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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designer GABBITA is Offering MWN Discount

GABBITA is an elegant luxury fashion atelier offering Noche, Gabbita Swim, and Gabbita Little Girls.

Noche, exclusive evening wear, is inspired simply by the elegance of femininity. These designs embrace the contour and beauty of you with a unique flair offered in an enchanting array of colors to accentuate your individuality. Noche is 100% handmade by our artisans in Colombia, South America.

Our artisans at GABBITA, are skilled with masterful knitting and crochet techniques passed down through generations giving each piece an identity all its own. Finished with stitch and appliqué becoming nothing less than an intricate work of art.

Gabbita Swim evokes sophistication for the modern woman. A luxurious detail such as a hand beading, unique appliqués like Swaroki Crystals, exquisite fabrics and sensuous silhouettes delivers the elegance of GABBITA. 

Gabbita Little Girls is adorably sophisticated. Each piece is handcrafted with a sincere devotion to every detail. These charming dress and swimwear collections encapsulate classic timelessness appropriate for every occasion a little girl would attend and will endure ever so gracefully through the years. 

Tell us a bit about your company.
Our designer Juliana Rojas is originally from Colombia. After getting so many compliments about her work in the States, she decided to convert her talent/gift into something professional. In September 20008 Juliana created the GABBITA Company as an American brand name, breathing life into all of her exclusive, sexy and sophisticated designs.

What inspires your designs?
Coming from a different country like Colombia, traveling around Europe, living in the United States, loving fashion, and above all, always being attracted by what is different, gave Juliana the opportunity to create her own style - GABBITA. 
Her eternal inspiration has been in what you can find in exotic places, animals, and flowers. There are so many unique colors, textures, shapes and themes in the world and Juliana always wanted to create designs that bring that special touch that only nature can bring. Creating art, trends and style for women, who love to be sophisticated, different and sexy at the same time.
Every line in GABBITA has something unique. Noche means being different, unique, is a timeless piece of art where most of the designs take around 3- 4 weeks to be made just by one person. It’s handmade work, art like crochet and knitting techniques, totally elegance when we add to all our gowns swarovski crystals and most of the dresses show the beauty of a woman's shape.  
GABBITA SWIM 2012 " Exotic Escape" is Juliana’s new collection and is totally inspired on what the jungle is and what is brings. The textures of all the fabrics ought to remind you of animals like crocodiles, snakes, and birds. All the colors go with the elements of earth. Juliana found the perfect balance of the beauty of a wild jungle to the realistic and modern women who will wear the designs.

How did you find out about ModelWire Network?
We got to know about ModelWire Network because we work with lots of models for fashion shows, photo shoots, campaigns and one of them recommend us this site as a good tool for the fashion industry. GABBITA is always open to collaborations! Our next event will be in Ojai, CA presenting our collection at The Michael Bolton Charities, where a lot of celebrities will be attending. We are also opening our new show room in Miami, Fl on Dec 2011and planning to open with some great fashion shows.

Tell us about the special offer you are extending to MWN members.
We invite members from ModelWire Network enjoy our designs by giving members a 45% discount by going to our website and retailers for a two month period. (Sept – Oct). Contact us at info@gabbita.com or just send us a message through our MWN profile.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with members?
We respect and appreciate everybody's work especially because we know how much you always have to give as a professional to make people believe in what you are doing. The most important thing is to know your own style; stay focused on what you enjoy the most and try to learn more-and-more every day. Always try to surprise yourself first when creating something new, then you will feel more confident to show off your creations or talent to the rest of the people.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Annie Oh Annie

If I were to pick one fashion photographer who knocks my socks off, it would be none other than Ms. Annie Leibovitz. Her images are cinematic, theatrical and create a natural narrative. When I say natural, I refer to the relaxation of her subjects. They look so comfortable... except when they're being kidnapped by a flying monkey. Even if they were posed certain way, she has a way of relaxing them into a natural position.

Creating a relaxed environment for subjects allows the interactions to flow naturally, making their surroundings seem ordinary - as if the subjects just happen to be in this field having an everyday conversation (like the image below).

Oh Annie, how your simplicity wows us.

Lindsey of NOVA Agency

Meet Nova Agency's newest face, Lindsey.  The camera absolutely loves this Maryland native with her dewey complexion and exotic look.

Height: 5’ 9"   Bust: 34"     Waist: 24"   Hips: 34"  Dress: 2
Shoes: 8.5   Hair: Brown  Eyes: Brown

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask Joey: Start Approaching Members

Guys, all the questions you have asked this week are all the reasons why we created ModelWire Network. Everyone is looking to network as that is what it takes to work in this business, and ModelWire Network is a safe and professional place for you to make those connections. But you can’t just sign up and do nothing. What you need to do is start browsing for the professionals you want to work with and message them. Nothing will happen if you just sign up and do nothing.

