Monday, November 7, 2011

From "Discovered" to "Super"

I had a coffee date today with Fairlight and Amy from Eye Management in Nashville, TN today.  They had so much to say about the modeling industry and how a model goes from "discovered" to "super".   Fairlight and Amy know their business and I was impressed with the demand for quality they showed.  The girls they've placed and the contracts they've gotten for those girls show that their raising the bar has paid off.

It's a long process and model often times has to blindly trust the guidance of her scout to guide her through the waters of agent, contracts and first jobs.

It's a complicated business and everyone wants a piece of the action. You need guidance but how do you know who to trust?  This is where a model needs to develop an inner guidance, a quiet voice guiding her through the waters until she's able to see clearly the next step that is right for her career.

Move slowly in the beginning.  Build a strong foundation.  Don't be afraid to take risks, just make sure you're ready to handle the outcome if your intended purpose doesn't manifest.

On another note: Did anyone do any tests this weekend?  Show us the results. :)



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