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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ask Joey: Give me Some Feedback

I had a mixed bag of questions this week. I hope you like my answers. Please give me some feedback; let me know if I am helping, if you agree, or if you think I am totally wrong. I can't be right all the time.

Every model has an image of what they feel like they should be doing. That's why you need to have an agent, so they can realistically steer you in the right direction. As a former agent, I am just trying to help.

Kennedy M

I wanted to ask, how can I print out a comp card using my photos?

At this moment, you cannot print out a model comp card through our system. However, we built a partnership with a printing company, Bunker. You can click on their banner, (the red banner that says, BUNKER) which is to the right of this article. Tell Samuel that I, Joey Hunter alongside ModelWire Network, recommended their services. Bunker has been around for ages and they do a great job.

As for your photos I would recommend you add a nice up-close headshot and full body shot to your portfolio.

Kayko Andrieux

Hi Joey...that's funny because I was a FORD model on the Commercial Board and Fit Board as well. I started out getting a lot of PARTS stuff for FORD models and am now living and modeling in London.

Just a quick question, do you get any works or projects on ModelWire for the London market?

Kayko, I am sorry we missed each other at Ford. You have a great look and book. We are global for people in the industry on our parent site, ModelWire, but are not global yet on ModelWire Network. We are a brand new website and still working on development. Our goal with ModelWire Network is to make it global in the near future, but let's have the site celebrate its one anniversary first.

I see you are moving to D.C. There are great agencies there for you to work with or you can work out of NYC with your former agents.

Nicole D. Smith

I have a few questions regarding modeling. How can I begin a successful career in modeling and any suggestions where to start?

Nicole you should start off in San Francisco - it's close to Oakland. You need to be constantly testing. Start networking with some photographers who also need to build up their portfolios. Also, you should change your hair style for more mainstream modeling.


I would like to get NYC representation. I was with ImagesNYC, but they downsized their male board. Any tips, advice? Right now, I want to do a big commercial project. I feel like now that I'm 25, fashion isn't an option.

First of all Hyman, you need more pictures of yourself. Be versatile, especially if you want to do more commercial projects rather than fashion. You say in your "About Me" that Wilhelmina reps you in Philly. Let them set a meeting for you with the Wilhelmina branch in NYC - where the big jobs are.


Why is it that the modeling industry refuses to use real people that the majority can relate to? Why is it that we can never see a 5'5 beautiful model that is NOT already a famous star walking the runway?

All models do start off as real people. The good ones stay as real people until they hit celebrity status. There is this famous story of a regular girl, who was barely 5'7" and it wasn't until she did runway that people knew who she was. That petite girl was, Kate Moss. There is another model out there who is around the same height and she the most popular fashion blogger out there, Rumi Neely, and her blog is FashionToast.

So keep faith! Smaller girls can work, but most have to start out as commercial models. From there, you can prove yourself and work on your image. Make sure you have an acting background; also, you must work in a major market.

Thank you to those who read my blog and like I said in the beginning - Give Me Some Feedback.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ask Joey:Meet our Featured Members for March 2011

I have to say, I love our newly revamped homepage especially the fact that we are now able to show off some of our members. This will be a monthly occurrence, for our first time doing this, I think we selected some great people.
I am sure you all wanted to know why we chose them. The reason is because we want to showcase members who are 1) active members in our community, and 2) working professionals.
Everyone is an artist, whether it be as a model, photographer, designer, stylist, MUA, etc. The key is figuring out how to make money as an artist. The successful ones know how. Keep in mind, success does not always mean making big bucks. It means working to sustain your art, so you can work in this business.
We feel that all of our featured members are successful and we wanted to showcase them so they could grow in their profession.
All of them graciously answered 5 questions and we feel they really show off their personalities. Their answers also mirror their visions as artists.