I am pleased that you ask me questions every week as I love helping out, but don’t go asking me for connections. My connections are MWN connections. So start being proactive members and find your contacts.  

I am seeking to build a portfolio and am looking for photographers for a TFP or TFCD. Any suggestions, tips and help you offer would be greatly appreciated.

What you need to do is either post a project saying, “I am seeking a photographer,” or start browsing for photographers and directly message them. If you want something then be proactive, don’t just wait for people to approach you. 
I would advise you to be specific as to what type of shoot you are looking for. Don’t make the photographer come up with the idea - you are the client so know what you need for your portfolio. I would definitely say, add more lifestyle shots in there and get rid of those terrible flashlight in your face photos.

I'll be making new Fashion Books for myself and I'm looking for Stylists. I know the look I'm going for but I still need great people who can get things and have a large spectrum of aesthetics in their soul. If you know of good people, who either are new to NYC or have been working as assistants for stylists and now look to build their own careers, those might be the ideal candidates.

You might want to check with the agencies that rep stylists see if they will be able to help you out. You can also call up the model agencies to see if they have anyone that you can work with. Of course you should also start hooking up with the stylists on ModelWire Network.
I would like to work with a photographer to help build my portfolio, if you have any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.

You have a nice look, but I can’t tell you what type of shoot you should go after as your Sizes and Stats aren’t filled out. I say this a lot but its true - every model needs to have their attributes completely filled out. All of the agents who scout from MWN need to know these and so many of the professionals on this site also need to know these, like photographers. 
You need to be active on this site. Start direct messaging photographers and find someone that you want to work with. Like I told Peter, don’t wait for people to approach you, you approach them.
What would you recommend for people who are literally just starting out, and have no connections?

Glad you joined ModelWire Network, it is a great place for people starting out, who do not have connections. On this site you will be able to find the people to get yourself started in this industry, but you have you be active. Don’t just sit on the site and wait for your career to take off. 
You, Peter and Eric need to start messaging members and see if they want to collaborate on a project with you.

I am wondering, how I can really get into the business and get my name out there? I have done a few minor gigs, but I want to do much more. I have met with a few agencies and they tell me basically the same thing, ‘I need to pay them to take pictures to create a portfolio with them.’ One thing that does hold me back is the lack of funds. I am a college student, so I don’t have much time or money to use to get out there and explore the modeling world. If you could help me out in any way possible that would be great. I will do anything and work very hard to accomplish my dream of someday becoming a model. 

If all the agencies are saying you need to update your portfolio then you should. How much were they charging and more importantly, were they going to sign you afterwards? If the agency had no intention of signing you and was charging you more than $100 then forget it. You should find yourself a photographer who will work you on ModelWire Network. Be proactive and find professionals who are near you and start collaborating with them. I do like your look, so when you have added some new pics to your portfolio you should approach The Rock Agency. They are a great agency near you that could definitely get you working.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!
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*Have a question for me? Ask away on my ModelWire Network profile http://www.modelwirenetwork.com/joeyhunter

Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus

The most eye-catching ad in the September issues this month (well, specifically Vogue, Vanity Fair, & W) has been the Neiman Marcus series with the lovely Drew Barrymore. She is only the second celeb to represent the Neiman Marcus line since their last "Art of Fashion" campaign in 1994! Can you believe that? Before we had ipods people. These drop-dead gorgeous photographs were shot by the talented Norman Jean Roy, whose work we've seen throughout Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, Harpers Bazaar and more.

Each image is cinematic, using Barrymore's light skin to create contrast against some of the dark back drops. My favorite is the Emilio Pucci ad, where she's posed against the dark background wearing a tight green dress. The strong pose allows her hair to catch the light perfectly, accentuating the intricate, gold weaving on the left sleeve.

Ahhh yes... photographic poetry.
The ads show Barrymore wearing top designers like Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci, Akrisw, Gucci, Valentino and Donna Karan... just to name a few.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prada Fall/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

For Spring/Summer 2011, Prada gave us an ad campaign video that was bright, fun and youthful. For Fall/Winter, they've kept the same amazing Prada edge, but with a bit more sensuality and detail. Steven Meisel does a brilliant job at showcasing the garments, shoes and accessories, while also communicating the Prada aesthetic. The focus is more on the cut, the fabric, the colors, giving the pieces their own life force. I'm loving this video and can't wait to see what magic Prada has in store for next season.

