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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beri Smither's New Show Scouted on E!

Supermodel Beri Smither has teamed up with Michael Flutie, Scott Lipps and E! Entertainment to bring the process of scouting models to the small screen. Where do Supermodels come from? How does a girl go from a small town in the middle of Oregon to the cover of Sports Illustrated or Vogue? Beri knows, because she took that journey and became not only a Supermodel but an Icon within the fashion industry.

Craig Palmer and I spoke with Beri and got her insights into modeling, fashion and her new show Scouted.

Catch the series premiere, Nov. 28 at 10/9

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Snow Queen - Harper's Bazaar Spain Dec 2011

Outfitted in designs and jewels by Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy and many fabulous others, the gorg Aline Weber transforms into a sensual and elegant snow queen for Harper's Bazaar Spain Dec 2011. Draped in white of various textures, patterns and shapes, she shows us how to wear the color that is, at times, difficult to execute. Airy hair and natural make-up make her beauty and the garments the star of the show, giving a personable element to the snow queen persona. My personal fave? Of course, it has to include fur. Aline is absolutely stunning in the ensemble with the large, engulfing fur coat, textured separates and chunky jewels. Just a modest look for a relaxing day in if you ask me. 

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

The Wedding Dress from Twilight

I don't know about you, but I was excited to see the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 1.  But mostly, I was excited to see the long awaited wedding scene.  Well it looks like the hottest wedding dress on the market right now is a replica of the dress Bella Swan wore in the movie.  The original was made by Carolina Herrera, while the replica (which was made within 48 hours of the movie being released) is made by designer Michael Shettel who works for the wedding retailer Alfred Angelo.  His $799 version hit stores this morning.

Monday, November 21, 2011

E!'s Scouted: Erin Olson Brings a Pair of Fresh Eyes

New scout Erin Olson is taking on the entire country with E!'s new show Scouted.   Olson had been working in the fashion industry, an interest of hers since childhood.  2 years ago she started Echo Models and, under the mentorship of Scouting Legend Trudi Tapscott, she began scouting, developing and placing girls into larger markets.

Scouted, which premiers on E! Nov. 28 at 10/9 central.  Don't miss the beginning of what could be the world's next supermodel's career!

Craig Palmer and I talk with Erin about where she finds the faces and what it takes to launch them.

Erin Olson

Scouting new models is crucial to the modeling industry. It keeps the talent pool full of fresh faces. Where do you go to discover new faces?

A good model scout never stops looking.  I always have my eyes peeled for fresh faces because you never know where or when you’ll discover someone.  I randomly scout for girls, but I also like to go to events or places where I know girls who might fit into the model mold might be.  Discovering someone can happen anywhere from a high school track meet to a basketball game to a volleyball game because girls who participate in these sports tend to be taller than others.  Dances, concerts and even malls are also places I like to look and one of my new favorite places to scout is on Facebook; you can tell a lot from a photo.

Do you target certain regions or ethnicities as trends change?

Once in a while I like to scout in smaller towns because I know they are untouched by other scouts or local agencies.  I don’t target specific ethnicities unless agencies tell me they are looking for a specific look.  Once, I was in contact with a top agency in New York City and they said they wanted me to find Native American girls.  After that, I found myself scouting pow wows and Native American gatherings.

What age do you think is appropriate for a model to start work in a larger market such as New York or Paris and why?

Every girl matures differently. Some girls I scouted at the age of 18 were more immature than some of the 14-year-olds.  I know New York City and Paris are very demanding markets to work in.  If a girl is ready and mature enough to start modeling at 16 I see no problem with sending her to work, as long as it doesn’t interfere with school.

Beyond the beauty of the modeling industry, how do you prepare the girls you work with to handle the business of modeling?

I teach them how to walk like a model and how to move in front of the camera so they can start learning what will make them successful.  So many girls think they can model and the second they step in front of the camera, they freeze.  I also try to help them understand the importance of etiquette and interviewing skills because, after all, castings are the same as interviews and no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t represent their company well.

