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E!'s Scouted: Scott Lipps - Visionary

Scott Lipps came out of seemingly nowhere in 2002 and opened One Management.  2 seasons later the rumor amongst models was if you want a career that's going to last longer than 3 seasons, this is the guy to have represent you.

Combining fashion, film, celebrity and music, Scott knows a thing or two about attracting the spotlight and wielding it to the benefit of the model he represents turning her into an actual brand; something most agencies are still trying to figure out how to do as Hollywood continues to take over the most lucrative jobs in fashion.

Scott Lipps may very well be the hardest working agent out there.  Never one to say no to opportunity, he's already involved in twitter, web shows and other multi media platforms.

Now, with his new show Scouted, which premieres Monday, November 28th at 10pm ET/PT on E!; Craig Palmer and I had a chance to sit down and ask the maverick of fashion his insight into the business or representing models.

A models career is typically short-lived; How does One Model Management ensure career longevity for its models?

 I think the key to this business is branding and working with clients for a long time to create opportunities.  We work with a lot of iconic models and they are their own business in some cases too.  The right combination of editorial, advertising and branding is essential to maintaining their career.

Do you work with scouts outside of your agency or do you keep the scouting internal?

The best advice I can give is to have good pictures taken and submit them to the top five agencies in New York City.  Normally, if there is tremendous potential, somebody out there will notice.

When you discover someone you think has modeling potential, but isn't ready to move to New York City, what do you suggest they and their parents do to prepare them to enter the world of modeling?

It’s essential to do your homework.  To prepare yourself, you must educate yourself.  Study various photographer’s work and research as much as you can.  It’s always better when you are familiar with the style of their work.

A model's physique is specific.  How do you navigate the sensitive issue of weight management without giving the models a complex?   

We always look for the right physical characteristics coupled with a great attitude and personality.  It's not enough just to be a pretty face these days.  If you want to have a long career you also must have a great personality to boot. It’s all about eating healthy and taking care of yourself.  We usually educate the girls on these issues.

When representing a model who may not be modeling the next season, how do you prioritize, balance and maintain relationships with long term relationships such as: photographers, editors and casting directors?  

I think the idea of a model mentor is always interesting.  Experienced models can pass down advice to younger models breaking into the business.  One of our models, Kim Iglinksky, does this and it seems to be very helpful.  I think the girls all deal with fame and the fast paced lifestyle differently.  It’s important to be grounded, as things can change quickly in this business.  People appreciate girls that are gracious and personable.

You represented Colette Pechekhonova when she made her comeback into the industry.  How did you mitigate those waters and make her a viable product again?

Colette is a timeless beauty.  She divides her time between New York City, Russia and Paris, so we work around her busy travel schedule.  We work with tastemakers in the business on finding key jobs that are the right fit for her.

You built One Management from the ground up in 2002.  What drove you to get out of bed and make it happen the first few years?

I guess hard work never scared me!  I just didn’t over think it; I worked hard and knew that with a great team and hard work we could do well with great talent.

Why Scouted?

I loved the idea of doing something credible in the fashion industry with girls that I believe could go on to have a good career in this business.  I've known Michael Flutie and some of the other experts for years and it seemed like a great fit.  Although it is sometimes rare in this business, honesty can go a long way.  It seemed to me that Michael Flutie had a great rapport with some of the girls he represented.  We have known each other for years and we have always had a mutual respect for each other.

As a drummer, do you feel like you’re still drumming today, backing up the band with the innate beat that lives inside?

I was fortunate enough to perform with Hole and Courtney Love recently.   This weekend we are playing a huge festival with Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas and Duran Duran in Brazil and I don’t miss a day of work...how cool is that?

Thanks for being such a rock star Scott and taking the time to answer a few questions!  Looking forward to the premier of Scouted on Monday, November 28th at 10pm ET/PT on E!

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