Photo via Nitrolicious

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girls on Film

Model Lauren Graham (Click Models LA) proves that in most cases, beauty comes with brains, and lots of them. Check out some of the fashion flicks this girl has created in conjunction with a few incredibly creative and talented friends, including Danielle Defoe who we featured last month.

These up and comers are seriously taking the industry by storm reminding us all that fashion is about art and being inspired. Go out, live life, do what you love and success will surely follow. Check out more of her work here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whyred S/S 2012

Whyred S/S 2012 is pretty much amazing. Such perfect blouses, coats, skirts, blazers, dresses...I just can't wait to get some of these pieces in my closet. Beautifully tailored basics is always a must have for any wardrobe, and Whyred is definitely one of my go-to labels. It's official, I need to experience Stockholm Fashion week and soak in the creative air and chic street style. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vogue-Pedia: The worlds newest PEDIA

For years we've had the classic encyclopedia, a book which contained infinite knowledge on cultures, locations, historical events and more. Then came the internet-savvy version known as wikipedia, the same thing but more user-friendly, free and easily accessible. Clearly, both carry vast levels of information. Little did the world know that the next "pedia" would be more specific but just as accessible: Vogue-pedia!

This database draws from 119 years of vogue archives, with the ability to search by designer, brand, model, personalities and beauty. When searching in any of these categories, the information is pedia-like in its information (i.e. when the contributor first appeared in vogue, date of birth, and in a models case: Photographed for Vogue by - photographers name here).

Finally, a fun database for those fashion love who wish for infinite knowledge in all things vogue!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask Joey: For All You Unrepped Members

Finally, for all of you unrepped members, we have launched our new enhanced scouting feature! Not only is ModelWire Network the place where you can build professional connections and get jobs, but it is also the place to get scouted by over 150 top agencies. This will help you save time by not having to make all of those endless calls and email your photos to all those agents. Now all you have to do is select “Seeking Representation” and the agents can view your MWN portfolio.

So make sure you have your profile completely filled out and if you are a model, that your sizes and stats are also filled out. Agents want to know who is serious about their career and who isn’t - so market yourself correctly.

There has already been some success come from our site. Make sure you check out this blog article about one of our agencies, Scout Model & Talent Agency.

Cindy Knecht
Just seeking some advice. I recently signed with Wilhelmina of Philadelphia. I am considered a lifestyle model and have also taken some acting classes. I am anxious to get started and have reached out to several different companies but no luck. I do keep in touch with my agent on a regular basis but still nothing. Should I be doing something else? 

You are in a good place, you have an agent and Wilhelmina is a good agency, they also have other agencies in different markets. Life style is where I would place you as well. I would say to continue to stay on top of your agent, see if they can get you meetings with some of their other agencies.  And keep on testing/updating your book. It will happen.

Do you know of any good agents or any good agencies?

Florida has lots of good agencies and a lot are on our parent site, ModelWire like: Next, Mc2, BMG, Front Management, Michele & Group, Michele Pommier Models and V-Models. Here is the Fashion Directory so you can check out all of the agencies on ModelWire. 
Make sure you select that you are “seeking representation” so the agents that are on ModelWire will know they can scout you. Otherwise your MWN profile will not be visible.  

Would you please do me the honor and critic my port. Could you also please point me into the right direction regarding L.A. based agencies you think might be interested in my look?

Why can’t you find an agent? You have listed all the right sizes and you have what they call an “edgy look” and you live in NY - is something wrong? Obviously, we all love your portfolio here at MWN, because we chose to showcase it on our Homepage. You may be too edgy for LA but I would say to just keep at it!

Chris Grant Wenchell   
I am real serious about finding an agent worth my while for print and/or commercials. I have an agent now but the only work that I am getting is from me submitting myself and its been overwhelming lately. If you wouldn't mind checking out my portfolio it would be greatly appreciated. Any advice you have feel free to comment or send me a message. I really don't mind having my portfolio critiqued. I am looking to expand it much more.

Your portfolio looks good and it is good that you are keeping on top of your career, even if your agent is not. My advice is to continue to be active and find yourself an agent who will work for you. You have a nice look and you bring a lot of life into your pictures. Start reaching out to the agencies on ModelWire don’t just wait for them to come across your MWN profile.

Like you say on your profile, "If you want something in life, reach out and grab it!"

Once again check out ModelWire’s Fashion Directory.

I would really like to be a Victoria Secret model, how do about accomplishing that goal!?

From looking at your portfolio you are too commercial and much too short for Victoria Secret. Most of the girls they book for their shows are 5’9” or taller. Go with the look you have, it is a great lifestyle/commercial look, that is the direction you should be going in.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!