What character traits do you look for when scouting a girl?

I think it’s important for girls to have their own voice and to be able to communicate without the aid of their parents.  I also look for a great smile and a friendly nature.  A model can’t go to New York City, London, Paris or Milan on looks only.  It’s crucial to find girls who have a tough skin to handle rejection and, most importantly, I look for girls with good business sense because they are, in essence, their own business owners.

After a girl is placed with an agency, are you still able to have any say or control on the development of her career?

I certainly hope so.  I establish a relationship with them from the beginning that is built on trust and I feel that I’m always a part of their development.  The more we meet, the more opportunity I have to help develop their skills, even if it’s only to update digitals photos.  Trudi Tapscott manages the girls and is primarily responsible for developing them and making the most important decisions for their careers; there isn’t anyone better.

Is it possible for a 22-year-old model to begin her career in the fashion industry today, or is that considered too old to start her career?

Twenty-two is not too old at all.  In fact, it could work to her advantage if she has kept herself looking good and her measurements are right.  Her maturity level could be a huge advantage for her.  There seems to be a need in the industry for more mature models.  Overall older models handle the business better than a 16-year-old and usually understand the importance of perseverance.  Many young models leave the industry because they don’t see the bigger picture.

Most models look quite plain or even odd looking without makeup, hair and the other accoutrements.  Have you always had a keen eye for photogenic faces or did it develop with experience and time?

When I was about eight or nine I remember looking at VOGUE magazine with my mom and her best friend Nancy.  They said something to me that I’ll never forget.  “Erin, do you notice how none of the models have big bangs?”  They said that because they wanted me to know that just because everyone else had big bangs, which was a huge trend in the 80’s, didn’t mean it was beautiful.  From then on I saw beauty differently.  I developed the ability to see beyond the obvious and see the potential in the less obvious.

When did you become aware of model scouting and how did you end up becoming involved in the process? 

I don’t remember a specific time when I became aware of model scouting.  I spent over 15 years in many aspects of the industry: buying, showroom sales, styling, modeling and model management.  That gave me a unique understanding of the fashion and modeling industry.  This combination of experience, I believe, developed my ability to scout.  I fell into scouting because I have little kids and it is the most flexible way for me to stay involved in the industry and still be a mom.

Trudi Tapscott is one of the greatest model scouts in the industry.  How has working with her changed your perspective?

When I opened Echo Models in 2008 I struck up a relationship with Trudi Tapscott when she was at DNA.  I felt so lucky to know her and have a great scouting partnership with one of my favorite agencies of all time.  Trudi instantly became a mentor to me as I was managing models and I relied on her expertise when things got tough.  As I scouted and managed more girls, it became increasingly difficult trying to be mom, scout and model manager.  Freshly Scouted and Trudi Tapscott Model Management was born and I started working directly with Trudi.  I have, 100 percent confidence that she has no interest other than the models best interest.  It’s such a rare quality to find.  She’s changed my perspective immensely and my knowledge of the modeling industry has forever been changed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Not everyone is Kate Moss

A lot of you write to me saying you were born to be a model, but your height is what's holding you back. You need to understand that not everyone is a Kate Moss. In fact, she is the only one under 5'9" that has been able to make it as a high fashion model. If you are under 5'9" then you can forget about fashion - you automatically fall into the commercial modeling category. And I've said it before - commercial models are usually actors. Therefore, the competition is tremendous. If you are under 5'9", I highly suggest you taking some acting classes to stand against all of those actors who are now getting commercial modeling jobs.

I have been pursuing modeling since 2009.  What got me started is an agency called Contour Management in Los Angeles, who I stopped working with since I learned they had some legal issues.  I moved to Northern California right after.  SInce then, I have been submitting myself to agents for Commercial/Pring gigs but nothing ever works out (my height is 5'6").  What happens is that I spend a lot mailing photographs for nothing.  I also went to an open call for City Model in SF but got rejected.  It has been 2 years of effort.  I'd like to get some advice from you.  I can send some additional photos as well.  

