week had either no or barely any sizes & stats filled out. I can't give as much guidance when I don't know models' sizes. If you are reading this and you haven't filled out your sizes & stats yet and you are a model, then know that you are making everyone's job a lot more difficult. Go to your profile and fill them out right away.

Lynn Hacking, a MWN member, said, "No modeling agency will consider you without first considering your stats - you should post your: height, hair color, eye color, bust/chest, waist (F), hips (F), shirt (M), suit (M), shoe size - if you can rise above the rest of the pack, you can be successful at any height and body style."


Do you honestly think I have what it takes to become a household named model? I want to leave LA so bad, but I don't know what steps to take or who to talk to. I have a medium size portfolio that you can look at. I would love your advice.

Also, is it true that the real money is in advertisement for models? I am willing to up and leave in 2011 to another country to really fulfill my modeling career.

Like I just said, it is very hard to evaluate anyone when I don't know their sizes and stats. You could be 2 feet or 8 feet, for all I know. But by looking at your portfolio, you belong in NYC. I feel you have a more editorial look. There are more fashion magazines in NYC, which is why more editorial models are based in NYC.

I would start by sending your book to various agencies in NYC, see what they say. NYC could be your stepping stone to Paris, Milan, and so forth.

You are right. Most money is in advertisement and editorial work is what gets you the big advertisement jobs.

Kyle Bowers

I am curious if agents would rather want me send my portfolio to their email, or should I try and somehow miraculously get an interview? I would also love to work for Ford Models, any chance of getting an interview?

If you are a model starting out, then you definitely need to set up meetings with different agencies. It is important to meet with agents, so they can see your personality. Personality is very important in this business.

On a weekly basis, most agencies have what they call an "Open Call", which lasts for an hour or two. It is open to new models, so they can show their portfolios to agency personnel. Go to those and bring your book. You are guaranteed to meet with someone on those days.

Lawrence Rush

I would appreciate your feedback on my profile. Also, can you recommend any link where I could send it for models around 50 years of age?

I don't know of any other link or website besides ModelWire Network. I would advise you to find an agent to represent you.

You look like you are in good shape, but I think you can use some new photos in your portfolio. So start using this website to its fullest potential and network with some photographers. Then, start hitting up the commercial agencies who will love how multi-talented you are.


I'm 45 years old and this year decided to seriously begin my transition into commercial print modeling. I just took a level one on camera class and noticed that several of the students were complaining about the lack of work and the extreme slow down in the industry, particularly in Chicago. Do you see improvements in 2011 and is there anything I can do to improve my chances on getting more bookings? I have representation in Chicago, Milwaukee and Ohio.

You have a nice commercial print look and I admire that at your age, you are seeking out your dream and being proactive by taking classes. However, your classmates have a right to complain. Times are tough everywhere, and to be honest, your age bracket for modeling is a tough one to get steady work in.

You are competing against models, who have been modeling for years and then transitioned into 'lifestyle' modeling and actors who have done the same. I don't see it getting any better in 2011.

Stay on top of your agents. Don't wait for them to call you, you call them.

Natasha Fleming

I am very interested in becoming an International model. How can I become one if I don't live in the USA? Where can I send my portfolio?

If you a have representation in Costa Rica, then they should be introducing you to agencies here in the USA and in Europe.

Agents work with other agents and in different countries. Agents will call other agencies to see if a certain model is available in their location. If they like your look, they want to test or see clients in their country. The key is if you live in Costa Rica and are represented, then they need to act as your 'Mother' agency. Mother agent submits you to other markets and/or other agencies to work with.

You also need to promote yourself on MWN. We have agencies from all round the world looking for new talent here on MWN.

I now have a Twitter account. Follow me @thejoeyhunter

Bear with me as I figure it all out.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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