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Fashion Personalities: Emily Sandberg

Social networks are an amazing thing. You never know what you get inside! Back in August I somehow started a conversation with Emily Sandberg, one of the most famous fashion models in the US and in the world. The conversation evolved around my $10 vintage COACH cross body, that I scored at a local thrift store in Minneapolis. We then exchanged a few emails, but lost touch for a couple months. Then I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me interviewing her for my blog. To which she agreed.
One of the main reasons why I wanted to interview Emily was because she is a Minnesota native, from Rochester. And even though she doesn’t live here anymore, I believe she can be a fashion and personal style inspiration to all of us here in Minneapolis and in other parts of the country. Another great thing about Emily, is that she is a mom, and she shares some tips on how not to lose your personal style after having a baby!
When and how did you become interested in fashion?
My grandmother gave my mother a 3 strand necklace that was made of green glass. My first awakening to fashion was thinking all night how I could wear that necklace to school the next day. What would be the perfect outfit to go with it. I finally decided on a pair of slightly baggy jeans, my Doc Martin boots, a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the finishing touch was stealing my fathers v-neck grey sweater. I considered myself to be the ultimate prep that day.
Was it hard to pursue fashion in Minnesota?
It wasn't difficult at all. I signed with Kari Larson at Agency Models and Talent and started working with her. Everything she suggested I do, I did. Eventually I began to work and then I discovered a model could make more money doing what I was doing in New York. So I moved and repeated the same process I had just gone through in Minneapolis.
Who is your fashion role model or a fashion icon you look up to?
A favorite model for me has been Guinevere Van Seenus. She’s the SS12 face of Miu Miu. To me she represents everything a model is: image, strength, intelligence, experience, intrigue, mystery.
What/who is your favorite brand/designer and why?
I love love love Christian LaCroix. He captures my imagination.
Dries Van Noten captures my intelligence.
Lanvin is the epitome of elegance.
And for every day wear, I’m a Marc Jacobs girl.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’ve been called androgynous. I love men’s wear but I also love to mix in feminine touches and a bit of sparkle. Currently I’m wearing grey boots I’ve had for 13 years, boot cut jeans, a navy stretchy tank top, a James Perce aubergine undershirt, a grey men’s v-neck sweater and this seasons Calypso’s oatmeal sweater. I threw on my Swarovski crystal earrings , Elizabeth and James necklace and Cartier watch for a bit of bling.
What are your wardrobe must-haves?
I’m an accessories girl and I love layers. Must have for me currently are my Cartier watch, Rag and Bone Boots, Hide wallet, James Perse jeans, and Il Bissonti bag. I can fit my life in that bag, including diapers and an extra outfit for Henry.
What is your favorite item in your wardrobe? )Something you had to keep if all of your other clothes were gone)
I have a beautiful handmade ivory evening Italian dress from Mrs. Mullholland’s estate. It is exquisite.
What personal style tips can you give to other women?
Wear what makes you feel empowered. Forget comfortable. Forget trends. Forget any other fashion rules your momma taught you. Dress for yourself first, the rest will follow.
How can one maintain their personal style after starting a family, having kids?
I had to chop off my hair. I just couldn’t take looking in the mirror every day and seeing my hair not done and not having the energy to do it. I finally just cut it off.

My style changed because my body changed as well as my inner life. I’ve always enjoyed a relaxed style but now I’ve incorporated a more adult version of that.
Have you ever been in a fashion rut and how did you get out of it?
When I first moved to Los Angeles my entire wardrobe consisted of three choices: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Addidas track pants or beautiful evening dresses.
I think the best way to get out of a rut is to grab your most fashionable friend and have her take you shopping. Try on everything she tells you to.
I also like to keep a few key pieces in my closet that I look to for inspiration. I have beautiful Dries Van Noten turquoise beaded scarf that inspires me. I never wear it but it’s gives me direction. That and my collection of Louboutins gets me going.
You can follow Emily on Twitter -!/Emmalish
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I once again want to thank Emily for agreeing to this interview and for being an inspiration to me, and hopefully you as well!



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