You're a very pretty girl, but something is missing in your pictures.  You need more fire in them.  they are a little too cute.  Because you can only be a TV/Print commercial model, you need to work on your acting - perhaps that may light the fire in you.  You're going to need it.  In your About Me section you mention yourself going to design school.  Let's see some of that creativity in your photos.  We need more emotion - I suggest you finding a photographer on MWN and get some new photos.
Thanks for the request and reaching out to me.  I really appreciate it.  If you wouldn't mind though, can you take a look at my port and give me your opinion?  As it would mean a lot to me due to your extensive know-how in regards to the business.  Also, share any idea you may have to going out and getting more print work.  I'd say runway as well, but being vertically challenged caused a problem in visiting that world.  

You definitely have a commercial look.  You have to see the right type of agents - forget fashion.  Study acting so you can compete for the commercial print jobs.  Every actor in the country does commercial print so you're going to have to step it up and be different from the rest.  Also, you have too many of the same looks in your book.  Add more photos to your portfolio - ones that show different emotions from you.
Jazzma Crofton 
I'm Jazzma Crofton and am an aspiring model.  I was wondering if there was any advice you could give me on advancing.  I'm 5'6" and the agencies I want to work with, such as Ford or GMC won't even look at me once they see my height.  However, I refuse to let it cripple me.  I also know that there are agencies that accept shorter models, however I'm not sure who they are or how to contact them.

Forget about Ford and fashion agencies.  You're too short for fashion.  You are a TV/Commercial/Pring type.  I would also suggest getting more pictures taken.  You have the same pose in every photo.  Collaborate with some photographer on MWN and consider taking acting classes to land those commercial jobs. 
Lansing Wilson 
Hey Joey, thanks for the add!  I look forward to reading your blog and absorbing as much of your knowledge as I can.  Having worked for a huge agency like Ford. do you think I have the "look" to be a part of their agency or another big name agency like Ford?

I really like your look.  I think you have what it takes to do Fashion modeling.  You should check out the ModelWire Directory and go out there and see other agencies as well.  Don't rely on just one agency - your chances are better when you go and see multiple people.
Brooke Nichole Kelly
I would LOVE input and any suggestions on my profile.  Truthfully, being I'm 5'6.5" I've stopped thinking about "the business" even if I do have the longest legs, I know it's 5'8" and above.  How do people get Print ads?  Thank you in advance!

You need to start off by getting more photos - you only have 2 on your MWN profile.  If you need more photos, you should work with some MWN members.  You have a nice look for TV/Commercial print work, so once you have more than 2 photos you can go and see some agencies.  You can find these agencies in our ModelWire Directory.  
We will be taking a break next week for Thanksgiving!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

It's scarf season!  Growing up in Seattle, scarf season was year round.  Now that I live in LA, I'm kind of really excited to wear my scarves around this winter.  I recently came across this YouTube video of different ways to tie your scarf - 25 ways to be exact.  I didn't know there were so many ways!  I can't wait to go out and try them all.  Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The NeverWet Spray

I recently came across the following video and my mind was blown - just watch and you will see what I'm talking about.  The Ross Nanotechnology Corp has come up with a super hydrophobic coating that repels water and heavy oils.  All the science aside, what does this have to do with fashion?  All I can think of all of my white t-shirts, shoes and pants that will never get stained again.  Any liquid simply gets repelled and rolls off the fabric (rumor has it, it works on cell phones too - no more water damage).  I think this is the most amazing invention ever! The question is, where does one get this spray?  It has officially been launched in the US, but no word yet of when/where you can buy it...stay tuned!

E!'s Scouted: Scott Lipps - Visionary

Scott Lipps came out of seemingly nowhere in 2002 and opened One Management.  2 seasons later the rumor amongst models was if you want a career that's going to last longer than 3 seasons, this is the guy to have represent you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ask Joey: Contracts

Most model management contracts are the same. Notice I say 'management' because most agencies are management companies. All top agencies, if they like you will have you sign an exclusive 2-3 year contract. This means you will only be handled by them. Most contracts have a 90 Day Renewal Clause for an additional 2-3 years. Make sure the clause is mutual.

