Thursday, August 18, 2011

From Solider to Photographer: Benjo Arwas

 On Tuesday I came across MWN member Benjo Arwas' wall posting which read: 

New photos with 2 ModelWire Network Collaborations!! Madou Sall and Natalia Schevechenko! Great productions, Great results!  

Obviously, I went to his Facebook page and was super impressed to see the collaboration of three MWN members. I think Benjo did a great job - Madou and Natalia look amazing!

Benjo has only been a photographer for 2 years and is currently seeking representation. Before then, his main profession was as a solider in Israel’s army. After serving 5 years, between quitting two jobs, he traveled the world and fell in love with photography. A year later, he fully committed himself to photography and in November 2010 he left Israeli and moved to California. 

He's currently enrolled in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and taking the advanced fashion class. This means Benjo is going to need to rock 1-2 high-fashion editorials a week, and will be looking for a creative crew that is motivated by passion and willing to work on everything. The ideal team includes, models, MUA, hairstylist, and most important a wardrobe stylist.  The crew would need to work in Santa Barbara, but he is also trying to build up his studio in Beverly Hills.

Benjo admitted that finding ModelWire Network was a happy accident. He had been looking for high quality models to work with and was presently surprised by the overall quality of membership on the site. He immediately posted a project, which is how he found Natalia and Madou.

Though Benjo is still fairly new to the site, he does have some great advice for all of us on MWN to hear.
Don't compromise on amateurs work. If you need to pay extra money for gas etc. it's worth it rather than wasting your time, energy, creativity on nothing. Nowadays, every person with a camera is a "photographer" and every pretty girl is a "model" - not true. Also, know how to define peoples roles during pre-production so that you can build a productive collaboration.

Check out more of Benjo’s work here:



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