Why modeling?
I choose to pursue modeling because I felt that women of color and size were under represented in magazines and fashion.
What inspires you?
I am inspired by the everyday woman who feels discouraged by the images that fashion and media traditionally display. I am inspired to create images that make them feel that their curves are celebrated.
What product can you not live without?
I cannot live without Derma Blend! To me, it is the best concealor and it doesn't rub off on clothing...
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
One of my favorite projects was Glamour Magazine's Bra Makeover Story. I believe my involvement as a busty woman looking for a solution for a strapless bra helped others with the same issue.
What is your personal style?
My personal style is very urban chic. I like to throw on some skinny jeans with pumps and a flattering blouse.
Why photography?
I love photography because I love the magic of capturing a moment forever in time. There's something about certain images where I can stare at them forever and let my imagination run wild.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
When looking for a model to work with, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are a million and one beautiful people so I look for expression and emotion. Modeling is acting. You're playing a role. It does no good to have just a pretty face.
What kind of a camera/equipment do you use?
I primarily shoot with a Canon 35mm DSLR.
What genre does your work focus on?
My work is mostly editorial and beauty. Although I have a large collection of personal work which consist of all polaroids and black and white film. I carry and old school manual Leica M6 camera with black and white film with me at all times.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
My most embarrassing moment as a photographer happened when I had my first big shoot in a studio. I tried to play it cool as if I'd been doing this a while. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, and model were all done and ready to go. I was looking through the camera and for the life of me, couldn't figure out why my camera seemed dead. I know for sure I charged the batteries and checked them. Power was on. All I could see through the lens was black. Then the model smiled at me and giggled. She pointed at my camera and said with a quiet Russian accent "the cap is still on the lens". Oops!
Why hair styling?
I actually did hair while studying architecture. I honestly never thought I would stick with it. One summer while traveling in Europe, I took a course at the original Tony & Guy (TIGI) Academy on St. Cristopher's Place. I was so inspired by Anthony Mascolo and James Morrison... the photoshoots, the hairpiece workshop, everything about that place was fresh and exciting. The clients and models we worked with were so fashion-forward and open-minded that I think I fell in love with hairdressing in London that summer. Sometimes a summer love does last forever.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Well of course, facial symmetry, good skin, bone structure and a long neck, but personality can take a girl a long way in my opinion. I've gotten some of my favorite shots with girls who couldn't get signed to save their lives.
What product can you not live without?
Currently, I never leave for a session without my Redken Iron Silk.
What genre does your work focus on?
I work daily in the salon so I do a lot of commercial cut, color and everyday styling. In session, it's always me trying to push for a more sophisticated or sometimes a more edgy editorial look. I think hair and makeup in magazines should inspire everyday people, not vice-versa. I am trying to drag San Francisco along (kicking and screaming sometimes) in a loftier fashion direction. You can walk out on the street and see jeans, t-shirts and flat hair. People don't care to see that in media.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
I love working with Erik and Robert at Von Gutenberg Magazine. They always let me do whatever I like and even get in on the art direction. They also appreciate the artistry and having a real hairdresser on-set.... They're not interested in pressuring an MUA to fake the hair and "just do something, anything". That's the worst thing that can happen to undermine a shoot. You should never accept mediocrity to save a few budget dollars. I would rather work for free or pull in a favor than see a shoot go astray.
Why wardrobe stylist?
It gives me the enjoyment of throwing myself into a storyline and to create outfits that fit that story. It's almost like your living a dream and to see your dreams come true is the most exciting feeling to have.
Who is your favorite wardrobe stylist of all time?
Patricia Field
What is your favorite store to shop at?
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
Kenton Magazine because the looks were fun to come up with.
What is your personal style?
A loose black tank top, my Diesel ripped denim shorts, and some Black High heel wedges.

Why makeup artist?
I chose makeup artistry because I love to create looks with human expression. The model is crucial to the look. Without that, the makeup does not come to life.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
When I choose a model, I look at her eyes - can she communicate with the camera, does she speak to you in a picture. Features, of course, are important, but expression is number one.
What product can you not live without?
I love my Graftobian Glamour Creme foundation. I cannot live without their foundations. Truly amazing.
What genre does your work focus on?
My makeup is either super clean beauty or over the top Avant Garde. So when looking at my port, you can see that.
What is your personal style?
I love wearing black leggings and a black t-shirt when I am working. I really get into my makeup so I want to move. I am super casual, but love to dress it up once in a while. An awesome piece of jewelry does the trick.

I hope you enjoyed their answers as much as I enjoyed them. Become networking friends with these folks, they are the real deal.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Alisa Frolkina of NEXT NY

Meet Alisa, Russian bombshell. She looks like she could be Coco Rocha's little sister. We love her in this Japanese Uniqlo commercial. Check out her entire portfolio here.

Height: 5' 11" (180cm)    Bust: 31" (79cm)    Waist: 23.5" (60cm)    Hips: 33.5" (85cm)    Dress: 4    Shoes: 9    Hair: Light Brown    Eyes: Blue

Ask Joey: Coming Back From a Hiatus

For all you models who just came back or are thinking about coming back to modeling after a hiatus - the best way to get back into the business is to revisit your former agency and/or management team.

Setup a face to face with them. Don't start from scratch. Go right to the source, before you spend money for pictures.

Tell them you want to come back. Ask them if you should, and if you do, in what direction.

See what they suggest and trust them. Too many times people misjudge themselves because they believe they are a certain way when they're not. For example, a lot of times a model will think they are still a high fashion model, when they are actually more lifestyle. An agent or manager knows exactly where you should be. That's their job.

Andrew Dima

I have been sending my work to Ford Models for about five years. Ever since I started modeling, I wanted to be a part of that agency. If possible, would you mind whenever you have a chance, to give me some advice? Maybe Ford is not right for me, but I want to take the next step.