Some models work freelance that means they get work from different agencies (management companies). There are models out there that claim they prefer this, but to be honest they are not the top models - all top models or the big money makers have exclusive contracts. Being freelance is good when you are starting out, as this is a great way to network and find out which agencies you really want to work for. But you should not be doing this for too long. If no one wants to sign you then maybe you need to rethink this career.  

I just got offered a two-year exclusive contract for print with a well-known talent agency in the L.A. area, but I don't see an "escape clause" in the contract -- any way for me to get out and move on if things don't work out (in other words if I don't get work through the agency)? Do you think this is standard, or should there be a way for me and the agency to find a way out of our arrangement if we end up not making money together?

In the same contract, clients agree to pay costs and expenses that the agency may incur in connection with reproductions, portfolios, marketing, etc. that they may do on my behalf. The problem is it doesn't appear that I need to pre-approve the expenses. This sounds like a bit of a blank check to me . Is this normal? I get a really good feeling from the people at the agency. Still, I have to wonder whether these are standard practices or whether they can be, or should be, negotiable? Any advice?

First of all, congratulations on your signing! You do not need an escape clause, there are none until your two or three years are up. Know that an agent does not sign a model to have him not work. They sign you to make money. If they made a mistake they will drop you or you will ask to be let go, which they will oblige. An agent does not want to rep a model who is not working and therefore unhappy.
All of what you are asking is normal in a standard modeling contract. Give it a shot, ask to approve all expenses, if it would make you feel better. You are in a good place – Good Luck!
It would be lovely if you could check out my portfolio, I would be grateful.

You do not have much of a portfolio as you only have 4 photos in there. You need to find yourself a photographer to work with and build up your book. Know you do not look like a fashion model so gear your photo shoots to be more commercial.

I would like advice on Modeling from an experienced model like yourself.

The first step is getting yourself a portfolio. That means working with a ton of different photographers. That is exactly what you need to do. You have a commercial look and a long way to go, so start networking with some photographers, makeup artists and stylists on MWN.
I am interested in doing Print modeling. However, I have acne on the left side of my face. I feel that my chances of obtaining print work are slim because of this. Please take a look at my profile picture and tell me if you think my chances are slim. Should I just focus on acting instead?
I have tried everything to get rid of it but it will not go away.

Your acne doesn’t show in the picture I am looking at, but you only have one. If you serious about being a model then you need to have more photos taken and you need to see a dermatologist– there are remedies out there. Start finding some photographers who can take some great commercial photos for you.

I would love to get some direction, as to what my portfolio needs and which area I should focus on. I would like to do glamour modeling however I have tattoos and that seems to hinder the process. I would also like to get into high end fashion, or any other print modeling. Any advice you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Currently I have been having trouble getting picked up by an agent. Do you have any advice for me?

You need to forget about high fashion! You are only 5’0”. I would also never advise someone to get into glamour modeling. Start taking pictures with your clothes on and don’t show the tattoos. You need to find a commercial television agent with a print division – so start studying acting.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kate Moss's 13-year-old sister makes her modeling debut

Lottie Moss, Kate's younger sister, has done a modeling shoot with Andrea Carter Bowman.  She initially got everyone's attention at Kate's wedding when she was a bridesmaid.  I personally think Lottie is beautiful but she looks way older than 13!  I hope she doesn't grow up too fast!  To see all of the photos, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fidoo Launches Nation Wide Fashion Search Scholarship

The road to achievement may be an extensive one, and though technology has made the lives of students less painless and more attainable, a proper education can be expensive. The Internet’s latest fashion search technology, FIDOO (Fashion Information Distribution Organized Online), is hereby announcing the presentation of a stylish contribution of $2500.00 toward the education of one lucky fashion student.

