Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Model & Blogger Nikia Phoenix

I get excited every time I sign into my ModelWire Network account to see who the new members are and I was shocked when I saw that Nikia Phoenix joined the site! She is a model, who I completely respect and try to read her blog, Model Liberation as much as possible. Obviously, I outreached to her to see if I could share her modeling story.

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling professionally in June 2005 for Alternative Apparel. Before that, I had done some local modeling around my hometown when I was in high school.
What made you want to become a model?
I wanted to be a model for so many reasons. As a kid, I loved playing dress-up and putting on talent shows with my friends. I realized early on my passion for performing. When people started appreciating my unique features and telling me I should model, that's when I decided to go for it.

Who are you represented by?
I am represented by Look Model Agency in San Francisco, Seattle Models Guild, and Rocket Garage in New York.
What has been one of your favorite modeling memories?
One of my favorite modeling memories is when my mom and I shot for Glamour Magazine. The story was all about inherited beauty, and the editors at the magazine loved our freckles. We were flown to New York and photographed by Pamela Hanson, and it was fantastic. Being able to share that experience with my mom was priceless. It's the project that I cherish the most.

Here a precious video where Nikia talks about the Glamour shoot on the Tyra Banks show with her mother:

Who have you enjoyed working with?
I've thoroughly enjoyed working with so many designers, stylists, photographers, and hair and makeup artists. I have a special place in my heart for photographers Kwesi Abbensetts, Odessy Barbu, J. Quazi King, Jiro Schneider, and Peter Dean Rickards. They all know how to capture my complexity and quirkiness. I've also had a great time working with brands like Free Your Mane Future Heretics and Melody Ehsani who get what I'm all about.
What made you start blogging?
I started blogging to voice my opinions about the fashion industry. People have so many misconceptions about models and I wanted to set the record straight. We aren't just stiff mannequins. We have souls too.
Photo: Topsy Design

If you had to choose, who would you say is your favorite model?
My favorite model of all time is definitely Pat Cleveland. An Italian photographer once said I reminded him of her, and it kind of stuck with me. She's got such energy.
Photo: Pat Cleveland for Vogue Italia, July 08

Do you have an embarrassing professional moment you can share?
I have a number of comical professional moments. Once during an LA Fashion Week show, my shoe went flying as I walked down the runway. It hit somebody, but that person was nice enough to hand it back to me. All I could do was laugh it off.
 What is the one piece of advice that every model needs to know?
It takes more than good genes and great bone structure to be a model. No matter what happens, if your heart is in it, I believe you can make it. 



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