Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Teach Me How To Schoodie

What happens when you combine a scarf and hood?  Well you end up with a Schoodie!  ModelWire Network first fell in love with these when we saw them at Magic in Las Vegas (the ultimate fashion resource convention).  We had to get our hands on one.  It has quickly become the key item we bring to work everyday.  Created in LA by a group of designers and young business professionals, the Schoodie proves to be multi-functional, comfortable and fashionable.  We were lucky enough to speak to Gavin Tatum, the owner of Schoodie.  If you'd like to own your own at a very reasonable price, please visit Schoodie!

Tell us about yourself.
Born and raised in Orange County, California - I started making my own money when I was 18.  I have definitely taken a few rides on the financial roller coaster!  I reinvented myself and now passionately run a garment lifestyle business.  I love being creative and artsy, but also like running a business, so pioneering the Schoodie into the fashion world is right up my alley.  I love the challenge in creating a unique business.  I am self taught, tech efficient, learn by research, communication, trial and error - but most importantly, I'm driven by passion.  I have worked as a real estate investor, have owned and operated multiple web businesses and now the Schoodie.  I love to explore, travel and meet new people and cultures.

Describe a Schoodie.
A Schoodie is a unique multi-functional-fashionable scarf + hood hybrid accessory.  Its innovative design combines a perfectly shaped hood with a super rich knit scar with buttons at the end to keep it securely wrappe around the neck.  It's warm, fashionable and versatile.  This single, non-bulky piece is cozy, comfy and ridiculously multi-functional.  It keeps you warm without wearing a full jacket.  Wrap it up and put the hood on during a cold day.  Pair it with a tank on a cool summer night for effortless style.  Wear it out to a sporting event in your favorite team colors.  It even looks hot with a bikini - stay warm out of the pool without completely covering up.  The Schoodie is designed to be worn for any occasion, with any outfit.  Hood-up or hood-down.  Scarf wrapped around the neck or hanging free and easy.  Style the Schoodie to fit your mood.  Make it your own! 

 How were you inspired to make a Schoodie?
Functionality, obsession with hoods and scarves, friends and family support.  The desire to create a unique brand, and timing!
What made you design one?
I love wearing my hoodie under jackets and one day I thought, 'What if I could just have the hood on this jacket without the bulk in the arms?'  Basically, the best part of the hoodie without all of the other crap!  I thought of first doing a vest with a hoodie, but it was still bulky.  I took a hoodie and cut it into a hooded scarf and had my first prototype in October 2010.  It was a crazy idea at the time until I talked to some of my friends and did a little research.  I discovered the need when I couldn't find a well designed hooded scarf.  There are hooded scarves sold online but the fabric is strange, the hoods were weird/odd shaped and none had my favorite sweatshirt  fleece hood.  So I set out to design the ultimate hooded scarf.

Anything else Schoodie plans on doing/making?
We plan on launching Schoodie kids and Schoodie team colors in 2012.  Prints and colors will be launched periodically.
Where can people find you?
Schoodie is available online at www.Schoodie.com and recently shipped to boutiques in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Oregon and many more.  We hope to expand into larger department retailers as soon as the Schoodie trend has been virally infected.
Who are some of your favorite designers?
Honestly, I do not follow any designers just yet.  I do love designs from Diesel and G-Star Raw.  Fashion is a whole new world to me.  My perspective has completely changed.  I notice what everyone is wearing, how they wear it, the textures and colors and the feeling they give off.  A whole new world of aesthetic pleasure has just been exposed to me.
If you could only have one accessory, what would it be?
I would be lying if I didn't say the Schoodie.  I feel like I have built a relationship with it.  Wear it for a few days and you will know what I mean.



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