FIDOO has partnered with top fashion schools around the country, and embraced new- wave marketing and communication to create an essay contest via Twitter.  The scholarship will be awarded on January 15th for the Spring Summer 2012 term.

Fashion students start your engines!  

Fashion Search Scholarship Fund from Fidoo Inc.
The Fidoo Inc. Fashion Search Scholarship is awarded to a college student or graduating high school student who shows passion in enhancing the fashion community and promise in their future involvement in the industry.

A $2500 scholarship will be awarded to one student by an appointed committee within the Fidoo Inc organization.

High school seniors who will graduate in 2012 and are permanent residents of the United States
College undergraduates who are permanent residents of the United States.

*Applicants must be majoring (or declaring a major) in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, or Retail Management.

Complete each of the following  

1.) Submit a 140 character Application Post via www.twitter.com indicating why you deserve to be awarded this scholarship.

"Application Post" must include ALL of the following text:

2.) Follow @fashion_engine on twitter
3.)  Like our Facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/fidooinc

Applicants can also add a link to a video, tumblr article, or blog post indicating why you deserve to be awarded this scholarship, posted on www.twitter.com.  Videos should be no longer than 1 minute in length.

Deadline for application is September 1st.  Recipient will be announced on November 1st.

Applicants should have family, friends and acquaintances retweet their Application Post to help their chances of winning the scholarship.

Fidoo Inc will determine the final winner. The decision will be based on the following criteria:

1) Number of times your “Application Post” is retweeted
2) Originality and creativity of your “Application Post”
3) Ability to show a unique passion in pursuing an education in fashion

"Application Post" must abide by Twitter rules and guidelines

Fidoo Inc. will choose one student deserving of this scholarship fund to help pursue their fashion career. In addition, the company will help mentor the student in preparation of entering the industry.

Scholarship will be awarded on January 15th for the Spring Summer 2012 term.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comic Book Shoes


French Fashion Designer Andre has come up with a new collection inspired by two of my favorite comic book heroes - Wonder Woman and Catwoman!  Although they're not available in the US yet (or online), you will you have to fly to Europe for a pair.  They range from $164-220.  The best part?  They are super comfortable - they offer some cute Oxfords, boots and slip ons.  I'm loving these!

The Cat Heel

The Gotham Flat

The Wonder Woman Boot


SIXby6Bloggers Create Shoe Magic

In collaboration with fashion footwear company, SIX, and Farfetch, fashion bloggers Susie Bubble, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, Face Hunter, Caroline's Mode, Cherry Blossom Girl and Style Salvage's Steve Salter had the amazing task of adding their personal aesthetic and flavor to a pair of shoes, and I love the results: so unique and vibrant with personality. Whether boots, platforms or heels, they distinctly represent their maker's personal style while still being wearable. And though we're dying to get our hands on these beauties now, they won't be available until November 22nd. I suppose we will all be fashionably waiting for their arrival.

Via Dazed Digital

Monday, November 7, 2011

From "Discovered" to "Super"

I had a coffee date today with Fairlight and Amy from Eye Management in Nashville, TN today.  They had so much to say about the modeling industry and how a model goes from "discovered" to "super".   Fairlight and Amy know their business and I was impressed with the demand for quality they showed.  The girls they've placed and the contracts they've gotten for those girls show that their raising the bar has paid off.

It's a long process and model often times has to blindly trust the guidance of her scout to guide her through the waters of agent, contracts and first jobs.

It's a complicated business and everyone wants a piece of the action. You need guidance but how do you know who to trust?  This is where a model needs to develop an inner guidance, a quiet voice guiding her through the waters until she's able to see clearly the next step that is right for her career.

Move slowly in the beginning.  Build a strong foundation.  Don't be afraid to take risks, just make sure you're ready to handle the outcome if your intended purpose doesn't manifest.