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*Have a question for me? Ask away on my ModelWire Network profile http://www.modelwirenetwork.com/joeyhunter

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scout Model & Talent Agency Signed MWN Members

Recently, ModelWire Network enhanced our scouting feature as ModelWire agencies have requested to scout only members who are seeking representation.

Some members have asked, “Can I really get signed by being a member on ModelWire Network?” The answer? Yes you can! In fact, here is one of our agencies whose been actively scouting through the site.

Scout Model & Talent Agency is a full service model & talent agency located in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, both prime locations for scouting and developing models. Scout Model & Talent Agency represents female, male, and child models and actors as well as photographers and makeup artists world wide. 

The President of Scout Model & Talent Agency has been an agent for the past 10 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Scout Model &  Talent Agency team has a combined 40 years of experience in the modeling and acting fields. 

Scout Model & Talent Agency maintains close working relationships with some of the most prestigious modeling agencies and clients nationally and internationally.

What do you look for when scouting for new talent?
We always like models with a fresh face - girls who look like models without make-up on. We like a really natural look with a slender build, without being too extremely small. Typically, we are only scouting girls who are 5'9" and taller, but we also look for beautiful kids as well as experienced actors.

What makes ModelWire Network stand out amongst other fashion and modeling social networking sites?
It is an extension of the industry standard, ModelWire. People in this industry always look to ModelWire to conduct their business, so it only seems natural to utilize their modeling network as well.

What's the most important thing aspiring talent should do when looking for representation?
Submit natural pictures, not touched-up photos, and be honest about your stats. When we see you in person, we want to see the same model we saw in the pictures.

After seeing some of our members’ portfolios, do you have any advice for them?
Keep it simple and know your look. If you are a lifestyle model, don't try to be high fashion.

Who have you scouted from ModelWire Network thus far?

Lauren Calaway
James Douglas

Thank you Scout Model & Talent Agency for your honest advice. We are very excited about Lauren and James and will soon be posting follow-up entries about them. For the latest news about Scout Model & Talent, go to their website: www.scouttm.com

Faces of Truth Beauty Marathon

MWN member Ajani Truth is participating in his third beauty marathon in the DC area - an all day affair where 10 makeup artists are each assigned a model to create a clean beauty look. Collaboration for your portfolio? That's what ModelWire Network is all about!

For a very reasonable price of $99, the session includes one look and two retouched photos, as well as snacks and refreshments. Tickets are currently sold out but $10 general admission tickets to check out the event to meet and greet all those who are participating in this beauty bash are still available here under "events."

10 Makeup artist, 10 models, and 1 photographer = one epic day!

Model Moment: Karlie Kloss in China

I've always wanted to go to China and be taken completely out of my element, transform, learn and explore. When I saw Karlie's visual diary of her first trip there for this month's Vogue editorial "Go East," I was inspired. I felt as if I was on the trip with her, enjoying every second of the far east splendor. Such a beautiful country and so masterfully shot by the genius Mario Testino.

Click here to watch her journey!

Via Vogue.com

From Solider to Photographer: Benjo Arwas

 On Tuesday I came across MWN member Benjo Arwas' wall posting which read: 

New photos with 2 ModelWire Network Collaborations!! Madou Sall and Natalia Schevechenko! Great productions, Great results!  

Obviously, I went to his Facebook page and was super impressed to see the collaboration of three MWN members. I think Benjo did a great job - Madou and Natalia look amazing!

Benjo has only been a photographer for 2 years and is currently seeking representation. Before then, his main profession was as a solider in Israel’s army. After serving 5 years, between quitting two jobs, he traveled the world and fell in love with photography. A year later, he fully committed himself to photography and in November 2010 he left Israeli and moved to California. 

He's currently enrolled in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and taking the advanced fashion class. This means Benjo is going to need to rock 1-2 high-fashion editorials a week, and will be looking for a creative crew that is motivated by passion and willing to work on everything. The ideal team includes, models, MUA, hairstylist, and most important a wardrobe stylist.  The crew would need to work in Santa Barbara, but he is also trying to build up his studio in Beverly Hills.

Benjo admitted that finding ModelWire Network was a happy accident. He had been looking for high quality models to work with and was presently surprised by the overall quality of membership on the site. He immediately posted a project, which is how he found Natalia and Madou.

Though Benjo is still fairly new to the site, he does have some great advice for all of us on MWN to hear.
Don't compromise on amateurs work. If you need to pay extra money for gas etc. it's worth it rather than wasting your time, energy, creativity on nothing. Nowadays, every person with a camera is a "photographer" and every pretty girl is a "model" - not true. Also, know how to define peoples roles during pre-production so that you can build a productive collaboration.

Check out more of Benjo’s work here: