Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ask Joey: Give me Some Feedback

I had a mixed bag of questions this week. I hope you like my answers. Please give me some feedback; let me know if I am helping, if you agree, or if you think I am totally wrong. I can't be right all the time.

Every model has an image of what they feel like they should be doing. That's why you need to have an agent, so they can realistically steer you in the right direction. As a former agent, I am just trying to help.

Kennedy M

I wanted to ask, how can I print out a comp card using my photos?

At this moment, you cannot print out a model comp card through our system. However, we built a partnership with a printing company, Bunker. You can click on their banner, (the red banner that says, BUNKER) which is to the right of this article. Tell Samuel that I, Joey Hunter alongside ModelWire Network, recommended their services. Bunker has been around for ages and they do a great job.

As for your photos I would recommend you add a nice up-close headshot and full body shot to your portfolio.

Kayko Andrieux

Hi Joey...that's funny because I was a FORD model on the Commercial Board and Fit Board as well. I started out getting a lot of PARTS stuff for FORD models and am now living and modeling in London.

Just a quick question, do you get any works or projects on ModelWire for the London market?

Kayko, I am sorry we missed each other at Ford. You have a great look and book. We are global for people in the industry on our parent site, ModelWire, but are not global yet on ModelWire Network. We are a brand new website and still working on development. Our goal with ModelWire Network is to make it global in the near future, but let's have the site celebrate its one anniversary first.

I see you are moving to D.C. There are great agencies there for you to work with or you can work out of NYC with your former agents.

Nicole D. Smith

I have a few questions regarding modeling. How can I begin a successful career in modeling and any suggestions where to start?

Nicole you should start off in San Francisco - it's close to Oakland. You need to be constantly testing. Start networking with some photographers who also need to build up their portfolios. Also, you should change your hair style for more mainstream modeling.


I would like to get NYC representation. I was with ImagesNYC, but they downsized their male board. Any tips, advice? Right now, I want to do a big commercial project. I feel like now that I'm 25, fashion isn't an option.

First of all Hyman, you need more pictures of yourself. Be versatile, especially if you want to do more commercial projects rather than fashion. You say in your "About Me" that Wilhelmina reps you in Philly. Let them set a meeting for you with the Wilhelmina branch in NYC - where the big jobs are.


Why is it that the modeling industry refuses to use real people that the majority can relate to? Why is it that we can never see a 5'5 beautiful model that is NOT already a famous star walking the runway?

All models do start off as real people. The good ones stay as real people until they hit celebrity status. There is this famous story of a regular girl, who was barely 5'7" and it wasn't until she did runway that people knew who she was. That petite girl was, Kate Moss. There is another model out there who is around the same height and she the most popular fashion blogger out there, Rumi Neely, and her blog is FashionToast.

So keep faith! Smaller girls can work, but most have to start out as commercial models. From there, you can prove yourself and work on your image. Make sure you have an acting background; also, you must work in a major market.

Thank you to those who read my blog and like I said in the beginning - Give Me Some Feedback.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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