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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month

Get to know a little more about our featured members for February! As always, if you are interested in collaborating with any of our featured members, you can reach out to them via the MWN messaging system. If you DO work on a MWN collaboration, make sure to send us photos from your shoot for a chance to be featured on our homepage banner slides!


Our gorgeous model of the month for February, Megan, lives and works in Los Angeles. In addition to modeling, she also works as an actress.


Larry Hamilton is an actor, singer, and photographer currently living and working in NYC. He is a native of Greenbelt, MD.

Larry works with a few agencies in both New York and Boston, and always welcomes the opportunity to work with others.

Why photography?
I wanted something where I could escape the craziness of theatre and acting. Something where I could say or create anything I wanted without having to be faced with outside opinion during the process. So, I bought a camera. Sure, everyone has thoughts about the images...but by the time they see them, I've already finished my statement. Any interpretation has less to do with me and more to do with the viewer's own experiences.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Life. I go straight to the eyes. I look for movement and how comfortable a model is with his/her body. I typically request a candid, non-retouched photo to get a better idea. Why? Because it's difficult to see who a model is when I'm only seeing them through the eyes of fancy photographers. I'd rather see that silly selfie or that random day on vacation that you snapped a shot. It shows me much more about who the model actually is...that's important to me.
What is your favorite project you've worked on?
I'm currently working on a series called BARE. I'm calling it a nude editorial that explores men when the walls are stripped away. There is so much pressure to live up to certain gender expectations. I started this series for two reasons...1) I wanted to work on artistic nudes. Too often I see male nude work that is more about the model's...we'll call it "junk"...and not enough about the rest of what's in the shot. I wanted to find ways to include a nude man and have the STORY in the image be the main character. 2) I work with a lot of male models with gorgeous bodies. People expect them to act a certain way, but the truth is, many of them are so much deeper and have much more to say about life than they'd ever get credit for. In many ways, the male model of 2015 has started to learn how many female models have felt for years. They are much more than just pretty faces and hot bodies. I felt the need to share what's underneath the hood of the car a bit more...and being nude naturally reveals a sort of vulnerability that's just beautiful.
What inspires you?
Truth. Nothing draws me in as quickly as honesty. It's in the eyes. It's in the movement. It's in a song. It's sexy. It's intriguing. You name it. That's why the BARE series is personal to me right now.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
I've got a bunch of moments as an actor, but from the photography side of things...a little over a year ago, I wanted to start working with agency models an didn't know how to be SEEN. So, I drafted up an email that mentioned liking the talent I'd noticed on social media and how unique the looks were, etc. It was a personal email, but I'd intended on blind copying a list of agencies. I got it all written and added my website links and everything. I felt so productive! I hit send. Then I realized I'd cc'd the entire list. "Oh my God, they're going to think I'm an idiot." Luckily, I've since started working with some of them. Not because of that email though! I was mortified, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't so bad. 


Sonam was born and raised in a colorful country - India. From an early age, she displayed a strong creative flair for art and self expression. Upon completing an education in special effects supervision, she worked on a number of cutting edge projects. Breaking away from compositing and editing after a few years, Sonam moved into what she considers her true calling. The background in editing gave her a strong base in her journey with makeup and the need for perfection remains strong to this day. Since then, combining her love for makeup and traveling, Sonam has worked in various cities around the world, including New York and London.

Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
My favorite makeup artist of all time has to be Charlotte Tilbury.
What inspires you?
The lyrics from the Massive Attack song Psyche that say, "show without showing what you know without knowing." I even have it tattooed!
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I have a weakness for women of color. A combination of deep skin and light eyes gets me very excited!
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
A TV commercial for a luxury skincare brand, "Forrest Essentials" would top my list. The concept was Indian warrior princess; a perfect balance of dewy makeup going into strong, graphic eyes. It had beautiful extremes.
What is your personal style?
My personal style is biker dolce vita!
What genre does your work focus on?
My work most prominently focuses on beauty. 


Jennifer Ziegelmeier started in the business of hair artistry more than 25 years ago. She has worked under noted stylists and colorists such as Frederic Fekkai and Louis Licari in NYC.

In 2002, Jennifer became an American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist. By passing a series of stringent exams, she was awarded the honor of becoming 1 of only 610 AMBCH in the USA. Having achieved this credential, Jennifer is considered to be amongst the most talented Colorists in the country.

Throughout her freelancing career, she has collaborated with several highly acclaimed and sought after photographers, including Patrick Demarchelier and Albert Giordan. She has styled celebrities on and off set for TV/FIlm, Editorial/Commercial Print, music videos, awards shows & events. Her ability to master styling has also earned her credits in such magazines as Harpers Bazaar, Redbook, and Marie Claire, to name a few.

For Jennifer's complete bio, visit our Featured Hair Stylist gallery via the MWN homepage.


As a freelance wardrobe stylist, Christianne Lefebvre (Envieux Style), is looking to network with models, photographers and other stylists to do photoshoots and update her portfolio. She feels that clothing is one of the best forms of expression, and she has a great eye for mixing patterns, colors, textures and accessories to complete a look.

She works with models for fashion shows and photoshoots to perfect their looks in front of the camera, as well as with clients who need the perfect outfit for a special event.