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Thursday, September 27, 2012

ASK JOEY: Add Photos To Your Portfolios

I'm surprised to see portfolios with only a couple of photos.  It's important to show off different looks - you never know what the photographer or agent is looking for.  Who knows, they might see your look and get inspired to do something new!  If you are a fashion model it's one thing, but if you are a commercial model, you really do need a variety of photos.  This means different types of photos with different background, facial expressions and outfits.  Don't hesitate to show off your different looks, but make sure they don't all look the same - who wants to see that?!  Change it up! 

Last November I signed with a reputable modeling agency in Miami.  I was excited about this opportunity, however my setback is my age - I'm 26 and I'm only 5'8".  I was wondering how I could break into other markets without having to move or ways that I can speed up my career.  Could you please look at my portfolio and give me some advice?  Thank you very much!

You need to go more commercial, which means you need to change your portfolio.  If you are with a fashion agency, have them introduce you to their commercial department.  But I think if you change your book, they'll automatically send you out to more commercial castings.  You should also ask your agent to send your portfolio to agencies that they work with in other markets.  That way you have a introduction with them without actually having to go there -  if they end up working with you, your agency would get the mother agency commission.  In all, speak up - let them know what you're looking for.
I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at my profile as I am new to this site and you have a lot of experience in this field.  Thanks in advance.  By the way, I love your blog!  It's very interesting and insightful - keep up the good work!
You photograph well but you only have one photo in your portfolio.  You need more to work with.  You know what you're doing as far as acting goes and taking workshops.  Now get into the commercial end of the business.  You need to start testing with photographers to put together a legit portfolio for TV and commercial print.  Then go out and find an agent.  You're a good type for the market.
I have a question, what is the best way to go about getting represented as a print/commercial model in LA?  I know that I will never be a fashion model (I'm not tall or super skinny).  But I would love to do print and commercial work.  Is there any advice that you can give me, like what photos to add to my portfolio?  Thanks for your help! 

You have too many of the same photos.  Cut your photos in half and do new pictures.  If you want to do commercial print, then you need to have a variety of photos with different expressions.  I would get a variety of clothes, backgrounds and smiles.  Then go out and find an agent.  You have a good look though, so I don't think you'll have trouble getting work.
I am a bit shorter for a model.  I'm only 5'3".  I wanted to know how/who would even represent me?  I have a couple of friends that are Ford models but they are very strict on height.

First off, your profile says you're 5'10".  If you are 5'3" you should start by changing your height on your portfolio.  Usually anyone that falls under 5'9" is in the commercial modeling category.  This means that you should hone your acting skills to keep up with the competition for commercial work.  I think you have a good look - the next step would be to get represented.  There are a lot of commercial agents, it's a big market.  Good luck!
I received an email in my MWN mailbox.  Unfortunately I deleted the email and don't remember the name of the sender.  My question is how can I tell if the person sending or saying that I was selected for some fashion show is legit?  I know that MWN tries to be very cautious in allowing any spam to go through or be sent to any of the people on the network.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a casting is scam or not.  The right thing to do is to let us know immediately if you feel uneasy about a message.  You can email support@modelwirenetwork.com and our team will immediately look into the user who sent out the message and determine if they're fictitious or not.  Ultimately, you should really trust your gut feeling.  Usually when a model land a big gig, it's because they have gone into a casting and have met with the photographer - at the very least you would have talked to someone on the phone.  Why would someone hire you for a modeling gig without seeing you in person?  Listen to your intuition and if anything, please let our team know immediately.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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A $5.6 Million Dress

The supposed "most expensive dress" in the world is a black diamond encrusted dress that costs more than $5.6 million!  The designer is Britain's Debbie Wingham and she used 50 two-carat black diamonds and weighs 29 lbs.  Although we think it's a beautiful dress - the weight alone would be difficult to carry around.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There's no place like home! Artist makes shoes to guide you home

Fans of the Wizard of Oz know that it only takes three heel taps to get home.  Well artist Dominic Wilcox has made that dream a reality.  He has added a GPS to a pair of shoes so you can always get back home.  The shoes come with PC software and a USB so you can upload your home address and program it into your shoes.  The GPS antenna is in the heel of the shoe and lets you know how much further you need to go to get home.  The shoes are hopefully going to help Alzheimer's patients.  The downside?  Anyone can track you down at any time!  You learn more about the pair of shoes HERE.

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

Every Girl's Dream

Like the ultimate Carrie Bradshaw closet in Sex in the City, I think this show vending machine would top every girl's wish list!  What do you think?  Should these really exist?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crystal Renn - The Most Successful Plus-Size Model

Crystal Renn is considered to be the most successful plus-size model today.  She began her modeling career at the age of 14 when she was scouted in her hometown in Clinton, Mississippi.  After initially being told to lose 1/3 of her weight, she has since emerged as a size 12 plus-size model.  Renn has appeared in many ads including Jean Paul Gaultier, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and many more!





Ralph Lauren Hires Their First Plus-Size Model

 We are big fans of Plus-Size model Robyn Lawley - she has been featured in several ad campaigns for some big designers so it's no surprise that Ralph Lauren is next.  This a first for Ralph Lauren but hopefully not their last.  Check out some of our favorite shots of Lawley.  PS In case you were wondering, Lawley is a size 12.  Love seeing her!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zac Efron in BlackBook

Zac Efron recently posed for BlackBook with a plethora of wild animals.  It makes sense - after all, he is a fox!  On the fashion side of everything - we are LOVING his look.  Boys - take note.  To read the whole article, CLICK HERE.