On another note: Did anyone do any tests this weekend?  Show us the results. :)

Fashion Personalities: Emily Sandberg

Social networks are an amazing thing. You never know what you get inside! Back in August I somehow started a conversation with Emily Sandberg, one of the most famous fashion models in the US and in the world. The conversation evolved around my $10 vintage COACH cross body, that I scored at a local thrift store in Minneapolis. We then exchanged a few emails, but lost touch for a couple months. Then I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me interviewing her for my blog. To which she agreed.
One of the main reasons why I wanted to interview Emily was because she is a Minnesota native, from Rochester. And even though she doesn’t live here anymore, I believe she can be a fashion and personal style inspiration to all of us here in Minneapolis and in other parts of the country. Another great thing about Emily, is that she is a mom, and she shares some tips on how not to lose your personal style after having a baby!
When and how did you become interested in fashion?
My grandmother gave my mother a 3 strand necklace that was made of green glass. My first awakening to fashion was thinking all night how I could wear that necklace to school the next day. What would be the perfect outfit to go with it. I finally decided on a pair of slightly baggy jeans, my Doc Martin boots, a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the finishing touch was stealing my fathers v-neck grey sweater. I considered myself to be the ultimate prep that day.
Was it hard to pursue fashion in Minnesota?
It wasn't difficult at all. I signed with Kari Larson at Agency Models and Talent and started working with her. Everything she suggested I do, I did. Eventually I began to work and then I discovered a model could make more money doing what I was doing in New York. So I moved and repeated the same process I had just gone through in Minneapolis.
Who is your fashion role model or a fashion icon you look up to?
A favorite model for me has been Guinevere Van Seenus. She’s the SS12 face of Miu Miu. To me she represents everything a model is: image, strength, intelligence, experience, intrigue, mystery.
What/who is your favorite brand/designer and why?
I love love love Christian LaCroix. He captures my imagination.
Dries Van Noten captures my intelligence.
Lanvin is the epitome of elegance.
And for every day wear, I’m a Marc Jacobs girl.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’ve been called androgynous. I love men’s wear but I also love to mix in feminine touches and a bit of sparkle. Currently I’m wearing grey boots I’ve had for 13 years, boot cut jeans, a navy stretchy tank top, a James Perce aubergine undershirt, a grey men’s v-neck sweater and this seasons Calypso’s oatmeal sweater. I threw on my Swarovski crystal earrings , Elizabeth and James necklace and Cartier watch for a bit of bling.
What are your wardrobe must-haves?
I’m an accessories girl and I love layers. Must have for me currently are my Cartier watch, Rag and Bone Boots, Hide wallet, James Perse jeans, and Il Bissonti bag. I can fit my life in that bag, including diapers and an extra outfit for Henry.
What is your favorite item in your wardrobe? )Something you had to keep if all of your other clothes were gone)
I have a beautiful handmade ivory evening Italian dress from Mrs. Mullholland’s estate. It is exquisite.
What personal style tips can you give to other women?
Wear what makes you feel empowered. Forget comfortable. Forget trends. Forget any other fashion rules your momma taught you. Dress for yourself first, the rest will follow.
How can one maintain their personal style after starting a family, having kids?
I had to chop off my hair. I just couldn’t take looking in the mirror every day and seeing my hair not done and not having the energy to do it. I finally just cut it off.

My style changed because my body changed as well as my inner life. I’ve always enjoyed a relaxed style but now I’ve incorporated a more adult version of that.
Have you ever been in a fashion rut and how did you get out of it?
When I first moved to Los Angeles my entire wardrobe consisted of three choices: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Addidas track pants or beautiful evening dresses.
I think the best way to get out of a rut is to grab your most fashionable friend and have her take you shopping. Try on everything she tells you to.
I also like to keep a few key pieces in my closet that I look to for inspiration. I have beautiful Dries Van Noten turquoise beaded scarf that inspires me. I never wear it but it’s gives me direction. That and my collection of Louboutins gets me going.
You can follow Emily on Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/Emmalish
And read her blog - http://www.supermodelblogger.com/
I once again want to thank Emily for agreeing to this interview and for being an inspiration to me, and hopefully you as well!