To be honest, you are too commercial for Ford. Ford looks mainly for fashion models.

What you need to do is focus on getting signed with a local agency. Find one in the Philadelphia and/or the DC area. You need an agency that does both TV and commercial print. You say in your MWN profile that you are also an actor, which is good, because in the commercial modeling world, you need to act. Make sure you are also working on your cold reading skills.

Julia Fullerton

Could you look at my portfolio and give me your feedback? I am trying to break into the larger markets and wanted to see if you had any advice for me and my look.

You have a really great portfolio and a really nice look.

I can't give you much advice on your book. It looks great to me, but it's hard for me to help you without knowing your sizes and stats.

As for breaking into larger markets, you are already at a great agency. Wilhelmina has branches all over the country. What you need to do is tell your agent that you want to expand, and have them introduce you to other Wilhelmina agents working in the larger markets.

They should be able to set up a meeting or send them your book. I think you are ready and have the look for larger markets. Your agent will help you, just stay on top of him or her.


I have been modeling for a bit now; however, I want to make the big jump to the top agencies in LA like Ford, Wilhelmina, and LA models. I have the ambition and drive needed for the industry. I would appreciate any help and advice in making the jump possible.

First of all, you have a great look and body, but I don't know your sizes and stats. You also only have two photos in your MWN portfolio and in both of them, you are half naked.

You need to really add some more photos to your portfolio. Hook up with a great photographer on MWN and load up on fashion editorial photos. Preferably, with you fully clothed.


I have just decided to start modeling again and would love to be with a reputable agency in Chicago and NY. I was with Ford Chicago and moved away and am back! I would love for you to look at some new photos I took and maybe guide me in the right direction. Where should I send the pictures too?

Like I said in the beginning of this article, you should go back your former representation. Go back to Ford Chicago, see if they will represent you again or see if they have anything to offer.

If not, then go back to hitting the pavement.

If these really are all new updated photos in your MWN portfolio, then I think you have a great chance at making another go at this business.

Congratulations Asia Monet, Franklin Thompson Photography, Lei Phillips, Gia Deo Artistry, and James Griffiths, Salon Blu for being ModelWire Network's first featured members on our newly revamped homepage!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ask Joey: It’s all about Personality

This week, I wanted to share with you all a story from my days at Ford:

I once scouted two guys in Milan. One American. One French.

The American model was amazing. He had perfect sizes. He was the depiction of the ideal male model.

The French guy did not fit the mold of a fashion male model. He was short, wasn't a 40 regular, and small in the shoulders. But they wanted to go as a team to the USA to work and weren't willing to separate from one another.

The guy who had the perfect sizes barely worked.

The guy who didn't fit the mold worked constantly.

The reason why was because the guy who didn't have the right sizes made up for it in other ways. He was always upbeat, did everything and more when it came to working, and always had a smile on. Whereas, the American model complained about everything; it was always someone else's fault, and made himself unpleasant to work with.

The American's career fell into oblivion. Whereas the French model, after years and years of modeling, retired to the South of France.

Personality can sometimes make up for not being the right size.

And that's what I have to say about sizes!

Dani Doedens

I am actually messaging you to see if you could look over my portfolio. I have a wide range of types of pictures. I do not wish to be on the runway (my size will not allow), but I am interested in any other work I can get.

I feel like I understand what you would like to accomplish in the business. The way for you to go about it is to be a commercial model where size doesn't matter. I am glad you realize that your size does not allow you to be runway/fashion model (I wish I knew your sizes and stats).

In commercial modeling, it's all about personality and the ability to act and read for commercials. You need to study acting and work on your book. You need a variety of shots (more girl next door) and a great headshot.

Do you have any tips, tricks, and/or opportunities?

You have a very commercial look. But you have too many of the same pictures in your book. Get some new ones. Also, you should study acting and work on cold reading. You need personality and experience to get your career moving forward. So take advantage of ModelWire Network. Find some photographers near you and start working with them to build up your book.

Would you mind taking a look at my portfolio and tell me what you think?

You have a good look for modeling, but how tall are you? What are your sizes and stats?

Your book could use more sport jacket and suit shots. MWN can help you connect. Start taking advantage of the site. Build up your connections.

I live here in Tucson, AZ, very close to Phoenix and have attended a few open calls at FORD/ROBERT BLACK there in Scottsdale. (I've never seen any guys or men who attend) I really had high hopes to model for FORD, but I never get any feedback from them after the visit. I don't know what they are looking for in a male model, but I'm not quite sure I want to give up on my chances just yet. Maybe I need a different approach...do you have any suggestions for me to consider?

Do you realize you have just one look in your book and it's not a happy look? Even with the beautiful girl, your look still is too serious. You need a variety of different looks in your portfolio. Work on building it up, then you can go back to Ford.