Monday, September 17, 2012

Allen Henson and MWN Collaboration

Check out our quick promo with Allen Henson Photography! We are big fans of Allen and his crew - he uses ModelWire Network quite frequently for his shoots.  Don't forget to collaborate with other members.  If you have collaborated with members in the past, don't forget to send us (support@modelwirenetwork.com) the final project so we can feature you!

Allen Henson And MWN Collaboration from ModelWire Network on Vimeo.

Lana Del Rey's H&M Ad

 H&M recently released a new ad featuring controversial/sultry singer Lana Del Rey.  What are your thoughts? Also, make sure to check out more images from her campaign!









Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ASK JOEY: Why so serious?

Keep the questions coming!  This week's questions come from some of our male models on the site.  I've said this before, but male models really have it tough in the modeling business.  They have to work twice as hard to land gigs (and the competition is high) as well as be very versatile.  Although there are a growing number of jobs for male models, you still need to stand out.  One way is to not have the same look in all of your photos in your portfolio.  You wouldn't want it to look like your head was just photoshopped in different photos!  Try out different looks - serious faces can only take you so far.  Smile every once in a while!  And solo shots are always good, but change it up and get some other models in a photo with you - it's good to show that interaction. 
I would love if you took a look at my images.  Let me know what you think!

I think you have great pictures - but you only have one look.  Take a look at all of your photos.  You need to work on smiling more and more fashion shots.  Male models have to do a lot more work in order to make a living.  You're definitely getting there though!
I'm an actor as well as a model.  I've don't some modeling for "Alize" liquor and it was an awesome experience.  I really need you to take a look at my profile and tell me if I have the right tools to continue this type of work as a model as well as an actor.

You have a nice look, but you're more of a commercial model than a fashion one.  Also, you're a big guy and it is difficult to fit in sample size clothes.  You should add more photos to your portfolio showing off different situations (for example, athletic).  And have some photos with other models to show a more commercial side.
I wanted to know if you had any ideas about which agencies I should be looking at.

You are more commercial because of your height.  Based on your photos, you have only one look.  Try branching out and getting more professional photos taken.  There is not one full length shot, all you have are head shots.  Before you go to any agency, you need to focus on your portfolio.
I have put up new photos since the last time you answered my question.  Please take a look!

You need more fashion looks in your book.  You have all of the right sizes but you need to be more versatile.  You have the same look in every photo.  Try getting more photos done that show more variety.  Other than that, I think you're ready!
I'm looking forward to your advice on my portfolio - the good, the bad and the ugly!

You have the same look in all of your photos - you need to change them up.  Also, you are a commercial model so I would suggest studying acting to land gigs.  You need to be able to do it all in order to make any money.  The industry is really hard male models.  Work on your photos; they aren't up to par yet.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Tavi Gevinson on Jimmy Fallon

One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Tavi Gevinson was recently on Jimmy Fallon.  The 16-year-old fashionista who founded Rookie Mag even showed Jimmy how to give a proper "bitchface".  We love it!

For more on Tavi, click HERE.

Justin Tranter - Rock Star, Designer & Gaga's BFF

Justin Tranter, lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, has been spending a lot of time in LA while recording SPW's new album.  Reigning from New York, he's bringing his talents across the country with his music and jewelry designs.  Semi Precious Weapons opened for Lady GaGa for her past few tours, so it's safe to say fashion was definitely considered.  Tranter began his music career in the Lower East Side of New York's underground music circuit where he met the Gaga (known to him as Stefani Germanotta).  We sat down with Justin to discuss the importance of fashion and how it impacts his life and creativity.

Describe your style.
Dirty future.
Where are your favorite places to shop?
My friend Jimmy Knehans makes most of my custom tights and jackets, so that makes life really good.  Ha!  Alter in Brooklyn, owned by Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, is probably my favorite store ever.  I also love Opening Ceremony, Barneys COOP, and the garbage, stripper stores and halloween stores!
Who/What influences your sense of style?
My friends are my biggest influences.  We like to call ourselves the Precious Empire.  It is a very subtle name for a very subtle group of people.
Tell us how you got started.
Well, it's always about music for me.  I went to high school for music, college, and so on.  But my mom has always done custom-one-of-a-kind jewelry design.  So whenever I needed a day job, it was always in jewelry.  While playing shows in rock bars in NYC, a sexy little brunette lady named GaGa was opening for us, and I was still working at a jewelry store.  I ended up getting fired.  I said to myself, "Fuck it! I'll make my own jewelry to sell at band shows."  It turns out everyone really liked it.  I busted my ass and ended up with the jewelry line selling at Urban Outfitters and Barney's New York under the name Fetty.  Fetty is a name I made up meaning "fucked up and pretty," obviously.

Tell us about your collection at Barney's.
 Through some friends and charm I got myself a meeting with the fab ladies at Barney's.  They loved my ideas and really worked with me to make it a full-on, high end collection of diamond zodiacs, diamond braille and of course some 14k gold weapons and damaged hearts.  Now it all seems to be coming full circle and 3 Fetty necklaces will be featured in Lady GaGa's Barney's Holiday Workshop this Winter.

What's your creative process, whether it's in songwriting, performing, designing?
I guess I just think of ridiculous shit and talk to my band members and friends about them.  It always starts with a spark that inspires something.  A guitar riff that starts a song, something someone said that starts a lyric, an idea for one charm - it all leads to a whole collection.
I know you're in LA these days, how would you compare New York style to LA style?
This is a very controversial question because NYC is home and it really is one of the most stylish places in the whole fucking world.  On the surface, LA style is pretty bad - it looks like a sitcom stylist dressed everyone.  But if you dig deep, I've found some amazing people and crowds with amazing looks out here in LaLa, crazy shit you'd never think of.  I don't know if that answers the question.  Boom!