Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jenny Dayco Lands Two New Interns!

A few weeks ago, we helped MWN member Jenny Dayco search for an intern due to her booming jewelry business.  After an intense search and many applicants, Jenny has chosen her not one, but two new interns!  We talked to both Jenny and her interns, Jodie and Jamie about their experiences so far.

From Jenny:

Who did you pick for your internship position?
I chose two awesome people named Jodie Guirey and Jamie Nocher!
Why did you pick her?
A large part of determining who I'd like to work with me was based on personality.  When I first interviewed them, we laughed quite a lot, and had a good time getting to know each other.  I could also tell that they were both very open and teachable, which motivates me to teach them everything I know!  I live and work in a small space, so having someone I could spend hours and hours with is really important to me.  Also, they both have a skill set that I feel will be super beneficial to my needs (jewelry making, computer proficiency, etc.).  Our personalities mesh well which makes for a fun, easygoing work environment!
What was your interview process like?
When I started to receive a ton of resumes, it was hard to narrow down who to interview - I wanted to interview everyone!  I based my interviews on the personality/tone of their cover letter and their resume.  The applicants didn't have to have an experienced resume.  Looking for someone with a ton of experience wasn't a high priority for me.  My interview process was really informal.  I literally sat on my bed while they sat in a chair and I interviewed them right there!
What do you have her doing?
Everyday is different for Jodie and Jamie!  It just really depends on what I have on my plate at the moment.  Sometimes I think, 'Oh, I'll have them take care of that.' Then something else will come up and I delegate projects to them accordingly.  So far it's been Twitter messaging, assembling jewelry, cutting chain - basically prepping all my projects for me to finish.  On top of that - listening to all of my silly jokes and stories!
From Jodie:

Tell us about yourself.  What is your background?
I'm 21 and currently live in Lakewood.  I'm majoring in Product Design at Otis College of Art and Design.  I also work part time at a women's boutique in Marina Del Rey.  After graduating high school, I tried to do as much as I could to gain exposure and experience outside of school because I feel like school can only teach me so much.  I want to learn as much as I can while I can.  So far I've done a few things with LA Vintage, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, and a couple of designers in LA.  I'm stoked that I get to work with Jenny because I'm already learning so much from her in so many ways.
How did you come across the Jenny Dayco intern position?
One day I was on my computer and decided that I should intern.  I literally went on Google and searched 'jewelry design internship Los Angeles' and the ModelWire Network page came up.  I read through it and watched her video and though that it was meant to be!
What do you want to do with your life?
I've always wanted to be a fashion designer my whole life ever since I can remember.  Going through my first years of college I kind of went back and forth on what I really wanted to do.  I realized that I grew a really big obsession and passion specifically with jewelry and accessories.  I'm currently focusing on becoming a jewelry designer and hope to start building a brand for myself.  Who knows, maybe I'll transition to apparel later on in life!
Do you have any crazy Jenny stories yet?
Oh where do I begin!  I can't really pinpoint just one specific story.  Jenny is just a genuinely crazy person (in a good way of course!).  It's never boring when I'm working with her, so it rarely ever seems like I'm working at all.  Everyday I'm working with her is a fun, new and crazy experience.  I never really know what to expect before I get there. 
From Jamie:

Tell us about yourself.
 I was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  I'm 22 years old and live in the Hollywood area.  I have always been driven by a final product. I like having something to assess after my hard work - something to judge.  Skating, snowboarding and wake boarding have always been passions of mine.  My friends and I always have a camera on us.  It doesn't matter if it's dangerous, as long as it looks good on film!  I'm an aspiring actor and have recently completed a 2 year program at American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
How did you come across the Jenny Dayco intern position?
ModelWire Network!
What do you want to do with your life?
I want to make movies and clothes!  Among other things, I want to have an impact.  Through my films, through my clothes, I want to change things - for better or for worse!
Do you have any crazy Jenny stories yet?
Not too crazy!  She did spill a full Jamba Juice all over my living room floor.  So worth it. 



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