When you go, make sure you have a good attitude. At times, people get jobs off their personality and not on looks.

I would love to get some tips from you on how to build a better portfolio.

You have a one picture portfolio, so I have no comment. Use MWN to connect and build up your book. Also fill out your sizes and stats. Instead of only writing on your wall stating that you are looking for a photographer, start browsing for photographers in your area. Seek them out and start talking with them. Find out their rates and see if they want to collaborate on a shoot together.

Everyone, get very familiar with the new browsing page!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ask Joey: Fill Out Your Profiles

I want to GUIDE and HELP you all. But I need to know your sizes and stats, your location, and it would help if you filled out the 'About Me' section.

Many of you don't understand the importance of making sure your MWN profile is properly filled out. Your ModelWire Network profile is a calling card. There are a lot of working professionals on this site and they all go to other's profiles. They need to know if you live close to them, they also need to know something about you. If you are a model, then they DEFINITELY need to know your sizes and stats. If your profile does not look professional, they are not going to network with you.

Even more importantly, you never know if an agent is going to be looking at your profile. That is correct; the agents on our parent site, ModelWire, have the capability to scout for new talent on MWN. So make sure your profile is looking as professional at all times because you never know who is looking at it.

Chad Neace

How can we work together? Let me be the first Redhead that comes to mind. Do you think I've put myself out enough? I say no, but I'm doing the best I can with the resources I have.

I think you are under the impression that I am still an agent. I was for the majority of my life, but I have been working with ModelWire, officially since 2000. I now participate with ModelWire Network. Though I may not be able to 'work' with you, I am enthusiastic about encouraging and helping you in the business.

You do have a very commercial look and your book reflects that. You are also very animated, which is good. You should have an agent. It is good that you are on this site. Like I said, we have a ton of agencies on our parent site, ModelWire, that use MWN to find new talent.

You should start networking and submitting yourself to the projects that are being posted on our PROJECTS page. But before you do anything, fill out your sizes and stats. No agent will want to talk to you if you don't complete the most basic step.


I just wanted to ask you if you can recommend me a few very good photographers for my modeling portfolio.

You can find great photographers on ModelWire Network. Daily, there are photographers joining the site, who are looking for models for testing and for jobs, so start networking. If there is a project that was posted by a photographer in your area stating they are in need for models, then submit yourself.

I do think that you need more photos in normal everyday fashion. You also need a commercial and beauty headshot.

Make sure you fill out your sizes and stats and your current location. This will help others browse for you, which in turn, helps you make connections.


I would like to be featured in a magazine. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to pursue this. Magazines like Maxim, Vogue, Glamour, etc.

Before you focus on wanting to get in the magazines, you need to focus yourself on working on your book. You have the same expression in all of your photos. You need to show versatility. Find a good photographer on MWN who will work with you to improve your book.

Second of all, how tall are you? What are your sizes and stats? What part of the country do you live in?

If you are serious about this, we all need to know your sizes. We need to know what market you live in or which market you are close to. Your MWN profile is your calling card, so market yourself. Make yourself scoutable.

The way to get in the high profile magazines is to have a good agent, who has the connections to those magazines. If you aren't represented right now, then you need to find an agency that is local. They don't need to be a huge agency, but one that can take you to the next level.


I'm 32 years old and I really want to model for a few more years, if I can, before I get too many wrinkles… But I'm not sure if I have what the big agencies want. I want to get signed by a big name agency, but not sure how to do it and what are the requirements? I'm currently signed with a couple of small agencies and I don't get much work from them.

Again, in what city or market do you live in or are close to? Big agents are in the big cities. I could guide you if I knew where you lived. I could also direct you more if I knew your sizes and stats and if I knew a little about you.

The good news is you have a great commercial look and your portfolio is very good. I believe you have many more years of working ahead of you, so go out and find that big agent!


I was just at your office in LA on Sunset (Ford Model Mang.) for an open call. Question: What would it take to be part of your agency?

Like I told Chad, I am no longer working as an agent, but I am still very involved in the business through ModelWire and ModelWire Network. That is why I am able to answer your question today.

You do have a great look and body, but you should take some more photos with your clothes on. I could point you in a better direction, but like everyone else today - I don't know your sizes and stats! At least with you, I know you live in Hollywood, CA.

Please everyone, fill out your profiles!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Natural Model Management

Natural Model Management is an agency created by models for models. Natural is dedicated to upholding a high respect level between themselves, models, and clients. Every division of Natural Model Management is lead by a professional model that knows the needs and wants of other models in that division. Every model is valued at Natural and they are given the one on one attention and guidance needed to build a lasting career. Natural values models and their natural build and body size and encourage models to find a healthy balance in life and in their bodies.

Check out some of the talented models they represent here.