Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elie Saab Couture: Fall 2011

I was flipping through this months issue of Vanity Fair (the one with Emma Stone wearing that intense shade of red hot lipstick) and stumbled across an ad for Elie Saab's Le Parfum. The ad was of a woman walking down the street, wearing this gorgeous tan colored gown. I searched Saab online and found his fall 2011 collection (shown in July of course) featured in a runway show in Paris. I am no fashion expert, but I really loved this series. So much that it inspired me to write an amateur review on his gorgeous fall collection. And again... I'm no expert. So here goes:

The audience was drawn in with pieces of icy blue tones, each embellished with intricate bead-work and crystals. The transparent material had an airy quality about it, making each piece look angelic and delicate. Most of the pieces read evening wear to me, but with dresses this beautiful, who says day-time isn't an option? Gorgeous crystals and sequins graced this designers palette and as the show progressed, those pale blues evolved into other shades of white, creme, tan yellow, light brown, dark brown to navy, to black (ish) then back to light blue for the finale.

The color change was fairly subtle and reminded me of the progression from day to night. However, unlike the passing hours of day time, this progression gave the audience plenty of time to adjust to the change in mood; and as the evening (and evening-WEAR) progressed, the pieces became more ornate in the darker tones. The bead-work of the pieces became more extravagant, for example, in the image below. Crystals cascade down the body, fully separating at the bottom of the gown. I found the darker pieces to be more revealing than the blue ones. It may have been the various neck lines seen later on (i.e. v-necks, off the shoulder, tube style, etc.) Each were sexy yet romantic in the way the fabric flowed behind the models.

Last piece brought the collection full circle with a light blue vail and a crystal-covered gown. If I were to name this collection I would call it From Evening to Dusk. To me, it's as if the night (and when I say "night," I mean the imaginary "night" that Saab created in this development from light to dark) was progressing with these pieces, each gown becoming more and more sensual as day turned to night.

Adjectives that could describe this collection: Sophisticated. Light. Angelic. Modern. Chic. Elegant. Regal. Sexy.

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